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    Here is a perfect southcanara bunt Hotel style Mackerel fish curry recipe using ajwain masala…..

Here in southcanara you find this type of fish curry common in most of hotels which tastes spicy ,delicious,aromatic ..Usually this curry is served with matta rice (usually known as red/boiled rice ) or neer dosa….

This curry is completely different from konkani fish curries….here in this recipe we use ajwain, jeera , black pepper in coconut masala along with other ingredients ..

The recipe is as follows 


• 5 medium mackerel fish cleaned 

•1 medium onion sliced into halves

•2 chopped /slit greenchilles 

•1″ginger chopped 

•20-25 long dry red chillies ( use as per taste )

•1 tsp turmeric powder 

•1 cup grated coconut 

•1 large tblsp coriander seeds 

•8 pepper corns 

•1/2 tsp cumin seeds 

•1/2 tsp ajwain  (om seeds )

•5 flakes peeled garlic 

•1 gooseberry sized tamrind  soaked in water

•Salt to taste 

•1 tsp oil


▪Give slit to fish ,apply salt and 1/4 tsp turmeric and rest till your masala is ready 

▪ Heat a pan add oil and fry coriander seeds, black pepper, redchillies and ajwain till raw smell goes and a good aroma is smelled (don’t burn while frying do this in medium flame,if you burn the ingredients then you curry won’t smell or taste good )

▪Now grind coconut,cumin seeds,turmeric and  fried ingredients to smooth paste using water ,now add soaked tamrind along with water and garlic and again grind for two pulse or till garlic is crushed

▪Remove the ground masala to a wide pan add water as required, boil (don’t make the curry watery ) 

▪when the curry starts boiling add onions , greenchillies and ginger boil some time (5-8 min)

▪Add fish , boil well till fish is cooked 

▪check salt add if necessary 


* The ground masala must be very smooth in texture 

* Chillies used here are Byadagi, so the colour is beautiful red

*you can reduce tamrind pulp to half and use chopped tomatoes at the time of boiling 

*don’t burn the ajwain at the time of frying otherwise your curry doesn’t tast good…

*same recipe can be used for making sardines  fish Ghashi ( Butai fish) which tastes even more delicious 

Mackerel fish curry /ghashi 

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Can you belive this,yes this dosa is made using bread slices(fresh or stale)…here there is no grinding of lentils or no use of rice or no need of fermenting the batter , and this is so simple that with few available ingredients this dosa can be made in jiffy… 

   Here is an #easy #quick #recipe for your daily breakfast and that too can be made in a jiffy #instantly.. using #bread #curds #semolina #riceflour.. This recipe comes handy when you have not planned anything for breakfast or on a sudden arrival of guests…Serve this with coconut chutney ! 


•8-10 slices of brown bread (white /brown/multigrain)

•11/2 tblsp rice flour 

•1/2 cup semolina /rawa

•1/4cup beaten yogurt (curds)

•water as required to make batter

•salt as per taste 

•2 finely chopped greenchillies 

•1small finely chopped onions 

•Few chopped curryleaves 

•Few chopped coriander leaves 

•1/2 tsp cumin seeds 
▪ In a mixi jar add bread slices roughly broken into pieces and grind to powder 

▪Now to this add curds,rice flour, and semolina along with water and grind to dosa batter consistency as seen in picture

▪Remove this to a container add salt ,greenchilles,  cumin, coriander leaves, curryleaves and onions mix well till combined well (can use grated carrots too)

▪Heat a dosa griddle ,bring heat to medium and swirl a laddle full of batter to medium thick or thin and dizzle oil at sides and close lid,cook till golden 

▪Then flip the dosa and cook the other side till brown spots appers or till done..

▪Follow the same method with remaining batter to make dosas..

▪with this recipe you can make 8 dosas of medium size…

▪Serve with coconut chutney! 


* can use any breads available to you

*fresh or stale bread can be used

*can use 2 days old yogurt or slightly sour curds in the recipe 

* the thickness of batter must be as seen in below picture 

Instant Bread Dosa 

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Here is an easy and quick pulav or biryani recipe made using prawns……A simple yet delicious rice recipe….

•1 onion chopped 

• 1 tomato chopped 

•8 flakes garlic crushed 

•1 inch ginger crushed

•4 slit greenchillies 

•2 pieces cinnamon 

• 4 cardamom pod 

• 5 cloves

• 2 bay leaf 

•1 tsp shah jeera 

•1/2 tsp Fennel seeds 

•1/2 cup roughly chopped 

•1/2 cup coriander leaves chopped 

•2 cups rice (soaked 20 min)

•31/2 cup water 

•salt as required 

•2 tblsp oil


•15-20 medium sized prawns cleaned

•1 tsp chilly powder 

•1 tsp turmeric powder 

•1 tsp gingergarlic paste 

•1/2 cup beaten curds 

•1/4 tsp cumin powder 

•1 tsp coriander / dhania powder 

•3/4 tsp garammasala powder 

•1/4 tsp salt


▪Marinate Prawns with all the ingredients mentioned under marination for 20-30 minutes 

▪Heat cooker add oil add all whole spices fry till a good aroma 

▪Add crushed ginger garlic saute till golden

▪Add onions fry well till brown, add tomato, pudina , coriander leaves saute well till tomatoes turn mushy…

▪Add marinated prawns fry awhile till slight colour change 

▪Add drained rice fry for few seconds, and add water boil

▪Add salt as per taste, close lid and take 2 whistles 

▪ Enjoy prawns pulav with onion raitha…


* can use leftover chutney along with the other ingredients before adding rice ..

*can make the paste of pudina , greenchillies and coriander leaves together and use in the recipe .

Prawn Pulav 

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​Chicken Cafreal ..An easy,quick and delicious  starter recipe…

     Chicken cafreal is a spicy chicken preparation where chicken is marinated in green masala then grilled or fried on a pan…This is a perfect starter recipe which tastes awesome…This is equallent to our regular chicken tikka but here chicken appears green in colour with little variations in masala….This recipe is widely used in Goa…

      It is said that the recipe originated from the Portuguese colonies in the African continent. It was introduced into the Goan cuisine by the Portuguese and the African soldiers serving under the Portuguese. 

Recipe is as follows 
•700 – 800gms chicken pieces 

•1 tblsp ginger garlic paste 

•Salt to taste 

• 2 tblsp butter

• 1 tblsp oil

For grinding green Paste(grind to fine paste)


• A thick bunch coriander leaves 

•10 greenchilles 

•2 inch ginger

•15 garlic flakes 

•1 tsp cumin seeds 

•1 tblsp poppy seeds  (khus khus)

•2 pieces of cinnamon 

•5 cloves

•1 tsp pepper corns  (nearly 10 corns)

•a small gooseberry sized tamrind 

•1/2 tsp turmeric powder 
▪Wash and marinate chicken with salt and gingergarlic paste for atleast 30 minutes 

▪Apply green paste to already marinated chicken and refrigerate atleast an hour or overnight (the more the marination time the result is good ) 

▪Heat a non stick pan / grill pan add oil , heat and spread oil evenly , add chicken pieces and cook on medium flame for 5-8 minutes turn the pieces on the other side

▪Add butter evenly all sides and add the remaining green paste from the marination and cook closed for 5 more minutes 

▪Open lid and cook on high for 3 minutes or till chicken is cooked..


*Here i have used 1 kg weighing chicken , tender ones

*Same recipe can be used for potatoes, mushrooms, mutton,…

Marinated chicken 

Roasting chicken on a grill pan

Chicken cafreal 

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​An autentic konkani curry known as Koddel /Bendi Using Jackfruit Seed and Madras Cucumber ….Here jackfruit and cucumber is cooked in coconut masala,it’s a spicy curry with lots of garlic seasoning…Tastes good with rice ,chapatis, rotis, pulkas, pooris, idlis and dosas….

This can be made using different combination like malabar spinach and Lobia /Rajma seeds,potato and Lobia seeds and so on…..

•1/2 cup grated coconut 

•12-15 fried dry red chillies 

•a small piece tamrind 

•22 jackfruit seed cut into halves or crushed

•1/2 cucumber chopped(I have peeled outerskin , it’s optional ) 

•20 garlic flakes crushed (peeled or unpeeled)

•1 tblsp coconut oil / normal oil 
▪Pressure cook jackfruit seed and cucumber fr 5 whistles or till jackfruit seed is cooked

▪Grind coconut , red chillies and tamrind with water to fine paste 

▪Now take cooked vegetables to a vessel add ground masala, salt , boil well (don’t add much water, let the curry be thick,can use vegetables boiled water as required)

▪Now give seasoning of oil, crushed garlic and fry till garlic turns brown…

▪add this to boiled curry and give a give a good mix and enjoy with rice/chapatis / pooris /idli/jackfruit idli/dosas…

*can also crush jackfruit seed and pressure cooked

*The same masala can be used with pulses, raw jackfruit , potato,yam,malabar spinach, spinach …

*Below is the pictureof Jackfruit Seed 

Jackfruit seed Curry

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An easy and quick recipe with palak and paneer.This is similar to palak paneer but with little variations so I named it palak paneer masala …This a great accompaniment to roti, pulkas, naan, ghee rice,peas pulav, jeera rice…..try this simple and easy recipe and enjoy

• 200 gms paneer

• 2 Bunch spinach 

•3 green chillies 

•2 piece ginger chopped

•1 tsp gingergarlic paste 

•1 large onion chopped

•1 large tomato chopped 

•1/2 tsp chilly powder

•1/4 tsp turmeric 

•1/2 tsp dhania powder 

•1/4 tsp cumin powder 

•1 tsp garammasala 

•a pinch chat masala 

•two pinch sugar

•1 tsp limejuice 

•Salt as per taste 

•1 tbsp Oil 
▪ Wash palak well under running water 

▪Heat a container with a cup of water,chopped palak, 2 tsp onion,ginger chopped and greenchilles , boil for 5 minutes, remove from fire and cool and grind this to puree

▪Heat a pan add oil,when heated add onions saute this till transluscent 

▪Add gingergarlic paste saute for 30 seconds 

▪Add tomatoes fry and close lid and cook till they turn mushy  (added a pinch of salt to cook tomatoes fast)

▪Add all dry powders saute well till oil seperates 

▪Add palak puree

▪Boil, add sugar and salt, paneer and cook closed for 5 min

▪when ready add limejuice and serve with rotis , pulkas or any flavoured plain rice ..


*you can also toss paneer in ghee till golden and immediately add this to curds to remain soft and later add to gravy but then avoid limejuice…..Use any method of your choice..

Palak Paneer masala 


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