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Festivals are on its way friends, why not try some easy and quick sweets to enjoy with your family and friends❤️..
Here are few Malpuas /Malpuris to mark the festivals 😍…. enjoy!

Do give this recipe a try as it’s easy and quick to make with few handy ingredients😊
They are slight crispy with each bite and soft to eat, I love my malpuas / malpuris exactly like this… 😀

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤
Recipe is as follows


•1 cup APF(Maida)
•1/2 cup suji (fine semolina)
•1 cup Sugar (I used 3/4th cup)
•1/2 cup thick well beaten curds
•Water as required to make batter
•1/2 tsp cardamom powder
•a pinch salt
•a pinch yellow food colour (optional)


•In a bowl or container mix all the above ingredients(except cardamom powder) to make a batter exactly like dosa batter(not too thick nor runny)

•see that there are no lumps in the batter

•Close the bowl and rest for 5- 6 hours

•Just before deep frying add cardamom powder and give a good mix

•Heat oil well, turn the flame to medium heat and pour 1 or 2 laddle full of batter and cook till its light golden and cooked one side, now with the help of 2 spoon slowly flip and cook other side till golden.

•When malpuas are done remove them using frying laddle and pressing it with the help of spoon so that excess oil is removed ,then put on a absorbing paper for a minute then store or serve topped with chopped dry fruits or chilled rabdi.

•Enjoy this festive with easy to make malpuas garnished with your favourite nuts chopped😊


*Each time u make malpuas see that the temperature of oil is hot when you pour batter, latter turn the heat to medium and cook.

*To get perfect shape I made this in a small kadai with minimum oil in it and fried one after the other, later when you are ready ,you can make 4/5 at a time in big kadai.

*Mine first 2 to 3 malpuas didn’t get perfect but latter I got the trick to make it, so don’t loose hope if 2/3 malpua don’t come good, practice makes man perfect friends☺️

Happy cooking !

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Ponsa Mulik / Halasina Hannina Mulka /Jackfruit Fritters…… made this yummy sweet bites instantly using sooji (bombay rava), These fritters are crispy outside and soft inside with mild sweetness and influenced flavour of  jackfruit .

The other versions of making this are by adding soaked and ground rice or using rice rawa, i just love them in any ways 😍👌😀

The other version of making these fritters using rice is already in my blog please check the link if any one likes to know the recipe

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤


•1 cup chopped jackfruit(ripe) 

•2 tblsp fresh grated coconut

•2 pod cardamom (deskinned)

•a pinch salt

•2 tblsp  Jaggery (or as per sweetness depending on jackfruit sweetness) 

•1 cup Bombay rava approximately (sooji /medium rava quantity varries upon the amount that holds to the mixture untill tthe mixture becomes thick and easy to handle and give it a shape)

•few cashewnuts chopped (optional)

•oil for deep frying


 ▪Grind jackfruit, coconut, cardamom ,salt, jaggery to fine paste without using water remove this to a bowl 

▪Add Bombay Rawa /sooji , add chopped cashews, mix everything well till combines, make small lemon sized balls from the mixture and deep fry them on medium heat till golden and cooked well inside out..


*In coastal areas we use  coconut oil for deep frying which doubles the aroma and taste but no problem if refined oil is used..😊

*You can even add ripe banana instead of jackfruit  to make same fritters




“Cashew Mando” …..With Deepawali round the corner here i am with a traditional konkani sweet ‘Mando/Mandige’ but with a twist of using cashews in it so i named it Cashew Mando 😃…… tastes awesome with its crunch and sweetness, there is no much difference to the original Mando,tastes similar 😃but loved the flavour of cashews ❤…

Mando are thin deep fried puris ,dusted with a sweet filling then shaped to triangles…..Its very easy to make but tricky at the time of folding as you have to be quick or else it can break if left for sometime .. 

Mando was very common and popular sweet during konkani wedding, without it the sweet box would be incomplete 😃 but now a days you hardly get to taste it or see it…. Its really tasty and economical too, i love it very much 😍 ,i would always wait for the sweet boxes that we would get after having the marriage lunch and wait to open to see these yummy Mandos 😊 ❤

I was inspired to make cashew mando from Anooshri Kaikini a foodie friends post of kajukatli Mando,Thanks to her for letting me know that mando can be given twist too 😊

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤

Happy cooking 😊


• 1cup All purpose flour(Maida)

• a pinch salt

• water to knead tight dough

•oil for deep frying

For Filling

• 1 cup Thin beaten rice (phova)

• 3/4 cup sugar 

• 1/2 tsp cardamom seeds

• 1/2 cup cashewnut

•1 tsp black sesame seeds


▪Knead a tight dough from maida salt and water and rest it for 30 min or you can use immidetly

▪Dry roast sesame seeds and add to mixing bowl

▪dry fry cashews till slightly crunch and powder it and remove to a mixing bowl where sesame seeds are kept

▪dry roast phova till it srinks (they get fried fast with heat present in kadai after roasting cashews,so need to swtichon flame) and powder this and add to mixing bowl

•Add sugar and cardamom and make powder, add this to mixing bowl and mix all well

•Now make small balls from maida dough and roll to thin puris using maida for rolling..

▪Heat oil to smoking level and keep flame on medium heat add the flattened puri and fry for 2 second flip and again fry ,here its tricky you must see puris doesn’t get fried more or less it should not be soft either ,it must be correct ,you will understand the technique while frying one or two puris as i did 😃

▪Now remove the fried puris on a absorbing paper and start spreading the sugar mixture as seen in below picture.. This has to be done quickly or else you wont be able to give it shape of Mando..

▪Follow the same processes till your puris are done ,store in an airtight container 

▪Enjoy your home made Mandos with your family and friends 😊


They remain fresh for a week if preserved well in an airtight jar 

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Nankhatai/Narayan katar 

A melt in mouth Eggless cookies….. This easy to make crunchy sweet cookies were my child favourite and my Mom’s speciality cookies ,she used to make it very often when guests visted us or for distribution during some celebration or birthdays….

As Gowri Ganesha festival is on its way and I was wondering what to make to munch with my relatives and friends and suddenly i saw this post of nankatais by one of my foodie friend and tempted me to make this easy recipe…. I then called my mom for recipe and quickly pendowned the recipe and started making as the ingredients were very few and handy except vanaspati but got it and made dough at night and rested it well and baked it in the morning…. Within few minutes cookies where ready 😊I am happy to see them perfect crisp crunchy ❤❤❤

Recipe is as under


•1 cup all purpose Flour (Maida)

•1/2 cup Gram flour

•1 cup sugar powder

•1/2 tsp cardamom powder 

•2 generous pinch cooking soda

•A pinch salt

•3/4 cup vanaspati (Dalda)

▪Heat pan and add vanaspati,when it starts melting switch off flame and allow it to completely melt in its own heat present and allow it to cool..

▪Sieve  Maida, gramflour, salt and soda 

▪Now to the vanaspati pan add sugar powder and mix vigorously till a smooth paste see that no lumps are formed to this then add flour mixture,cardamom powder and mix to a stiff dough ,cover it and rest it for 8 hrs

▪After the resting time you can see the dough getting hard,again crumble it with fingers and knead well and make large marble size balls or any shape as per your likings and press gently with the help of ur palm 

▪place them on a baking tray with enough space in between each nankatai and bake them in a preheated oven at 180deg for 20-25 minutes or till done..


*1/2 cup unmelted Ghee can be used instead of Vanaspati but using Vanaspati gives perfect bakery style crunch to cookies…

*for beautiful colour one can add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder to the melted vanaspati …

*i usually add cardamom plus sugar and make powder 

*Timings from one oven to another oven may varry so keep checking after 15-20 minutes


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Darsaan is a popular Chinese Dessert made with fried noodles or wanton strips ,It’s popularly also known as honey noodles 😍….

 Here the crisp fried noodles are drizzled with sugar ,Honey sauce and  roasted Sesame seeds and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream  …

If you vist a Chinese Restaurant you will find it in their menu, something unique yet delicious dessert ,easy to make simple dessert ❤❤❤

There are 3 steps involved in the making the end step is little tricky but if you follow recipe it will be easy to prepare 🖒

Hope you all like this…..


•1 cup boiled noodles(normal or flat)

•1 tsp corflour (for dusting noodles)

•2 tblsp sugar

•1 tblsp water

•1 tsp butter

•4 tblsp honey

•2 tblsp white sesame seeds 

•Scoop of vanilla icecream 

•oil for deep frying noodles


▪Take boiled and cooled dry noodles in a plate dust cornflour and mix using fingers so that each noodles gets seperates from each other ..

▪Heat oil and deep fry this noodles till golden and crisp,remove this to a absorbing paper to remove excess oil

▪dry roast sesame seeds till golden (don’t burn sesame seeds get burnt within seconds)

▪Now heat a non stick pan ,when heated add sugar,water ,when sugar melts and starts caramalising add roasted sesame seeds,mix well and turn off flame add honey and give a good mix (must be thick flowing sauce),add fried noodles and combine well till each noodles gets coated well with honey sauce…

▪Serve darsaan topped with a scoop of vanilla icecream…

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Godi anni Cheppi Surnali Maggi Ghalnu is what called in konkani Language…..

Sweet and Normal Pancakes using  Manglore cucumber drizzled with honey,butter and served with chutney…
Here you can see two verities of pancake made using same batter ….The pancake with little yellowish in colour is sweeter version served with fresh butter and drizzled with honey … The other one is the normal pancake served with spicy coconut chutney…. so enjoy eating, double damakka with one batter :)☺😍❤….


•2 cup dosa rice

•1/4  cup urd dal

•1 tsp methi

•1 cup poha/puffed rice

•1/4 cup coconut (opt)

•1 small cucumber peeled ,deseed and chopped finely

▪oil or ghee to drizzle


▪First grind cucumber to paste without water,to this add remaining ingredients and grind to fine thick idli batter consistency ,

▪ferment well(min 8 hours) add salt and mix well

▪Heat a dosa griddle well , turn the flame to medium and pour a big laddle and spread lightly (this dosas are made thick or if you like spread it) 

▪ drizzling oil or ghee ,cook closed for even cooking….(cook one side )

▪Remove and serve hot with coconut chutney

Lets see how to make Sweet Pancakes using same batter


•Few laddles of above batter 

•Jaggery as per sweetness

•a big pinch turmeric

•ghee to drizzle


▪Add desired amount of grated jaggery according to sweetness to the batter and make thick dosa as said above , drizzle ghee and cook with lid closed for few minutes or till the crust is golden 

▪serve with butter and honey drizzled(opt)


*1/4 tsp cooking soda/fruit salt/eno can be added to batter if batter doesn’t raise the next morning ,add cooking soda just before making dosa i…but this is optional,i never use this but some who live in cold region may need this …

*this dosa are usually cooked one side…..or if u like can  cook both sides on problem..

*Usually this dosas are thick but you can spread thin to make it crisp also using normal batter but for sweet dosa its preferred to be thick and spongy  ..





Here is a sweet /dessert recipe usually made during Makara sankranti /pongal Festival…This sweet is made using rice, lentils ,coconut and jaggery which gives a beautiful taste to the dish .Nutmeg powder and cardamoms gives beautiful flavour to the dish….

An Easy and quick method to make this is using cooker…You can also make this in a heavy bottom pan but the cooking process takes more time..:)

Recipe is very simple,its below please check and enjoy making it and eating it with your dear and near ones..

Happy Cooking ☺


•4 tblsp rice (washed)

•4 tblsp split Greengram/moongdal(washed)

•1_3/4 cup jaggery(i used 3/4 cup)

•1 cup milk

•1 cup water

•a pich nutmeg powder

•3 cloves

•1/2 cup fresh or dry coconut gratings

•1/2 tsp elachi /cardamom powder

•1/4 cup ghee + 1 tblsp extra

•few cashewnuts

•few raisins


▪Heat cooker pan add a tblsp ghee,add cashews till golden then add raisins and toss a second and transfer this to a bowl

▪In the same cooker pan heat add 2 tblsp ghee,add moongdal and rice fry well for 5 minutes

▪Now add milk and water mix well

▪Add nutmeg powder,cloves and give a boil,close lid and take 3 whistles or cook till 80% without taking whistle

▪Add Jaggery,coconut,cardamom powder and give a good mix and cook till jaggery dissolves

▪Now add remaining ghee,fried cashewnuts and Raisins , mix well and enjoy!


*The same recipe can be used for Chanadal pongal/kichidi…Use split chickpeas ( split bengalgram/chanadal ) instead of moongdal..

*Broken wheat can be used instead of rice

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