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Bhaturas, is a fluffy deep‑fried leavened bread from North India. It is often eaten with chole or channa masala..
A heavy breakfast recipe of punjab….
This is prepared from all purpose flour ( maida )….this is just like our regular pooris but prepared from maida…


•21/2cup all purpose flour/maida
•1tsp chiroti rawa
•1/2cup curds
•A pinch or little more baking soda
•1/2tsp  baking powder
•2tsp sugar
•1tsp Salt
•2tblsp oil
•Enough oil for deep frying


▪mix all together except oil
▪To this add enough water to knead a soft dough
▪Now apply oil to this(don’t knead afterapplying oil) and keep this aside
▪Cover this with a wet muslin cloth(squeeze excess water from cloth) and  rest for 4 hours or keep overnight
▪After 4hrs make equal balls and rest it for 10-15 minutes
after 15 minutes roll this to 5″ diameter pooris or roll this to oval shape pooris
▪Now  heat enough oil on high flame
▪Fry this oval shapped pooris or bhatura till light brown…

* while frying bhatura keep flipping otherwise it may get burnt..
*as the bhaturas are made from maida, when fried u get only brown spots on the bhatura and rest remaining white in colour…
* For CHANNA / CHOLE MASALA click this link




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