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Darsaan is a popular Chinese Dessert made with fried noodles or wanton strips ,It’s popularly also known as honey noodles 😍….

 Here the crisp fried noodles are drizzled with sugar ,Honey sauce and  roasted Sesame seeds and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream  …

If you vist a Chinese Restaurant you will find it in their menu, something unique yet delicious dessert ,easy to make simple dessert ❤❤❤

There are 3 steps involved in the making the end step is little tricky but if you follow recipe it will be easy to prepare 🖒

Hope you all like this…..


•1 cup boiled noodles(normal or flat)

•1 tsp corflour (for dusting noodles)

•2 tblsp sugar

•1 tblsp water

•1 tsp butter

•4 tblsp honey

•2 tblsp white sesame seeds 

•Scoop of vanilla icecream 

•oil for deep frying noodles


▪Take boiled and cooled dry noodles in a plate dust cornflour and mix using fingers so that each noodles gets seperates from each other ..

▪Heat oil and deep fry this noodles till golden and crisp,remove this to a absorbing paper to remove excess oil

▪dry roast sesame seeds till golden (don’t burn sesame seeds get burnt within seconds)

▪Now heat a non stick pan ,when heated add sugar,water ,when sugar melts and starts caramalising add roasted sesame seeds,mix well and turn off flame add honey and give a good mix (must be thick flowing sauce),add fried noodles and combine well till each noodles gets coated well with honey sauce…

▪Serve darsaan topped with a scoop of vanilla icecream…

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Godi anni Cheppi Surnali Maggi Ghalnu is what called in konkani Language…..

Sweet and Normal Pancakes using  Manglore cucumber drizzled with honey,butter and served with chutney…
Here you can see two verities of pancake made using same batter ….The pancake with little yellowish in colour is sweeter version served with fresh butter and drizzled with honey … The other one is the normal pancake served with spicy coconut chutney…. so enjoy eating, double damakka with one batter :)☺😍❤….


•2 cup dosa rice

•1/4  cup urd dal

•1 tsp methi

•1 cup poha/puffed rice

•1/4 cup coconut (opt)

•1 small cucumber peeled ,deseed and chopped finely

▪oil or ghee to drizzle


▪First grind cucumber to paste without water,to this add remaining ingredients and grind to fine thick idli batter consistency ,

▪ferment well(min 8 hours) add salt and mix well

▪Heat a dosa griddle well , turn the flame to medium and pour a big laddle and spread lightly (this dosas are made thick or if you like spread it) 

▪ drizzling oil or ghee ,cook closed for even cooking….(cook one side )

▪Remove and serve hot with coconut chutney

Lets see how to make Sweet Pancakes using same batter


•Few laddles of above batter 

•Jaggery as per sweetness

•a big pinch turmeric

•ghee to drizzle


▪Add desired amount of grated jaggery according to sweetness to the batter and make thick dosa as said above , drizzle ghee and cook with lid closed for few minutes or till the crust is golden 

▪serve with butter and honey drizzled(opt)


*1/4 tsp cooking soda/fruit salt/eno can be added to batter if batter doesn’t raise the next morning ,add cooking soda just before making dosa i…but this is optional,i never use this but some who live in cold region may need this …

*this dosa are usually cooked one side…..or if u like can  cook both sides on problem..

*Usually this dosas are thick but you can spread thin to make it crisp also using normal batter but for sweet dosa its preferred to be thick and spongy  ..





Here is a sweet /dessert recipe usually made during Makara sankranti /pongal Festival…This sweet is made using rice, lentils ,coconut and jaggery which gives a beautiful taste to the dish .Nutmeg powder and cardamoms gives beautiful flavour to the dish….

An Easy and quick method to make this is using cooker…You can also make this in a heavy bottom pan but the cooking process takes more time..:)

Recipe is very simple,its below please check and enjoy making it and eating it with your dear and near ones..

Happy Cooking ☺


•4 tblsp rice (washed)

•4 tblsp split Greengram/moongdal(washed)

•1_3/4 cup jaggery(i used 3/4 cup)

•1 cup milk

•1 cup water

•a pich nutmeg powder

•3 cloves

•1/2 cup fresh or dry coconut gratings

•1/2 tsp elachi /cardamom powder

•1/4 cup ghee + 1 tblsp extra

•few cashewnuts

•few raisins


▪Heat cooker pan add a tblsp ghee,add cashews till golden then add raisins and toss a second and transfer this to a bowl

▪In the same cooker pan heat add 2 tblsp ghee,add moongdal and rice fry well for 5 minutes

▪Now add milk and water mix well

▪Add nutmeg powder,cloves and give a boil,close lid and take 3 whistles or cook till 80% without taking whistle

▪Add Jaggery,coconut,cardamom powder and give a good mix and cook till jaggery dissolves

▪Now add remaining ghee,fried cashewnuts and Raisins , mix well and enjoy!


*The same recipe can be used for Chanadal pongal/kichidi…Use split chickpeas ( split bengalgram/chanadal ) instead of moongdal..

*Broken wheat can be used instead of rice

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​Shengache Ubbati…..Groundnut Obbatt/Puranpoli/Holige known by different names but the recipe and method is same…..It can be also said in english terms as Sweet Indian flat bread using peanuts :mrgreen:..

Makara Sankranti is tomorrow, so i am sharing this easy and quick recipe of Puranpoli,so that all can enjoy it making and eating for the festival….💐💐💐Happy Makara Sankranti in advance to all ,Have a fantastic prosperous year ahead..💐💐💐

 Many verities of puranpoli can be made some of them are made with Bengalgramdal,coconut,dates,Til,carrot,…and manymore…

Its most popular sweet ,Its common in hindu weddings, most of the Festivals,birthdays…..Its popularly and proudly said as holige utta in karnataka state :)…

Warm puranpoli , drizzled with warm ghee is a Fantastic way of eating it…but those who want to avoid ghee then no problem….

Lets see how to make this easy recipe…

Recipe :


•1 cup all purpose flour /maida

•2 tblsp chiroti rawa(very fine rawa,its optional)

• 2 tsp oil  + 1 tblsp for outer covering

•salt a pich

•a generous pich of turmeric

•water to knead a soft dough


•1cup groundnut/Peanuts

•1cup jaggery (i used little less)

•1/4 tsp Cardamom powder

•a pinch salt

•1/4 glass water or little less to melt jaggery
▪Make a soft dough using maida, chiroti rawa, oil, salt, turmeric and water and rest for 30 min by applying  oil on the dough (cover properly)..(can rest for more then 2 hrs also )

▪Dry fry  groundnut till brown spots appear

▪peel its skin grind this to powder(peeling skin is optional,but the skin of peanuts will easily goes off when fried)

▪Heat a kadai add jaggery , water to melt jaggery (at this stage you can stain if necessary to remove impurities if any), 

▪When jaggery  melts comepletly this is known as jaggery syrup(jaggery syrup is perfect consistency dont over heat this) add groundnut powder,elachi powder mix to thick mixture  and keep aside for awhile to cool, form even sized balls and keep aside..

▪Now from maida dough make even sized balls (little smaller then the filling) and roll to puri size , place the filling and cover properly and flatten this with hands to small puri then roll to chapatis using rolling pin (grease rolling pin with oil)..

▪Heat tawa and fry both sides evenly till golden spots…

▪Now your purnpoli is ready to taste..


*Wheatflour can be used to make outer covering or use half the quantity of Wheatflour and half maida…

*To roll this you can use a greased plastic sheet 

*Drizzle warm ghee on purnpoli and enjoy..

*When this particular peanut puranpoli is warm its soft , but when stored and consumed gets bit hard,so u can either warm it up and consume or as it is…can also be microwaved for few seconds to warm it…

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​Christmas is on its way,so why not try this yummy CHOCOLATE  ICE CREAM CAKE… ☺☺☺

I made this chocolate vanilla ice cream cake for my parents Anniversary … I had seen a vedio on this a few days back and planned to give it a try on the special day… 😍😍😍

       Its very easy to make all you need is a chocolate /vanilla cake (i used my basic choclate cake recipe or you can get a ready made cake), cut cake into 2 -3 equal size roundals,place first layer spread vanilla ice cream /any ice cream of ur choice spread evenly (2-3 scoops),same way do with the 2 nd layer and close with 3 rd top layer of cake and freeze for 4-6 hrs ,wrap tightly with a aluminium foil and place in a air tight container…..

Decorate with choclate sauce ,choco chips, gems ,fresh fruits, cherries ,Strawberries anything of ur choice….
*chocolate sauce recipe 2 tblsp cocoa powder,butter 1 tsp and 2 tblsp milk mix and melt and boil in low flame till thick cool this and use as a topping for cakes or icecreams ..

* CHOCOLATE CUP CAKES – – used this recipe in a round cake tin

I followed this video for making this


*i freezed overnight,later at the time of cutting i garnished with kiwi fruit

*Rest 3-5 minutes to room temperature before cutting for smooth cutting..

icecream cake

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   Here is a never fail chocolate cup cakes recipe which I follow from a long time….I can say I started baking cake with this recipe itself, …..This cake is so soft ,spoongy and fluffy….altogether a perfect cake..
    Thanks to my sister who had shared this recipe with me….
  The same recipe can be prepared for making choclate cakes(big)….but baking time may varry…
Try this and enjoy with your kids and family


•1 1/2 cup sugar powder (or use as needed according to ur sweetness)
•Dry Ingredients
▪2 cups all purpose Flour /Maida
▪1 tsp baking powder
▪1 tsp cooking soda (baking soda)
▪1/2 tsp salt
▪1/2 cup choclate powder
•Wet ingredients
▪2eggs (at room temperature )
▪1cup warm milk
▪1/2 cup refined oil
▪1 tsp vanilla essence


▪Grease muffin/cup cake moulds or use butter papper for lining .
▪Preheat oven at 200 deg c.
▪Combine all dry ingredients then sieve thrice so that everything get mixed evenly,keep aside.
▪Now combine all wet ingredients  like eggs,oil,milk in a big container and blend using a electric or hand blender till forthy.
▪Now add sugar powder, vanilla essence and blend till sugar dissolves in wet mixture
▪Add in dry ingredients in parts (3 times)to the wet mixture.
▪Mix well using blender or by cut and fold method
▪see that no lumps are formed
▪Now fill mixture 3/4 in greased cups,sprinkle  and bake for 20-25 minutes in the preheated oven….


▪In baking the most important thing is to keep everything at room temperature
▪Always Preheat your microwave /oven
▪Baking time may varry in different ovens so check after 18-20 minutes using a toothpick inserted in the middle of the cake, if it comes out clean then it’s ready or else bake further till done…
▪You can add choco chips to the batter if desired..


Chocolate Cup Cakes


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   This is most popular dessert prepared mostly in Mangalore and Udupi during summer ….Now also you can find this lovely dessert in some of the hotels in villages in an around mangalore district….
   Konkani’s call this kele Harshale/Rasayan(kele means banana in konkani language ) usually this is prepared to keep body temperature cool…
  This is very easy to prepare with less ingredients, Some serve this along with neer dosa, idyappam  but I love this to drink or eat this chilled as it is..


•5 ripe Elakki bananas or any ripe banana
•1 cup fresh coconut
•1/4  to 1/2 cup grated jaggery (add according to your sweetness )
•1 tsp cardamom powder
•2 tblsp roughly chopped cashews


▪ chop banana and refrigerate for a while
▪Grind coconut along with water to fine paste
▪Stain this using a stainer to get thick coconut milk,use only milk
▪add jaggery, stir well till jaggery dissolves
▪add chopped banana, cashews and elichi powder mix well till combined
▪Refrigerate this for sometime
▪Serve chilled…


▪ I have used saffron strands for garnishing purpose otherwise it’s not necessary
▪Use this as a dessert,drink or along with neer dosa /sevai
▪ You can use any ripe banana but I prefer Elakki bananas
▪some use sugar instead of jaggery
▪ instead of bananas you can add chopped muskmelon it’s known as Chibada(muskmelon ) Harshale
▪you can add 2 tblsp thin beaten rice while serving ..
▪the coconut extract after removing milk can be used in making steamed rice balls (undi / kadbu )along with fresh coconut…so don’t throw it… Check recipe here


Banana Harshale

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