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Split Bengalgram or chana daal chutney prepared in Iyengar’s style using hing and coconut in the recipe…

     A very spicy flavourful cutney which goes well with Tatte idli or plain idlis or dosas…

   A very different recipe where there is no use of onions or garlic made..

This recipe was shown in a cookeryshow which i bookmarked and made to serve with my semolina idlis ,which together tasted awesome..

Give this a try and enjoy making and eating 🙂

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Recipe credit to chef Ranganath


•2 tblsp split bengalgram(chanadaal)

•1 tblsp split blackgram(urddaal)

•2 spring curryleaves

•1/4 tsp asafoetida(hing)


•A small piece tamrind

•8-10 greenchillies (use according to spiciness)

•1/2 cup coconut

•3 tblsp coriander leaves along with tender steam

•Salt to taste

•1 tsp oil for frying 


▪Heat kadai add oil addchanadaal fry awhile add urddaal fry both till red and a nice aroma

▪Now add broken chilles fry

▪add all other items one by one fry well for a minute

▪Cool this 

▪Grind to chutney consistency using water..

▪Enjoy with idli or dosas..


*don’t make chutney watery let it be thick as seen in picture


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Godi anni Cheppi Surnali Maggi Ghalnu is what called in konkani Language…..

Sweet and Normal Pancakes using  Manglore cucumber drizzled with honey,butter and served with chutney…
Here you can see two verities of pancake made using same batter ….The pancake with little yellowish in colour is sweeter version served with fresh butter and drizzled with honey … The other one is the normal pancake served with spicy coconut chutney…. so enjoy eating, double damakka with one batter :)☺😍❤….


•2 cup dosa rice

•1/4  cup urd dal

•1 tsp methi

•1 cup poha/puffed rice

•1/4 cup coconut (opt)

•1 small cucumber peeled ,deseed and chopped finely

▪oil or ghee to drizzle


▪First grind cucumber to paste without water,to this add remaining ingredients and grind to fine thick idli batter consistency ,

▪ferment well(min 8 hours) add salt and mix well

▪Heat a dosa griddle well , turn the flame to medium and pour a big laddle and spread lightly (this dosas are made thick or if you like spread it) 

▪ drizzling oil or ghee ,cook closed for even cooking….(cook one side )

▪Remove and serve hot with coconut chutney

Lets see how to make Sweet Pancakes using same batter


•Few laddles of above batter 

•Jaggery as per sweetness

•a big pinch turmeric

•ghee to drizzle


▪Add desired amount of grated jaggery according to sweetness to the batter and make thick dosa as said above , drizzle ghee and cook with lid closed for few minutes or till the crust is golden 

▪serve with butter and honey drizzled(opt)


*1/4 tsp cooking soda/fruit salt/eno can be added to batter if batter doesn’t raise the next morning ,add cooking soda just before making dosa i…but this is optional,i never use this but some who live in cold region may need this …

*this dosa are usually cooked one side…..or if u like can  cook both sides on problem..

*Usually this dosas are thick but you can spread thin to make it crisp also using normal batter but for sweet dosa its preferred to be thick and spongy  ..





Lemon Tambali/Chutney ….
Tambali are coconut gravy/chutney type  which is prepared without cooking and usually served mixed with buttermilk or yogurt..A simple yet Delicious side dish  served with hot rice..☺

This type of tambalis are common in malnad , Western Ghats of Uttar Kannada region to keep the body temperature  cool… Here you can enjoy mixed flavour of Tanginess from lime and spicyness from chilles….In all its a beautiful blend of tastes…

Enjoy this as a gravy only to rice along with fried Fryyum/pappads or Fish fries…

I learnt this recipe from my mom in law…who is a amazing cook,i love her recipes very much,whatever she makes tastes delicious….😍❤ After marriage she was the one who taught me how to cook , love her 😙..


•1 whole lemon 

•4-5 green chilles(depending on spicyness)

•1 cup fresh coconut

•1/2 cup beaten yogurt (optional)

•4 garlic cloves

•a pinch turmeric

▪For Tempering

•1 tsp oil

•2 broken dry red chilles

•1/2 tsp mustard 

• few curry leaves


▪fry green chilles in few drops oil till spots appear on chilles.

▪Roast whole lemon on open stove top till the outer skin is burnt

▪cut lime into half ,and extract its juice (discard seeds if any)

▪Now grind all above ingredients along collected lime juice to fine chutney consistency

▪Remove to a container , add salt , Yogurt mix and refrigerate 

▪Give Tempering at the time of consumption

▪Enjoy this with Rice ,chilli Papads or fish fries..


*Self life of this Tambali is less compered to other curries so refrigerate after use

*adding yogurt or buttermilk is optional,i have not added here …

lemon Tamboli

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​Diwali is over and now everyone is back to routine with office,cooking,house cores ,etc etc.. ☺

As green tomatoes are in the season ,i am here with a all purpose GREEN TOMATO CHUTNEY …..a delicious lip smacking dip which goes very well with chapatis / Dosas/rice….

I enjoyed this with Neer dosa..

Green Tomatoes are nothing but raw tomatoes, which has a unique taste with its crunchyness ….

In the recipe, along with tomatoes we also use groundnuts, which increases the taste and gives a rich thick volume to the dip….

There is no use of coconut in the recipe …so can be preserved for a week by refrigerating  in a airtight container….

So lets see how the recipe is and what are the Ingredients required for making this awesome chatpat dip..

Recipe credit to Dhanya Shenoy


•6 raw tomatoes of medium size chopped 

•3 greenchilles  (add as per requirement)

•1 tsp oil

•1/4 tsp cumin seeds 

•2 tblsp fried groundnut/peanuts 

•6 cloves garlic

•1/4 “ginger chopped 

•a small tamrind seed sized Jaggery 

•2 tblsp chopped coriander leaves  (optional ) 

•salt as per taste 


▪Heat a pan add oil, add chopped tomatoes,greenchillies and fry for 5-8 minutes or till tomatoes turn soft.

▪switch off flame and leave to cool,when cooled add tomatoes to mixi jar along with other ingredients and grind to chutney consistency 

▪Remove to a container ,Enjoy this with dosas /rice /chapatis 

▪You can even season the dip with a tsp of oil , mustard , broken red chillies and curry leaves….I have kept it simple without giving tadka…

▪Here in my dip i have not removed the skin of groundnuts, if you like you can remove the skin 

▪The same recipe can be made with ripe tomatoes , but the taste of the dip definitely varry…. 

Raw tomato chutney 

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Have you ever heard of carrot chutney before sounds interesting right….. most of you may not have heard before like me, even i wondered when i first saw this chutney recipe in a local cookery show a few months back and was egerly waiting to give this a try and believe me it tastes so delicious, that you cant guess its made from carrots ..

As we all know carrots are good for eyes and growing kids but now adays kids are so fussy eaters,they are so much prone to junk food that they never like to eat raw healthy vegetables like carrots…. 

So feed them this chutney by spread this to dosa /chapati along with cheese(optional ) and roll and serve them they will never know its carrot served to them 😉

This chutney very well goes with any dosas,idlis….(i enjoyed it with my Spongy Dosa 😋)

You may check  cotton dosa,neer dosa,idli,wheat dosa,Uttappam 


• 1 cup fresh orange carrots chopped

•1 cup fresh grated coconut 

•5-6 roasted long red chillies 

•a generous amount of asafoetida 

•a smal piece Tamrind 

•salt as per taste 


•1 tsp oil  

• 1/2 tsp mustard seeds

•1 tsp Split dal /urad dal 

•few curryleaves 


▪add carrot ,tamrind and red chillies and grind till a rough paste

▪Now add remaining ingredients and grind to fine paste

▪Remove to a container 

▪heat a tempering pan add oil, when heated add musturd seeds, let this pop add urad dal fry golden switch off flame and add curryleaves mix and add to the chutney container mix add enjoy..


* Serve this thick or slightly diluted both tasyes Yum…

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     This is a healthy , easy and quick recipe…so here I am with a popular and traditional recipe of every konkani people’s home known as ‘Piyava Tambali ‘ …… Piyav in Konkani means onion and Tambali is known for the dishes which are not cooked or where we add curds to the dish….
Tambali is usually prepared during rainy season or when there is nothing veggies left in the fridge as this recipe is prepared using only 4 ingredients like coconut,raw onions,red chilles and Tamrind…..
      It’s one of the easiest and quickest  side dish which can be prepared for rice instead of sambar or Rasam….
   This is a perfect combo to boiled rice or steam rice with papads or fryyums (vodi /sandige) or any fries or with fish fries …
    But note the self life of this recipe is less as the dish is not cooked so refrigerate this once it’s done….i can say a best recipe for cooking without fire ..


•1 cup fresh coconut grated
•6 fried red byadagi chillies
•a small piece tamrind
•Salt to taste
•1tblsp coconut oil to drizzle (optional )
•1chopped raw onion


▪In a mixi jar add  coconut ,red chillies and tamrind and grind to smooth chutney consistency using little water
▪add salt and just whisk once to combine
▪Remove this to a container add water as required (don’t add much water,let the ground masala be slightly thick paste )
▪Add raw onions and give a good mix
▪Drizzle coconut oil on it while serving


* mix onions at the time of serving
*adding oil is a traditional method but this can be omitted
*small variety onions/spring onions can be used..



Piyava Tambali



   Here is a perfect hotel style chutney,something different from our regular chutney where no garlic, ginger is used but you can feel a mild flavour of onion , Pudina and coriander leaves, ground with fresh coconut and chilles …
  This was first introduced to me by my mother in law along with akki roti and some raw onions sprinkled on chutney….This combo is so heavenly, yum so delicious…
   This chutney also goes well with any type of dosas,idlis,Akki roti or chapatis …But i suggest when you try this chutney with akki roti don’t forget to sprinkle few raw onions on top and enjoy…


• 1 cup fresh coconut grated or chopped
• 5 greenchilles broken (can add more or less depending on your taste )
•10 pudina leaves
•1 tblsp coriander leaves
•1small onion sliced
• 1 tsp oil
• Salt to taste


▪Heat a pan add oil , heat this add greenchilles, onion fry till onions are soft,switch off flame and add mint and coriander leaves lightly wilt in the heat present…
▪cool this and grind along with coconut and salt with water as needed to get chutney
▪Let the chutney be thick as seen

*some use a small piece of tamrind to grind but I don’t like so not used here…
*Don’t serve the chutney watery….


Coconut Onion Chutney

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