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This is chinese preparation prepared with rice and chicken….almost all chinese recipes are same one or other ingredients may vary thats all….very easy to prepare….
   Most of the kids liking is to chinese food….and I can say this is the easiest way to feed kids with vegetables…
   Most of the vegetables can be added in chinese recipes…
While preparing chinese recipes you must keep all items handy like all the sauces, vegetables must be chopped prior… must be quick while preparing because cooking is done on high flame
Rice must not be overcooked and vegetables must be little crunchy…then only friedrice tastes good…
An easy and quick recipe follows this way


•1/2cup boiled chicken pieces
•1medium onion sliced into half
• 2 eggs beated
•3 beans finely chopped
•1small carrot finely chopped
•2tblsp green capsicum shredded
•2tblsp yellow capsicum shredded(optional )
•2tblsp red capsicum shredded(optional )
•2tblsp cabbage shredded
•1slit greenchilly
•4 strings of spring onions chopped
•1tsp green chilly sauce
•1/2 tsp soya sauce
•1/2tsp vinegar
•1tsp ginger chopped
•1tsp garlic chopped
•Pepper powder to adjust individual taste
•Salt ..according to taste
•2tblsp oil

For making rice

Rice 1cup(jeera rice/basmati  rice/sonamasoori)
Water 2cups
A few drops of oil


▪ first wash rice and soak it for 15min.
▪ boil water add salt and few drops of oil, add rice cook 3/4 (see that rice is not over cooked) and drain the excess water , spread the rice on a wide plate to cool this makes rice perfect..
▪ take boiled chicken and separate from its bone and make shredds out of it and keep aside
▪Now heat a thick bottom kadai keep on high flame(always chinese recipes to be cooked on high flame) add oil heat this well
▪ add ginger,garlic chopped, green chilly saute this for a second
▪ add in beated eggs fry this well..
▪ add onions followed by vegetables (carrot, beans)fry awhile
▪add all types of capsicum saute well (don’t overcook vegetables otherwise it will loose its crunchyness)
▪add chicken, cabbage, salt fry awhile
▪then add all sauces fry well add pepper powder, salt give a quick toss add in rice mix well…
▪spring onions fry till mixed…..
▪chicken friedrice is ready..


* you can use leftover rice also but see that its little hard otherwise you wont get chinese texture…
*here I have used 1/2cup basmati and 1/2cup sonamasoori for preparing rice….
*if you add 2more beated eggs it will become egg fried rice no need to add chicken…

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