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  The advantage of this recipe is after frying gobis they stay  crisp for along time….
   Here we apply a ground batter to gobis and then deep fry it….
   One of the crispy fillters which I love is this gobi fry…


•2 cups cauliflower/gobi florets
•1/2 tsp vinegar
•1/2 cup raw rice
•2 tsp chilly powder or less
•5 flakes garlic(unpeeled)
•A gooseberry seed size tamrind
•Salt àccording to taste
•Oil for deep frying

▪Wash and soak rice for 30-60 min
▪Heat water, when hot switch off gas
▪Now to this add vinegar and  1/2tsp salt mix and add florets live for 10 minutes and then drain water using a stainer
▪ Drain water from rice and add to mixi jar along with ingredients like chilly powder,Salt and tamrind ,grind this once
▪Now add little water and grind it to fine rawa consistency like this as seen in picture


▪now apply to gobi see that the ground massla coats well like seen below….


▪refrigrate for 30 minute
▪Heat kadai with enough oil for deep frying,when its hot lower the flame to medium high and add gobis one by one and deep fry till its crisp and cooked…
▪Serve this for teatime or with meals…

*The batter must be thick otherwise you can’t coat gobis well and frying all coatings get seperated in the oil…
*This fillters stays crisp for a longer time….





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   This is so easy and quick recipe of manchuri where the main ingredient is SOYA CHUNKS….
   Here all ingredients are same as we do for our regular manchuri recipe but here its in a healthy way using soya and no deep frying is done….
   This recipe can be used as a starter or sides to friedrice….
I enjoyed this with mushroom friedrice….
Give this a try…


•200gms soya chunks (mini/normal)
•1 medium onion chopped
•1 capsicum cubed
•1tsp gingergarlic paste
•1tblsp coriander leaves chopped
•1tsp tomato ketchup
•1tsp soyasauce
•1tsp greenchilly sauce
•1 tsp vinegar
•Salt to taste
•Pepper powder to taste
•1/2cup springonions greens chopped
•1/2 cup cornflour slurry
•1tblsp oil


▪conflour slurry is nothing but a tblsp of cornflour mixed in 1/2 cup water without any lumps in it..
▪Boil/heat enough water in a large vessel and shift it aside to this add soya nuggets with a1/4tsp salt and rest it for15-20 minutes you can see all soya are fluffed and are double in size now squeeze water from soya and set aside…
▪Now in a wide wok add oil,add gingergarlic paste fry awhile
▪Add in onions fry this on high flame, till translucent
▪Add capsicum,coriander leaves fry for a minute on high flame
▪Now add salt ,all sauces ,pepper powder and give a quick stir for a minute
▪Add soya chunks,mix well till its mixed with all sauces
▪Now add cornflour slurry ,spring onion greens and mix well for a few minutes,if necessary add little more water to get liquid consistency…
▪Serve garnished with few chopped spring onions and coriander leaves
▪Now healthy manchuri is ready to eat

*Here for this recipe cooking ti be done on high flame
*you can enjoy this recipe dry or in semi dry consistency
*if using for fried rice I suggest to use this in semi dry consistency..
*for mushroom friedrice see here on this link



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Fried rice is a chinese dish which can be prepared in a jiff….Here rice is fried in high flame with some vegetables and sauces in it….
  In chinese dishes sauces like chilly sauce ,soya sauce,vinegar and tomato ketchup which plays a great role in the recipe….and always note while cooking any chinese dishes make sure your cooking on high flame and stirring it continously this is the secret of chinese recipes….
  And one more thing first arrange all the ingredients ready near the cooking place and then start cooking chinese recipes… you need to add ingredients one after the other quickly…..hope you have collected little tips on chinese cooking…..Recipe is as follows… 

INGREDIENTS(for making rice or you can also use leftover cooked rice)

•2cups jeera rice/basmati/soonamasoori
•3&1/2 cup water
•Few drops of oil
→Add all this in a cooking pan and pressure cook for 1whistle…,cool awhile and spread rice on a wide plate and let it cool….otherwise if kept inside cooker it will get cooked further due to heat present inside…
→The other method of cooking rice is boil water well add rice,salt and oil close lid and cook for 5-10 minutes or till rice is cooked 3/4th,swithoff gas and immediately drain water from rice and spread rice on a plate….

INGREDIENTS for preparing friedrice
•1 small onion sliced into half
•1 green chilly chopped (optional)
2 tblsp coriander leaves chopped
•1 tsp garlic finely chopped
•1/2 tsp ginger finely chopped
•1 tsp gingergarlic paste
•1 capsicum chopped
•200 gms mushrooms chopped
•1& 1/2 tsppepper powder (according to taste)
•1 tsp soya sauce
•1/4tsp vinegar
•1/2 tsp chilly sauce
•1 laddle full of refined oil
•1 cup chopped spring onions

▪Always note that chinese cooking is to be done on high flame, so let your gas flame be high…
▪heat a thick wide wok,on high flame ,add oil,add ginger and garlic chopped saute awhile add gingergarlic paste fry for a second,now add onions,greenchilly slit ,coriander leaves chopped fry a minute,add capsicum , mushroom saute this well….
▪now mushrooms start to sweat and you can see water comingout, saute this well….
▪now add all sauces,pepper powder, salt little(as salt is already in rice)fry awhile all in high flame
▪add spring onions,cooked rice give a good stir so that everything is mixed properly ▪now serve mushroom friedrice with ketchup or any munchuri’s…
*Actually mushroom friedrice are less spicy but I added greenchilles and pepper powder to adjust my taste bud…
*always while preparing friedrice rice must be slightly hard i.e 3/4 cooked and always use cooled rice..
*Keep in mind above tips which I have shared here while cooking any chinese dishes
*I have used jeera rice here and pressure cooked to save time….


https://cookwithashu.files.wordpress.comCHINESE MUSHROOM FRIEDRICE

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    This recipe is so easy,quick and very delicious with a beautiful aroma of garam masala in it….
This can be your or kids tiffin box recipe also 🙂 easy and jatpat and delicious too..
   Here I have used previous nights leftover rice,but prepare this with basmati rice and see the magic (when guests are around)…I am sure your family & guests will love this…
   This simple aromatic pulav is no way less then a fivestar hotel pulav recipe…
Recipe is as follows


•2 cups cooked rice
•2 tblsp oil
•1 tsp ghee
•10-12 cashewnuts
•2 piece cinnomon sticks broken
•4 cloves
•3 cardamom pod (opend slightly at the tip)
•1 tejpatta
•1 tsp gingergarlic paste
•2 medium Onions sliced into half
•1/2 cup fresh or frozen peas
•1 medium carrot chopped
•5 beans chopped
•3 greenchilles slit
•2 tblsp coriander leaves chopped
•Salt to taste
•1/2 tsp garammasala powder


▪Heat a thick bottom kadai add oil and heat it well
▪Add cinnamon,cloves,cardamom,tejpatta ,cashews fry well till you get a nice aroma out of whole spices and cashews are browned
▪Now add onions,greenchilles, fry till onion turn pinkish in colour
▪add gingergarlic paste fry till raw smell disappears
▪add all chopped vegetables and peas fry this on medium flame till vegetables are 3/4cooked
▪Now add coriander leaves,garam masala,salt, fry well for a minute or till everything is mixed properly
▪Now add cooked rice and fry till it gets mixed properly with the vegetable mixture
▪Add ghee,close lid and cook 2 minutes on low flame
▪Switch off gas and give a good mix and serve…

* Vegetables like babycorn ,capsicum,cauliflower,paneer can be used but make sure they are chopped finely
*I have cooked vegetables 3/4th because I love little cruncy,you can cook till soft  its onces liking..
*for this pulav no need of raitha or any curries…its tasty by itsellf..
*Can add freshly prepared rice or basmati rice its once choice…. 







TUPPAD DOSE /GHEE PANCAKE this is a perfect hotel style dosa which you get to eat in southindian menus….Here a generous amout of ghee is used while preparing dosa,(calorie conscious can use less)this dosa is crispy both sides but soft from inside best served with HING CHUTNEY a unbeatable combo…. see the recipe below… happy cooking 🙂

•1 cup urddal
•2 cups raw rice
•1 tblsp maida
•water as required
•1tsp sugar
•salt per taste
•ghee to drizzle
•a pinch cooking soda (optional)

▪Soak urddal and rice for 3-4 hours then grind to fine paste using water and shift to a container,close lid and keep aside to ferment…
▪now in bowl mix maida with 1/2cup water and set aside to ferment…
▪next morning throw away excess water from maida mixture and mix this to urddal batter with salt,soda and sugar mix well and rest this for 15 minutes
▪Heat dosa griddle,when hot lower the flame and pour a ladle full of batter lightly spread the batter (slightly) ▪Now you can see pores comingout,don’t close lid for a second ,now drizzle generous amount of ghee on sides and top and close lid and cook till golden
▪now flip dosa other side and cook till golden
▪serve with hing chutney or sugar…

•1 cup grated coconut, •1greenchilly
•4 redchillies
•1/2tsp oil
•generous amount of hing/asofetida
•a small piece of tamrind


▪Heat a frying pan add 1/2tsp oil,add hing when it fluffs add broken greenchilles and red chillies fry this and remove to mixer jar
▪Now to the above add coconut,salt and tamarind with water and grind to fine paste as much as possible…
▪hing chutney is ready
▪this chutney tastes awesome with idlis also…

* I have not added soda in the batter,no much difference but original recipe suggests soda in it…
*sugar gives beautiful colour and crispyness to the pancake
*Tuppa means ghee in kannada language



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   Here is a time saving all purpose masala which can be used for paneer,vegetables,chicken,eggs or even for spreading on pizzas(indian way)…
     This Bhuna masala can be prepared and refrigrated and used when necessary….
   This masala can also be added to cooked dal or rajma and believe me your dal/rajma tastes awesome…..
  A quick easy and delicious bhuna masala is as follows


•1 medium onion chopped
•1 medium onion paste
•3 red medium tomatoes pureed
•1/4tsp turmeric
•1 tsp chilly powder
•1tsp dhania powder
•1/2 tsp garammasala powder
•1/4tsp cumin powder
•1 tsp gingergarlic paste
•1slit greenchilly (optional)
•1/4tsp cumin seeds
•1 piece cinnomon
•4 cloves
•1 tejpatta
•1tblsp oil
•1tblsp kasurimeti
•Salt according to taste


▪Heat a thick kadai,heat well
▪ now add oil,jeera let it fry for a second then add cloves, cinnamon,tejpatta fry again for a second
▪add onion paste,gingergarlic paste fry this for 2min
▪add onions ,greenchilly fry till onions are translucent
▪now add in all spice powders fry till dry
▪now add pureed tomatoes and cook on medium flame till oil separates(nearly8-10min)
▪atlast add kasurimeti,salt  and give a good mix .
▪Now your all purpose bhuna masala is ready to use…

*you can use the same bhuna masala to prepare dal fry,rajma, paneer….
*can add this to boiled eggs or beaten eggs,chicken ,paneer….
*to this bhuna masala you can add cashewnut paste or cream or curds to make curries but check the spice level …you may need more chilly powder..
*I use everest tikkalal chilly powder,its little spicy then other chillypowders..



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Love instant breakfast then here is one for you Instant Poha Idli which can be prepared in jiffy ☺️

As we all are aware about how south Indian idlis are made using fermented batter it takes a long process , which inloves few steps like soaking of 3- 4 hrs of dal/rice ,further grinding, later wait for 7-8 hours to ferment the batter when all process done you get to eat soft fluffy idlis which takes whole lot of time to relish idlis 😊

Today I am here with an instant idli recipe which I came across in a food group and found it interesting and gave it a try, thanks to the original creator of the recipe who made this recipe which is a life saver when u go short of idea what to make for breakfast😍

This instant idlis hardly takes not more then 30 minutes to make, here there is no soaking, no grinding or fermenting required all you need to do is just mix the ingredients and steam cook for 15 minutes and your hot hot soft milky white idlis are ready in jiffy.

This idli goes very well with spicy curries or spicy chutney, as idli is bland in taste , I don’t prefer this idli with sambhar, idli with chicken curry tastes awesome!

Do give it a try ❤️


•1 & 1/2 cup rice rawa (idli rawa)

•1 cup thin phova/beaten rice

•1 cup buttermilk or 3/4 cup curds /yogurt(wellbeaten)

•A pinch cooking soda (optional)


•Water as required

•oil to grease idli moulds


▪Wash rice rawa,and drain all water out of it completely

▪Heat idli cooker and keep ready

▪Now mix curds and poha and rest it for 5 minutes

▪Add rice rawa to curds mixture, add required quantity of water to get idli batter consistency

▪Now add soda, salt mix well

▪Grease mould,add batter in it and steam idlis for 15- 20 minutes.

▪Now your idlis are ready

▪This recipe yeilds around 12 idlis of medium size


*let the batter be little thin (not too thin or thick) for best results..

*I have used thick curds for making idlis whisk well (used a day older curds)

*Here i used thin poha, if you are using thick poha then soak it awhile in curds to make it soft and paste

*Taste differs from our regular south indian idlis

*recipe source from a food group



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