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A very aromatic and awesome curry prepared using malabar spinach and dry shrimps in a coconut based masala….
  This is a Konkani preparation, In Konkani language its known as vaali ani sukkale sungta Randai/ambat.. Vaali in konkani means Indian spinach or malabar spinach, Sukkale means dry and sungat means prawns /yeti/shrimps….
   Konkani’s recipes are mainly prepared using coconut….They say without coconut and coconut oil they can’t cook ;)..
    Even Spinach/palak can be used instead of malabar spinach…..Taste don’t varry much…
   Other then dry shrimps you can add fresh prawns or Clams(shell fish)using the same masala…which tastes delicious too….
Recipe is as follows


• 1cup dry shrimps 
• 2 cups Malabar spinach washed and chopped roughly  (can use its steam pieces if liked cut into 2″)
•3/4 cup coconut grated
•8-10 fried byadagi chillies
•A small piece tamrind
•2 medium onion finely chopped
•3 flakesgarlic crushed ( optional )
•3 tsp Coconut oil  (or refined)


▪ Clean dry shrimps by removing it’s head then wash this thrice under running water, then soak this for 20-30 minutes (this is done to remove sand content present in shrimps) ,now slowly take shrimps and squeeze excess water and keep aside…
▪ Grind coconut, chillies and tamrind to fine paste using water
▪Now boil spinach ,1 onion chopped with enough water
▪when spinach steam is 3/4 cooked add shrimps boil together well for 5 minutes
▪Add ground masala and water if needed .. (don’t make curry watery, see water and then use as already we have used water for boiling spinach)
▪Add salt mix and lower the flame
▪Now prepare a seasoning of coconut oil and onions and crushed garlic, fry till onions are browned
▪immediately add this seasoning to curry and close lid and switch off gas…
▪Now your dry shrimp curry is ready to enjoy with steaming hot rice…


* you can even pressure cook malabar spinach, onion and shrimps for 2 whistles for saving time
*while grinding masala can add 3/4 tsp of raw coriander seeds for making more aromatic(I sometime add)
*Coconut oil adds flavour to the dish
*same recipe can be followed for fresh clams or prawns…


Malabar spinach and dry shrimps curry