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Festivals are on its way friends, why not try some easy and quick sweets to enjoy with your family and friends❤️..
Here are few Malpuas /Malpuris to mark the festivals 😍…. enjoy!

Do give this recipe a try as it’s easy and quick to make with few handy ingredients😊
They are slight crispy with each bite and soft to eat, I love my malpuas / malpuris exactly like this… 😀

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤
Recipe is as follows


•1 cup APF(Maida)
•1/2 cup suji (fine semolina)
•1 cup Sugar (I used 3/4th cup)
•1/2 cup thick well beaten curds
•Water as required to make batter
•1/2 tsp cardamom powder
•a pinch salt
•a pinch yellow food colour (optional)


•In a bowl or container mix all the above ingredients(except cardamom powder) to make a batter exactly like dosa batter(not too thick nor runny)

•see that there are no lumps in the batter

•Close the bowl and rest for 5- 6 hours

•Just before deep frying add cardamom powder and give a good mix

•Heat oil well, turn the flame to medium heat and pour 1 or 2 laddle full of batter and cook till its light golden and cooked one side, now with the help of 2 spoon slowly flip and cook other side till golden.

•When malpuas are done remove them using frying laddle and pressing it with the help of spoon so that excess oil is removed ,then put on a absorbing paper for a minute then store or serve topped with chopped dry fruits or chilled rabdi.

•Enjoy this festive with easy to make malpuas garnished with your favourite nuts chopped😊


*Each time u make malpuas see that the temperature of oil is hot when you pour batter, latter turn the heat to medium and cook.

*To get perfect shape I made this in a small kadai with minimum oil in it and fried one after the other, later when you are ready ,you can make 4/5 at a time in big kadai.

*Mine first 2 to 3 malpuas didn’t get perfect but latter I got the trick to make it, so don’t loose hope if 2/3 malpua don’t come good, practice makes man perfect friends☺️

Happy cooking !

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Homemade Chicken Masala powder….. Very aromatic and comes handy to many recipes 😊
Homemade is Happiness❤️❤️❤️

The measurements what I am sharing is for one time use for 1 kg _ 1.250gms of meat, You can double the quantity for storing the powder but I prefer making it fresh or a day before using it 😊, add extra chilles or chilly powder for spiciness while making curry or sukka or any other meat recipe as the spice level in this masala is medium spicy .

Recipe :
•10 Roasted dry red chilles (I used byadagi)

•1nd 1/2 tblsp roasted coriander seeds (Sabut Dhanya)
•1 tsp roasted cumin (Sabut Jeera)

•5 seeds fenugreek (methi)

•1 tsp fennel seeds(saunf)

•4 petals star anise (chakra phool)

•2″ long cinnamon (dalchini)

•6 cloves (lavang)

•2 cardamom (elachi)

•1 nd 1/2 tsp black pepper (kali Mirch)

•5 flakes garlic with peel


Add all the above ingredients in a food processor and make fine or semi coarse powder and use in any chicken curries, sukka , ghee roast or any other meat preparations

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