Hi friends,
I am Ashwini kamath, a homemaker, a business women….. who loves cooking, interior decorating, keep some knowledge in fashion etc …
Now i am introducing my new passion for cooking in wordpress as a blogger ….I have started this to share mine and others recipes which I have prepared and tasted,and which is certified by my family….so that you all can prepare and enjoy these yummy foods without doubt….
Here I am trying to give easy and quick recipes so that a beginner or busy moms or working womens or bachelor’s can also prepare without much difficulty and I will try to share those recipes whose ingredients are easily available inside our kitchen…..
And one more thing I want to make clear that I am not a paid blogger or so,I have started this blog so that all can enjoy yummy food which I prepare and post the recipe here…..
All are best cook in preparing one dish or the other…..only thing is we must know how much to add and what goes well with what ….
I will be very happy if you try the recipes and comment.., (its like achiving a prize for me)
Here in my recipes I don’t mention how much of salt to be added because salt can’t be measured as it depends on individual taste as some like less some like more so its left to you to decide…
If you have any queries about recipe do feel free to comment, I am always there to sort out….
Please do guide me, if anything worng please comment me make it right ..looking forward for all ur support.
Thank you


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  1. Maheshwar Wagle

    March 28, 2015 at 11:47 am

    Hi, I am Smitha’s friend. I had seen the Gobi Manchurian( without deep fry) recipe. But , now I am not able to view it on the blog. Can you please help me in forwarding the same. Thanks…

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