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Have you ever heard of carrot chutney before sounds interesting right….. most of you may not have heard before like me, even i wondered when i first saw this chutney recipe in a local cookery show a few months back and was egerly waiting to give this a try and believe me it tastes so delicious, that you cant guess its made from carrots ..

As we all know carrots are good for eyes and growing kids but now adays kids are so fussy eaters,they are so much prone to junk food that they never like to eat raw healthy vegetables like carrots…. 

So feed them this chutney by spread this to dosa /chapati along with cheese(optional ) and roll and serve them they will never know its carrot served to them 😉

This chutney very well goes with any dosas,idlis….(i enjoyed it with my Spongy Dosa 😋)

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• 1 cup fresh orange carrots chopped

•1 cup fresh grated coconut 

•5-6 roasted long red chillies 

•a generous amount of asafoetida 

•a smal piece Tamrind 

•salt as per taste 


•1 tsp oil  

• 1/2 tsp mustard seeds

•1 tsp Split dal /urad dal 

•few curryleaves 


▪add carrot ,tamrind and red chillies and grind till a rough paste

▪Now add remaining ingredients and grind to fine paste

▪Remove to a container 

▪heat a tempering pan add oil, when heated add musturd seeds, let this pop add urad dal fry golden switch off flame and add curryleaves mix and add to the chutney container mix add enjoy..


* Serve this thick or slightly diluted both tasyes Yum…

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