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Ponsa Mulik / Halasina Hannina Mulka /Jackfruit Fritters…… made this yummy sweet bites instantly using sooji (bombay rava), These fritters are crispy outside and soft inside with mild sweetness and influenced flavour of  jackfruit .

The other versions of making this are by adding soaked and ground rice or using rice rawa, i just love them in any ways 😍👌😀

The other version of making these fritters using rice is already in my blog please check the link if any one likes to know the recipe

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤


•1 cup chopped jackfruit(ripe) 

•2 tblsp fresh grated coconut

•2 pod cardamom (deskinned)

•a pinch salt

•2 tblsp  Jaggery (or as per sweetness depending on jackfruit sweetness) 

•1 cup Bombay rava approximately (sooji /medium rava quantity varries upon the amount that holds to the mixture untill tthe mixture becomes thick and easy to handle and give it a shape)

•few cashewnuts chopped (optional)

•oil for deep frying


 ▪Grind jackfruit, coconut, cardamom ,salt, jaggery to fine paste without using water remove this to a bowl 

▪Add Bombay Rawa /sooji , add chopped cashews, mix everything well till combines, make small lemon sized balls from the mixture and deep fry them on medium heat till golden and cooked well inside out..


*In coastal areas we use  coconut oil for deep frying which doubles the aroma and taste but no problem if refined oil is used..😊

*You can even add ripe banana instead of jackfruit  to make same fritters




Here is a resturant type ONION PAKODA / PAKORA/FRITTERS recipe for all you dear friends 😍😍😍 …..
From the below recipe you get just perfect restaurant type crispy, delicious non oily onion pakoras…..Just enjoy making this within minutes for evening tea / coffee or club this along with lunch as a sidedish or enjoy it with your guests or friends….

Easy to make when you like to munch on something when it’s raining or during kitty parties 😊….

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• 2 large onions finely sliced (seperate each layers by squeezing)

•2 finely chopped greenchillies

•Few chopped curryleaves

•1/ 2 cup besan / Gramflour

•1/2 cup rice flour

•Salt to taste

•1/4 tsp turmeric

•1 tsp chilly powder

•a pinch soda (optional )

•1/4 tsp ajwain / om seeds

•1 tsp coriander seeds crushed roughly

•oil for deep frying


▪In a wide container add all dry powders and mix well ,now add onions , chillies and curry leaves mix well applying pressure while mixing, this helps onions to release moisture and helps binding all together

▪If necessary sprinkle water (but not necessary, but the dough must be tight ,if the mixture contains more moisture then your pakoda will turn soft and soggy )

▪Rest 5 minutes, and again mix applying pressure

▪Heat oil in a wide kadai to boiling point, then reduce to medium heat and make pakoda by dropping small portion of dough into oil

▪fry all sides till crisp and golden ,remove this to a absorbing paper to remove excess oil…

▪serve hot with mint or coriander Chutney or with ketchup 😊

* Slice onions only at the time of making pakoda, as it leaves it’s own moisture if cut fresh

*if necessary just sprinkle water to bind it ,adding to much water pakodas become soggy

*see below picture for perfect idea of dough consistency



​Raw Banana Fritters…..crispy and spicy fritters served for lunchtime or teatime…. An easy and snack or sidedish made in jiffy when sudden guests arrive or when you like something to munchon…

They are also popularly known as podis….The same recipe can be used for lots of other veggies which i have mentioned at the end of the recipe….Do try this simple recipe where ingredients are very much handy…..

Happy cooking Friends ☺

Recipe as follows 


•1 large raw banana, (peel outer skin using peeler and cut 6mm pieces )

•1/4 cup Rice flour (or as required)

•1 tblsp cornflour

•1 tblsp chilly powder (i used tikkalal)

•1/4 tsp asafoetida /Hing

•1 /4 tsp turmeric 

•salt as per taste

•water as needed to make thick batter
▪In a wide container add banana discs and wash well

▪In another container add all ingredients mentioned above and make a thick paste

▪add banana discs, coat well ..

▪Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying

▪When oil is very hot turn flame to medium heat and add banana pieces one by one , (dont add to many pieces at a time )

▪Leave it without touching for 1-2 min then flip and cook otherside , just few seconds before taking out fritters fry it on high flame to get that crispy crunchy bite…

▪Repeat same with other leftover marinated pieces

▪serve during lunch time or teatime…


*I have cut pieces in slant way to make it appealing, you can cut it in any desired shape…

*Adding too many pieces in a small kadai may result in soggy fritters.

*Same recipe can be used for Drumsticks,bittergourd,Potato,breadfruit, okra,yam,Teasel/ kantola/phagil,Brinjal ,brined Jackfruit,brined Bamboo, Ivy gourd 




​Instant Rawa chakli/chakuli /Murkku….A crispy savoury snack made instantly using semolina and rice flour.. This is a perfect teatime /kids tiffin snack too…

     Here is a no fail recipe , even a beginner can enjoy making this crispy snack… I had noted this recipe from a food group long back,don’t remember the name who had shared this awesome recipe ..anyways thankyou for the recipe..

Usually the traditional way of making chakli is by urddal powder(dry roast and powder) and rice flour(wash raw rice dry and make powder),make a dough with some spices and then press to chakli and deep fry but this is was a lengthy process and we usually endup buying it from stores… now more getting chakli’s from bakery or stores ,here i am with a easy ,quick and  instant way of making chakli with easily available ingredients …..The time required is just 20-30 min so enjoy..

    Kids will love this having…i am sure they will demand more and more..☺

  Enjoy this savoury for upcoming gowri ganesha, diwali festival with your friends and family…..

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• 1 cup semolina / rawa (bombay rawa)

• 2 cups rice flour

• 2 &1/2 cup water 

• a big dollop of butter 

• Salt to taste

• 2 tsp white sesame seeds(til)

• 2 tsp cumin seeds  (jeera)

•1 tsp chilli powder (optional or can little more)

•1/4 tsp Turmeric powder

•3/4 tsp asafoetida( hing)

•Oil for deep frying
▪Boil water along with salt (preserve 1 / 2 cup of boiled water seperately )

▪add semolina to the boiling water and mix well till mixed without any lumps and forms a dough

▪switch of flame and leave the mixture to cool awhile or till room temperature 

▪Now to this add rice flour,cumin seeds,chilly powder,hing,turmeric, til and butter mix well 

▪ make a firm dough as seen in below picture not sticky nor hard, just perfect

▪If necessary add preserved water to make dough

▪Now make large oval shaped balls and fill in chakli maker and press to chakli shape in a plate

▪Heat oil properly in a wide kadai then fry these chakli adding 4 -5 at a time till crispy or till the oil bubbles stop..(fry both sides fliping each time for equal frying)

▪remove to a absorbing paper to remove excess oil and enjoy

▪Follow same procedure with remaining dough

▪store this in airtight container when it comes to room temperature 
* The dough must be firm not sticky nor hard,when u press the impression must appear on seen below

* This recipe yeilds 32 chakli’s

*colour will be yellowish golden so don’t fry it till dark golden it will then get burnt smell


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​Bread Rolls… A perfect evening snack with tea or coffee . It tastes awesome ,crunchy outside soft inside…Kids will love this for sure as it’s a deepfried and made of bread, and a easy way to make kids eat veggies..This can made in jiffy if you have boiled potatoes ready….

   Here I have used potato for filling /stuffing inside bread , you can replace it by paneer, cheese,mushroom ,boiled peas,boiled corn, capsicum, boiled and shredded chicken(keema) (anything of your choice)but method and procedure remains same

Let’s see the recipe 


•6 white /brown bread  (remove sides)

•2/3 boiled and mashed potatoes 

•1/4 cup shredded cabbage 

•1 grated carrots 

•2 chopped greenchillies (opt)

•Few springs coriander leaves chopped

•1/4 tsp chilly powder

•1/4 tsp garammasala 

•1/4 tsp asafoetida / hing 

•Salt to taste  

•1 tsp limejuice 

•oil for deep frying 

•1 egg (vegetarians can use cornflour slurry )

•bread crumbs for rolling


▪Heat a kadai add 1tsp oil,add chilly powder, garammasala,hing saute lightly add greenchilles ,cabbage, carrots and fry for a minute add salt give a good mix add mashed potatoes, mix and switch off the gas and add limejuice ,coriander leaves mix well  )and leave this to cool

▪Or you can even mix all the above ingredients  in a bowl without frying and use for making stuffing as we deep fry the rolls after stuffing

▪In a wide container add sufficent water for dipping bread, now take a slice of bread dip in this water for a second or two,remove and squeeze tightly excess water by holding in between your palms 

▪Take sufficient potato filling and place in center of bread and roll well till it gets sealed properly , place this aside 

▪continue doing same with the rest of the bread slices 

▪Beat egg well with a pinch of salt

▪Now dip each slice of bread in egg mixture and roll well in bread crumbs(see that it’s coated well)and set each roll in a box with a lid and refrigerate for 30 minutes 

▪Heat oil well then reduce the flame on medium and deep fry rolls till golden 

▪Enjoy with ketchup 🙂


* Vegetarians can replace eggs with cornflour slurry  (1 tblsp cornflour mixed in1/4 cup water without lumps )

Bread Rolls 


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A easy and quick tea time snack or a side dish to rice…..


•1 brinjal sliced
•3/4 cup Gram flour
•2 tsp Rice flour
•5-6 curryleaves chopped(optional )
•3/4 tsp chilly powder
•1/4 tsp asafoetida
•1/2 tsp cumin seeds
•a pinch cooking soda
•Water to bind the flour


▪slice brinjals into rounds 1/2″ each and soak in salt water for 15 minutes
▪Mix gram flour, rice flour, curryleaves, salt,chilly powder, asafoetida,jeera mix well and water to form a thick batter…rest this 15 minutes
▪Add soda water (mix soda with a tsp water)
▪Drain water and keep brinjal ready
▪Beat well in one direction
▪Now dip brinjal slice in batter and deep fry till golden and crisp..

* Other vegetables like potato,onion rings, sweet potato,ridgegourd,raw banana,  yam,bitter gourd,paneer,breadfruit,spinach,malabar spinach,ajwain leaves can be used in same batter


Brinjal Fritters

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   A deep fried golden balls like fritters which are very light crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside….A perfect tea time snack…
    Goli baje is also known as Mangalore bajji/ Manglore Baje…..They are very famous in an around manglore so the name ‘manglore baje’…..Now a days you can see this everywhere but all tastes different from the original taste….
   This is prepared very easily and quickly when sudden guest vist us or when we wish to munch something during tea time….We usually serve this with coconut chutney…which adds even more taste to the dish..
    Here is the perfect authentic house old recipe which our granny’s used …
Try this and relish manglore Goli baje at home..


•1 cup all purpose Flour/ Maida(or as needed)
•2 tblsp gramflour
•1/2 cup sour curds (or 2 days previous will do)
•2/3 tsp sugar
•4 greenchilles finely chopped
•2 springs curryleaves chopped
•1/2 ” ginger chopped
•1/2 tsp cumin seeds
•2 tsp chopped coconut pieces
•Salt to taste
•1/4 tsp cooking soda


▪Sieve Maida and gramflour once and keep aside
▪Now in a container add curds and sugar and mix vigorously in one direction ,to this add salt, chillies, curryleaves, jeera, coconut pieces mix well and now add maida mixture  and mix well to medium thick batter..
▪ if the batter is watery add maida to form a thick batter
▪ if the batter is too thick add water to get desired consistency (see below picture )


▪ Rest the batter for 15 minutes
▪ Heat oil to the smoking level and then turn to medium heat
▪Now add cooking soda to the batter and mix well ..
▪wet your finger tips and drop a tblsp of the batter to the oil 5/6 at a time..(can use spoon too..if you drop more ,then your goli bajes won’t puff and rise well)
▪fry all sides by rotating frequently to get even golden colour
▪Remove this on a absorbing paper to remove excess oil…
▪Enjoy with coconut chutney….

Coconut Chutney
1 cup fresh Coconut ,2/3 green chillies , salt and 1/2 “ginger grind to fine paste..


* Serve this immediately after prepared otherwise they become soogy and won’t taste good..
* always when making Goli baje see that flour is to room temperature
*the batter must be medium thick to dropping consistency, if it’s too thick Goli baje will be dense,heavy and oily..
*when deep frying always drop little batter using spoon or using  wet finger tips…
*see that when you drop batter there is enough space for fritters to puff and rise


*Always mix batter in one direction for perfect fluffyness and crispyness
*I have seen some adding hot oil or a tsp of rice flour to the batter for getting crispy texture ,which I have not tried as this recipe is perfect for me..