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Easy Seer fish Masala…A spicy version of fish Masala without using coconut  , tastes very hot, lipsmacking and delicious … Easy to make recipe gets cooked within 15 min  😊 (other fish like prawns/sardine/mackerel/ butterfish/croakers/pomfrets can be used)

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤

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• 1 large sized seer Fish slice

• 2  tsp chilly powder (i use spicy everest tikkalal)

• 1/4 tsp turmeric powder

• 1 tsp coriander powder 

• a generous amount of asafoetida

• 1/2 tsp thick tamrind paste or use as needed

• 2 – 3 tsp coconut oil

• 1 small onion chopped

• few curryleaves

• water as requied to make a paste

•salt as per taste


▪Marinate clean and washed fish with little salt and little turmeric for 5 min

▪Take a small mixing bowl add chilly powder, remaining turmeric,hing and dhania powder mix add water and make a paste 

▪Heat a pan add oil ,add onions curry leaves and fry till onions are translucent add paste along with little more water ,and allow to boil till raw smell goes and oil starts to float on top add fish, salt (if needed) boil closed till fish is cooked, flip fish and cook the other side too..

▪serve with rasam rice /dal rice/milk rice or with curd rice anything of ur choice


*Make masala paste accordingly to the availability of fish,here i have used a large palm sized fish slice..


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Ghee Roast is a popular manglorian Delicacy…Its feiry red, tangy and spicy with a flavor of aromatic ghee…

Ghee Roast is the one such dish which is loved from all kids to elders….
Squid are also known as calamari/Bandaas… This fish has no thorns or bones in it so one can enjoy it easily ….

This must be cooked properly otherwise it will turn rubbery while eating,thats why most of the people don’t like squid/Bandaas…

 Its very simple to make yet delicious to taste,if done in proper way and cooked correctly ..😍❤

 Ghee Rost can be made with vegetables like aloo /mushrooms/carrots/sweetcorn,paneer,chicken,eggs,fish/prawns or even with mutton,this ghee roast masala is versatile can be used with anything…👍👌

 The ingredients used here are very handy and can be made very easily….

I like to say here that any fish dishes tastes heavenly the next day or with a duration of time after its prepared , if you make it in the morning enjoy it in the evening, by doing this tastes doubles,i know we can’t wait for it 😜but can enjoy it instantly no problem 😊 ….

This is a keeper recipe,on guests sudden arrival or during get together as it saves time at the same time tastes the best! 

Now lets see how to make this easy peasy mouthwatering Ghee roast…😍


•250 gms squid chopped into rings

•22 byadgi chillies

•gooseberry sized tamrind

•10 garlic flakes peeled

•1/2 tsp cumin/Jeera

•1/2 tsp turmeric

•salt as to taste

•1/4 cup ghee

•2 springs curry leaves

•hot water to soak chilles


▪clean and wash squid well , add turmeric and salt and rest

▪Soak red chilles in water along with tamrind (see that all chilles are immersed well ) for 30 minutes 

▪Drain water from chilles and preserve this water for later use

▪Grind chilles along other ingredients like garlic ,turmeric ,jeera to fine paste using preserved water

▪Heat a tick bottom kadai /pan add ghee,heat well add ground paste and cook till oil seperates.. this is to be done in medium heat

▪Now add squid,boil this in medium heat closed for about 15 – 20 min or till squids are cooked

▪add curry leaves,salt if required , give a good mix and enjoy..


*End 5 minutes can be cooked openin high flame to make it dry

*Never overcook squid , it will turn rubbery

*one can even cook marinated squid in pressure cooker for 21 whistle then add to make desired dish…

*can marinate squid with salt , turmeric and 1 lime juice but add a small piece of tamrind while grinding or tamrind can be omitted

▪This is perfect combo to neer dosa/as a dish..

▪alternative to squid you can use paneer ,chicken, potato, eggs..


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Here is a hotel style tawa fried recipe for all sea food lovers which can be followed by anyone… This involves no grinding no much ingredients…

These tawa fried fish are absolutely mouthwatering, lipsmaking 😋😋😋…

They are very easy and quick to make ,if your fish is matinated well before …

I had come across this recipe in some famous manglore fish joints… but was never getting the taste as theirs but after several trys and enquires with friends , i found a recipe similar to theirs ☺…

I am sure this recipe will be liked by everyone and enjoyed to the fullest…

  I have tried preparing fish masala fry in different ways by grinding, or some times even prepared using powders but this one is simple and ultimate and very quick  🙂 i am very sure that this tawa fry recipe will steal the hearts of your guests and family and you will be surely complimented…

The same recipe can be made with Pomfret(already in the blog ), Mackerel  but goes best for pomfret and seer/kingfish…

Lets see the recipe


(Here I am sharing recipe for 3 large slices of Anjal/seer fish)

•2 /1/2 tblsp everest tikkalal chilly powder(can add as per spice level )
•1 tblsp limejuice
•1 tsp Tamrind paste (diluted in 1/4 cup water)
•3/4 tsp gingergarlic paste
•1 tsp Turmeric powder
•1 tblsp oil
•1 tblsp ghee
•Lemon wedges for serving
•few curryleaves


▪ wash fish and drain all water
▪Marinate this with limejuice, salt and turmeric-1/2tsp for a hour or so(the more marination,more tastier)
▪Now heat a pan add oil and ghee 
▪Add chilly powder, turmeric let it fry till chilly powder changes its colour to dark red
▪Now add tamarind paste, gingergarlic paste mix well add fish ,salt(add only if necessary as we have already added for marination)
▪add little water allow this to cook (if necessary )
▪Now turn other side and cook till you get roast effect
▪add curry leaves cook a minute and enjoy
▪Serve with lemon wedges


* cook this on low to medium heat…
* I always use Everest tikkalal chilly powder in my recipes, if you can use any chilly powder and you can increase or decrease the amount of chilly powder and tamrind paste or limejuice depending on individual taste
*I have used Dabar Hommade Tamarind paste or you can use a gooseberry sized tamrind soaked in water..

Anjal tawa fry

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    Here is a perfect southcanara bunt Hotel style Mackerel fish curry recipe using ajwain masala…..

Here in southcanara you find this type of fish curry common in most of hotels which tastes spicy ,delicious,aromatic ..Usually this curry is served with matta rice (usually known as red/boiled rice ) or neer dosa….

This curry is completely different from konkani fish curries….here in this recipe we use ajwain, jeera , black pepper in coconut masala along with other ingredients ..

The recipe is as follows 


• 5 medium mackerel fish cleaned 

•1 medium onion sliced into halves

•2 chopped /slit greenchilles 

•1″ginger chopped 

•20-25 long dry red chillies ( use as per taste )

•1 tsp turmeric powder 

•1 cup grated coconut 

•1 large tblsp coriander seeds 

•8 pepper corns 

•1/2 tsp cumin seeds 

•1/2 tsp ajwain  (om seeds )

•5 flakes peeled garlic 

•1 gooseberry sized tamrind  soaked in water

•Salt to taste 

•1 tsp oil


▪Give slit to fish ,apply salt and 1/4 tsp turmeric and rest till your masala is ready 

▪ Heat a pan add oil and fry coriander seeds, black pepper, redchillies and ajwain till raw smell goes and a good aroma is smelled (don’t burn while frying do this in medium flame,if you burn the ingredients then you curry won’t smell or taste good )

▪Now grind coconut,cumin seeds,turmeric and  fried ingredients to smooth paste using water ,now add soaked tamrind along with water and garlic and again grind for two pulse or till garlic is crushed

▪Remove the ground masala to a wide pan add water as required, boil (don’t make the curry watery ) 

▪when the curry starts boiling add onions , greenchillies and ginger boil some time (5-8 min)

▪Add fish , boil well till fish is cooked 

▪check salt add if necessary 


* The ground masala must be very smooth in texture 

* Chillies used here are Byadagi, so the colour is beautiful red

*you can reduce tamrind pulp to half and use chopped tomatoes at the time of boiling 

*don’t burn the ajwain at the time of frying otherwise your curry doesn’t tast good…

*same recipe can be used for making sardines  fish Ghashi ( Butai fish) which tastes even more delicious 

Mackerel fish curry /ghashi 

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Here is an easy and quick pulav or biryani recipe made using prawns……A simple yet delicious rice recipe….

•1 onion chopped 

• 1 tomato chopped 

•8 flakes garlic crushed 

•1 inch ginger crushed

•4 slit greenchillies 

•2 pieces cinnamon 

• 4 cardamom pod 

• 5 cloves

• 2 bay leaf 

•1 tsp shah jeera 

•1/2 tsp Fennel seeds 

•1/2 cup roughly chopped 

•1/2 cup coriander leaves chopped 

•2 cups rice (soaked 20 min)

•31/2 cup water 

•salt as required 

•2 tblsp oil


•15-20 medium sized prawns cleaned

•1 tsp chilly powder 

•1 tsp turmeric powder 

•1 tsp gingergarlic paste 

•1/2 cup beaten curds 

•1/4 tsp cumin powder 

•1 tsp coriander / dhania powder 

•3/4 tsp garammasala powder 

•1/4 tsp salt


▪Marinate Prawns with all the ingredients mentioned under marination for 20-30 minutes 

▪Heat cooker add oil add all whole spices fry till a good aroma 

▪Add crushed ginger garlic saute till golden

▪Add onions fry well till brown, add tomato, pudina , coriander leaves saute well till tomatoes turn mushy…

▪Add marinated prawns fry awhile till slight colour change 

▪Add drained rice fry for few seconds, and add water boil

▪Add salt as per taste, close lid and take 2 whistles 

▪ Enjoy prawns pulav with onion raitha…


* can use leftover chutney along with the other ingredients before adding rice ..

*can make the paste of pudina , greenchillies and coriander leaves together and use in the recipe .

Prawn Pulav 

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A very aromatic and awesome curry prepared using malabar spinach and dry shrimps in a coconut based masala….
  This is a Konkani preparation, In Konkani language its known as vaali ani sukkale sungta Randai/ambat.. Vaali in konkani means Indian spinach or malabar spinach, Sukkale means dry and sungat means prawns /yeti/shrimps….
   Konkani’s recipes are mainly prepared using coconut….They say without coconut and coconut oil they can’t cook ;)..
    Even Spinach/palak can be used instead of malabar spinach…..Taste don’t varry much…
   Other then dry shrimps you can add fresh prawns or Clams(shell fish)using the same masala…which tastes delicious too….
Recipe is as follows


• 1cup dry shrimps 
• 2 cups Malabar spinach washed and chopped roughly  (can use its steam pieces if liked cut into 2″)
•3/4 cup coconut grated
•8-10 fried byadagi chillies
•A small piece tamrind
•2 medium onion finely chopped
•3 flakesgarlic crushed ( optional )
•3 tsp Coconut oil  (or refined)


▪ Clean dry shrimps by removing it’s head then wash this thrice under running water, then soak this for 20-30 minutes (this is done to remove sand content present in shrimps) ,now slowly take shrimps and squeeze excess water and keep aside…
▪ Grind coconut, chillies and tamrind to fine paste using water
▪Now boil spinach ,1 onion chopped with enough water
▪when spinach steam is 3/4 cooked add shrimps boil together well for 5 minutes
▪Add ground masala and water if needed .. (don’t make curry watery, see water and then use as already we have used water for boiling spinach)
▪Add salt mix and lower the flame
▪Now prepare a seasoning of coconut oil and onions and crushed garlic, fry till onions are browned
▪immediately add this seasoning to curry and close lid and switch off gas…
▪Now your dry shrimp curry is ready to enjoy with steaming hot rice…


* you can even pressure cook malabar spinach, onion and shrimps for 2 whistles for saving time
*while grinding masala can add 3/4 tsp of raw coriander seeds for making more aromatic(I sometime add)
*Coconut oil adds flavour to the dish
*same recipe can be followed for fresh clams or prawns…


Malabar spinach and dry shrimps curry



    Dry fish are easily available in stores,fish market etc…. Various dry fish like silver fish,Mackerel, prawns,shark and so on are available in the market…
   Now a days we get cleaned fish in the market otherwise we need to clean it by removing it’s head and some unnecessary stuff….
   We use this to prepare dry chutney or fresh chutney  or in curries.. When we prepare chutney we need to fry these dry fish, Which stinks alot so all hesitate to prepare it ,it smells so badly that it spreads to our neighbours house too(and we may get shouting from them ;))But the chutney prepared is so delicious that my mouth is watering now,we can’t stop eating it, the dry chutney can be stored for a long time too…
  But when using in curry it’s not fried and doesn’t bother anyone but a good aroma is spread all over when it’s cooked…..I love this aroma very much, and love to indulge anytime with this curry ,rice and chilli papad with coconut oil drizzled on top…I usually prepare this in two ways ,one is authentic Konkani’s recipe and other is this version….Both tastes delicious and awesome…
  A very comfort and soul food for me..
Try this and enjoy… 🙂


• 20-25 dry fish (I have used silverfish small verity )
• 8-10 fried byadagi chillies
•1/2 cup coconut
•5+2 flakes garlic
•1 tsp coriander seeds
•a small gooseberry sized tamrind soaked in water 
•1/2 onion sliced
•1/2 tsp turmeric powder
•Salt to taste
• 2 tsp coconut oil


▪Soak dry fish in water for 30 min and then drain and wash 3-4 times and keep aside(so that sand or excess salt present in it goes off)
▪Now Grind coconut,5 flakes garlic crushed ,turmeric,coriander seeds ,redchillies and grind to fine paste using water
▪Now to this add onion and tamrind and grind once again to paste
▪Now remove this to a container,boil well along with 2 crushed garlic boil well
▪Add dry fish to this and give a good boil
▪check salt if necessary add (dry fish has its own salt present in it)
▪Drizzle coconut oil and cover immediately to retain its aroma ,serve after awhile with rice..


Dry fish curry

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