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Homemade Chicken Masala powder….. Very aromatic and comes handy to many recipes 😊
Homemade is Happiness❤️❤️❤️

The measurements what I am sharing is for one time use for 1 kg _ 1.250gms of meat, You can double the quantity for storing the powder but I prefer making it fresh or a day before using it 😊, add extra chilles or chilly powder for spiciness while making curry or sukka or any other meat recipe as the spice level in this masala is medium spicy .

Recipe :
•10 Roasted dry red chilles (I used byadagi)

•1nd 1/2 tblsp roasted coriander seeds (Sabut Dhanya)
•1 tsp roasted cumin (Sabut Jeera)

•5 seeds fenugreek (methi)

•1 tsp fennel seeds(saunf)

•4 petals star anise (chakra phool)

•2″ long cinnamon (dalchini)

•6 cloves (lavang)

•2 cardamom (elachi)

•1 nd 1/2 tsp black pepper (kali Mirch)

•5 flakes garlic with peel


Add all the above ingredients in a food processor and make fine or semi coarse powder and use in any chicken curries, sukka , ghee roast or any other meat preparations

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Here is an lovely chicken fry recipe for all chicken lovers for those who love chicken in spicy,chatpata village style:)….. This can be made in jiffy very delicious in taste ,i can say lip smacking recipe…..

My family loves chicken in any form ,so i keepon trying new recipes ,so that we all can enjoy it….

I prefer chicken only if its done in Desi style, i even don’t prefer deepfried chicken but love the indian version of it like chilliy,urval ,manchuris,pepper dry…

This ultimate mouthwatering recipe was shared by my friend ,which i loved very much (just my type recipe,spicy ,indianised,perfect to go with dal rice😋)  i have changed the recipe according to my family taste ☺…

Lets have a look to the recipe


•1 large onion ground to paste

•few curry leaves

•1 tsp ginger garrlic paste

•few finely chopped corianderleaves

•2 tblsp refined oil

•few cashewnuts

•1 tsp ghee


•700 gms chicken on bone

•5-6 slit greenchilles or more as per likings

•1 tsp Gingergarlic paste 

•1 tsp ghee

•2 tsp chilly powder

•1 tsp turmeric 

•1 tsp garam masala

•salt as required 

•1/2;lime juice

FOR MAKING A FRESH POWDER(make coarse powder)

•2 tsp coriander seeds

•1/4 tsp fennel seeds

•10-12 cashewnuts

•1″ cinnamon 

•6 cloves

•3 cardamom

•8 corns pepper 


▪Step 1

First Marinate chicken with the ingredients mentioned above for marination for 30 minutes 

▪Step 2

Make a pwder using all ingredients above i.e using coriander seeds , feenel ,black pepper,cardamom ,cashews ,cloves and cinnamon ….

▪Step 3

Heat pan add oil , add curry leaves , coriander leaves,saute awhile and add onion and gingergarlic paste and saute till raw smell goesoff..

▪Step 4

Now add marinate chicken and fry for 2 minutes, add 1/4 cup water ,close lid and cook till chicken is cooked..

▪Step 5

When chicken is cooked add the coarse powder , give a good mix and cook for 5 more minutes..

▪Step 6

While serving give a tempering of ghee , cashews and curry leaves (fry cashews till golden to enjoy that crisp taste)


*Add salt, chillies ,chilly powder as per individual taste 

*can use coriander leaves for garnishing too

*Can reduce oil as we use ghee in marination also

*Vegetarians can try with potatoes,mushrooms, soyachunks and gobi… (but reduce the spices)




Here i am sharing the recipe of sambar powder which is very useful in our day to day life….
      Its always better to make sambar/rasam powder at home then buying it from stores….
   Itsl can be very easily prepared at home and syored for many days,see the recipe and you will know how easy it is…. 🙂


•1cup dhania (coriander seeds)
•2 tblsp urd dal(split gram dal)
•1 tblsp mustard seeds(rai)
•2 tblsp jeera(cumin seeds)
•1/4  tsp fenugreek(methi seeds)
•1 tblsp chana dal(bengal gram dal)
•1 tsp tumeric
•2 tsp asafoetida( hing)
•20-25 curry leaves
•20-25 dry badagi chillies


▪dry roast all seperatley till slight change in colour
▪cool this
▪make powder and store when needed

* while making sambar use jaggary and tamrind as per taste…
*I use sambar powder directly or sometimes grind with coconut and use this to dal..


sambar powder

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   Here is a time saving all purpose masala which can be used for paneer,vegetables,chicken,eggs or even for spreading on pizzas(indian way)…
     This Bhuna masala can be prepared and refrigrated and used when necessary….
   This masala can also be added to cooked dal or rajma and believe me your dal/rajma tastes awesome…..
  A quick easy and delicious bhuna masala is as follows


•1 medium onion chopped
•1 medium onion paste
•3 red medium tomatoes pureed
•1/4tsp turmeric
•1 tsp chilly powder
•1tsp dhania powder
•1/2 tsp garammasala powder
•1/4tsp cumin powder
•1 tsp gingergarlic paste
•1slit greenchilly (optional)
•1/4tsp cumin seeds
•1 piece cinnomon
•4 cloves
•1 tejpatta
•1tblsp oil
•1tblsp kasurimeti
•Salt according to taste


▪Heat a thick kadai,heat well
▪ now add oil,jeera let it fry for a second then add cloves, cinnamon,tejpatta fry again for a second
▪add onion paste,gingergarlic paste fry this for 2min
▪add onions ,greenchilly fry till onions are translucent
▪now add in all spice powders fry till dry
▪now add pureed tomatoes and cook on medium flame till oil separates(nearly8-10min)
▪atlast add kasurimeti,salt  and give a good mix .
▪Now your all purpose bhuna masala is ready to use…

*you can use the same bhuna masala to prepare dal fry,rajma, paneer….
*can add this to boiled eggs or beaten eggs,chicken ,paneer….
*to this bhuna masala you can add cashewnut paste or cream or curds to make curries but check the spice level …you may need more chilly powder..
*I use everest tikkalal chilly powder,its little spicy then other chillypowders..



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  A fantastic recipe is here using kabul channa and rice….. I have prepared biryani using this both which tasted I thought of sharing this recipe with you all….I have followed the same procedure of vegetable biryani but did some changes here….I love biryani in any form so keep on trying biryanis using different ingredients….Enjoy this with your family and friends…


▪1cup soaked kabul channa/chick pea (overnight soaked)
▪1medium onion chopped
▪2 tomatoes chopped
▪1slit greenchilly
▪2tblsp pudina leaves chopped
▪2 tbsp coriander leaves chopped
▪1.5tsp chilly powder
▪1/2tsp turmeric
▪1 tblsp coriander powder
▪1tsp ginger garlic paste
▪1 tsp channa masala (optional )
▪1tsp garam masala powder
▪2tblsp curds
▪1tsp kasuri methi
▪1 piece cinnomon
▪3 cardamom
▪1tsp jeera
▪1 tejpatta
▪2tsp oil
▪2tsp ghee
▪1cup long grained rice
▪11/2cup water
▪Salt accordingly


▪Heat a cooker add oil and ghee when heated add jeera, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and tejpatta fry awhile
▪add onions, greenchilly till transperent then add gingergarlic paste fry then add all spice powder fry well
▪ add pudina, coriander, kasurimeti, fry awhile
▪add tomatoes curds  fry ▪add channa(drained) mix well add rice fry for 2min then add water boil add dalt and take 2whistles….serve with curd cucumber and onion raitha…

*Always use chillies and salt according to your taste buds
Sometimes some chillies , chilly powder will be more spicy… you csn varry according to it..
*Channa masala is optional
*always use long grained soaked for 15 min before cooking



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Who don’t  love chicken sukka isn’t it? ..
Here i have used a homemade sukka powder which I have mentioned before in this blog..(
This is a perfect manglore style sukka which is very famous in south kannera weddings ,restaurants and hotels…
Here I have used a bunts recipe given by my neighbour who are very famous in preparing this type of dish,u can see this chicken sukka in most of their functions which is served with appum ,toddy idli or neer dosa….
This is a coconut based semi dry dish which goes well with white rice, boiled rice, ganji/porridge, neer dosa, dal, appum, idli..
This is all time favourite for me ..


•1kg chicken cleaned and washed
•2 tblsp ghee /coconut oil
•2 springs curryleaves
•1 tsp mustard
•4 flakes crushed garlic
•1 onion finely chopped
•1/2 tsp turmeric
•Salt according to taste
•1/2 grated coconut (once crushed in mixer)


▪Heat pan add ghee, mustard when it starts to pop add curry leaves, crushed garlic and onions fry well
▪Now add chicken, turmeric and fry till chicken is cooked well
▪Now add sukka powder (CHICKEN SUKKA POWDER – ,salt and coconut mix well and cook on medium flame for 10 minutes with lid closed till dry
▪chicken sukka ready to serve with neer dosa..


*for vegetarians add ivy gourd chopped and boiled black channa instead of chicken then follow the same recipe to prepare any vegetable sukka….
*grind coconut once in mixer to coarse paste using 1tblsp water,if you like to have it without grinding its absolutely fine
*coriander leaves chopped can be added to enhance more taste..


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This powder is so easy and quick to prepare that you need not buy it from stores now onwards …..
Its just a perfect recipe given by a neighbour who is a bunt ,its so perfect that i have stopped buying Sukka powder from stores now….in this recipe ingredients are so simple and handy which are easily available inside our kitchen…
This powder is used for preparing chicken sukka, which is most famous dish of bunts in and around manglore or south kannera….
This can be preserved in airtight containers and can be used when needed…this powder can also be used for making vegetables like potatoes and beans, ivy gourd nd channa ,can also be used for fish like marvai,crab etc but use litter lesser quantity of powder..
With this recipe 1kg chicken sukka can be pepared…


•10/12 byadige red chillies
• 4 tsp coriander seeds
•2 tsp black pepper
•1/4 tsp methi
•1tsp jeera
•1small cinnamon(optional)
•2 cloves(optional)
•10 flakes garlic peeled
•a gooseberry sized tamrind


▪Dry fry all the above ingredients  then make powder out of it then add 10 flakes of garlic, tamrind a gooseberry size, and again make coarse powder as seen in picture….
▪Now your sukka powder is ready to use or store this in a airtight container and use this when required…


*store in a dry airtight container after cooled
*from above measurements you can prepare 1kg chicken sukka
*here I have not added cinnomon and cloves but if you need you can add,actual recipe doesn’t hold this..


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