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Hello friends, I am here with one more aromatic ,flavourful ,delicious chicken biryani popularly known as “Donne Biryani” ….

This biryani is very famous Street food in and around Bangalore. Here Donne means a big bowl,usually this biryani is served in a arecanut palm leaf bowls, but here i didn’t have such bowl it so have presented it using a normal steel bowl 😉(please excuse but there is no compromise in taste) …

Here are particular rice is used known as jeera samba rice which is available in any stores. This biryani can be made with mutton or chicken both tastes awesome!

This biryani tastes wonderful with its own flavour,aroma and spiciness,….I bet you end up eating more and more😆…


•500 gms chicken 

•2 1/2 cups jeera samba(washed and soaked 20 -30 minutes,drain water and use)

•1/2 Cup thick Curds

•1 tsp Chilly powder (add as per spice level)

•2 tsp coriander  powder

•1 tsp Cumin powder 

•1/2 tsp pepper powder

•Salt as needed

•1/2 Lime juice

•5 cloves

•3 cardamom

•3 pieces of cinnamon

•1 tsp turmeric 

•2 tsp coconut grated

•a fistful mint/ pudina

•1/2 cup fenugreek leaves /methi

•4-5 green chilles 

•1tsp gingergarlic paste

•1/4 cup chopped coriander leaves 

•1 large onion (2 tsp onion to be used for grinding)

•1/2 cup oil

•1 spring curry leaves

•2 tsp kasuri methi 

•water as required


▪Marinate chicken with all the above ingredients like curds ,salt ,chilly powder ,pepper powder, cumin powder,coriander powder and limejuice juice for 30 minutes 

▪Make a fine paste using coconut ,1/2 tsp turmeric, chilles, pudina,methi, gingergarlic paste, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves & 2tsp onions…

•Now take a biryani pot or thick bottom vessel heat oil, add curry leaves, remaining chopped onions fry till golden add kasuri methi,fry awhile add marinated chicken pieces ,toss well and add ground masala and fry well till everything gets combined, add 1/2 cup water close lid and cook till meat is cooked 75%(if using mutton it takes around 20 minutes to cook ;if using chicken it gets cooked within 10 min)

▪when done open lid add water 4 cups, coriander leaves,close and wait for a boil

▪when water starts boiling add washed and soaked rice ,salt and give it a good mix ,check for salt and spices,if necessary add ,close and cook on low flame for 10-12 min and switch off gas,wait for 15 minutes before serving 

▪serve this with ,green salad,lemon wedges and with a boiled egg..


▪when you add rice ,please have a look every 8 minutes as there are chances of burning the bottom,so I suggest to cook this biryani in a heavy bottom vessel or cooker vessel will do…

▪any verity of rice can be used but you get that authentic taste from jeera samba rice only…

▪Chicken  or mutton can be used

▪some use potatoes along with the meat

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Here is an easy and quick pulav or biryani recipe made using prawns……A simple yet delicious rice recipe….

•1 onion chopped 

• 1 tomato chopped 

•8 flakes garlic crushed 

•1 inch ginger crushed

•4 slit greenchillies 

•2 pieces cinnamon 

• 4 cardamom pod 

• 5 cloves

• 2 bay leaf 

•1 tsp shah jeera 

•1/2 tsp Fennel seeds 

•1/2 cup roughly chopped 

•1/2 cup coriander leaves chopped 

•2 cups rice (soaked 20 min)

•31/2 cup water 

•salt as required 

•2 tblsp oil


•15-20 medium sized prawns cleaned

•1 tsp chilly powder 

•1 tsp turmeric powder 

•1 tsp gingergarlic paste 

•1/2 cup beaten curds 

•1/4 tsp cumin powder 

•1 tsp coriander / dhania powder 

•3/4 tsp garammasala powder 

•1/4 tsp salt


▪Marinate Prawns with all the ingredients mentioned under marination for 20-30 minutes 

▪Heat cooker add oil add all whole spices fry till a good aroma 

▪Add crushed ginger garlic saute till golden

▪Add onions fry well till brown, add tomato, pudina , coriander leaves saute well till tomatoes turn mushy…

▪Add marinated prawns fry awhile till slight colour change 

▪Add drained rice fry for few seconds, and add water boil

▪Add salt as per taste, close lid and take 2 whistles 

▪ Enjoy prawns pulav with onion raitha…


* can use leftover chutney along with the other ingredients before adding rice ..

*can make the paste of pudina , greenchillies and coriander leaves together and use in the recipe .

Prawn Pulav 

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  Niyaaz biryani is a very famous type of biryani which is very flavouful ,delicious with less masala in it…….
    This biryani you get only in Belgaum ,Gokak, kolhapur ,Goa and recently started in Banglore…….
   They are very famous for the food they provide,their chicken or mutton are very juicy and cooked to perfect…. someting different in taste which is fantastic…
     I myself a big fan of their food,when ever my family go to goa we don’t miss going there and enjoy their biryani :)…
But now we all can prepare this often at home and enjoy,no need to wait for tasting their biryani going such long distance ;)….
   All must be wondering how I got this recipe of Niyaaz….and here it is ..this recipe was shared by the owner of Niyaaz resturant Mr.Nayaz himself ,he had showen this in a famous kannada cookery show Oggarane dabbi…..Thanks alot to Oggarane dabbi Murli sir and Nayaz sir for telecasting this recipe to us ,which will surely be loved and enjoyed by all of Niyaaz Biryani Fans like me 🙂  …. 
Recipe as  follows


•1/2 kg chicken (boiler chicken with bone)
• 3 medium onions sliced
•4 tblsp thick yogurt(beaten well)
•1 tsp cardamom/elachipowder
•1tsp garammasala
•1tblsp kasurimeti
•1 tblsp oil
•2 tsp ghee
• salt to taste
•3 greenchilles
•1 whole pod garlic peeled
•2 tblsp coriander leaves chopped
•2 tblsp pudina

For making rice
(I have used tea cups for measuring rice)
•3 cups full heaped basmati rice
•2 slit greenchilles
•4 long pieces cinnomon
•8-10 cloves/lavang
•6 cardamom pods/whole elachi
•1 tsp ghee
•salt as per taste
•water for cooking the rice


▪In mixer jar grind gingergarlic and greenchilles to a fine paste
▪Deep fry onions till brown and remove on a tissue paper to absorb excess oil,  keep this ready (make 3 parts of fried onion)
▪ First in a bowl add chicken with gingergarlic and greenchilly paste, add one part of fried onions ,salt ,kasurimeti,2 tblsp yogurt,garammasala powder and elachi powder,mix well and marinate for 1 hour
▪Now wash basmati rice and soak with enough water for 30 minutes
▪Now in a wide thick vessel add 6 glass  of water and boil well to this add salt,whole garammasala like cinnamon,cloves and cardamom along with greenchilles
▪Add soaked rice with water
▪close lid and cook till 70% of rice is cooked(it takes about 5 minutes)


▪Now switchoff gas and drain water completely and set aside in a wide plate
▪Now in a thick bottom cooker pan or biryani pot ,take the marinated chicken, add oil,coriandaer leaves,pudina ,remaing curds and give a good mix and spread this mixture all around the vessel equally
▪Now spread 50% of cooked rice equally all around
▪spread one more part of fried onion ,coriander leaves,and pudina (break pudina with hands *a tip gor extra flavour)


▪now spread remaining cooked rice ,remaining fried onions and ghee


▪close this and cook on high for 5 minutes,then lower the flame and cook for 10 more minutes or till chicken is cooked…
▪check in between there may be chances of burning
▪Enjoy with raitha if you like,I had it as it as it has mild masala in it..


*This is mild in spicyness…the above stated recipe is just perfect with spice..(you can increase or decrease according to you)
*I have not used salt in between as I had added to chicken while marinating and while cooking rice so there was no need….this you need to check while you prepare
*suggested basmati rice was Belgaum Basmati but I used Dawaat..
*Original revipe is as above but I have made a slit variation of cooking chicken 50%  before after 1 hour of marination….as I was not sure of chicken getting cooked in that process so I did this way…



Niyaaz Chicken Biryani


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We all must have tried almost all types of kichidis like dal kichidi , palak kichidi…etc….but have you tasted chicken kichidi or heard about it ..not yet,then you all must try this…
I love kichidis so keep on trying new recipes out of it….
This kichidi I first tasted in a restaurant of Udupi(Udupi Residency)….when I saw this in their menu I just ordered…and belive me it tasted awesome after which my menu always includes this delicious kichidi 😉 …. when ever guests,friends visited us I made them taste kichidi taking them to this resturant(as it was new dish from chicken)…..
After several tries and guessing the flavours and some help from the chef .. I discovered this recipe equal to resturant chicken kichidi…..Its very yummy …enjoy this piping hot with onion tomato raitha….
The recipe is as follows


•1 tbsp oil
•4 cloves
•1tsp shahjeera
•10 peppercorns
•3 cardamom pods
•11/2 large onions sliced
•1 cup boneless chicken pieces
•1/2 onions chopped
•1 tomato pureed
•1/2 +1/2 gingergarlic paste
•1 greenchilly chopped
•1 1/2 tsp chilly powder
•1/4tsp turmeric
•1 +1/2tsp garammasala
•1tsp dhania powder
•salt to taste
•1/4 tsp sugar
•1tblsp ghee
•water according to requirement
•4 cups cooked rice(soonamasoori/basmati)


1)Boil washed chicken with 1/2 tsp gingergarlicpaste,1/2 tsp chillypowder,salt and turmeric,cook till chicken is tennder ,cool and make shreds out of it as seen below (preserve chicken stock for latter use)


2)Deep fry onion slices and make paste out of it using water as seen in picture below


3)Now heat a wide thick bottom kadai add oil, add whole garammasala fry till it pops add chopped onions fry till translucent as seen under


4)Now add onion paste fry for 3 minutes


4)add gingergarlic paste fry awhile add all dry powders like dhania ,turmeric,chilly and garammasala powders fry well for 2 minutes….


5)add chicken shreded fry few minutes so that all flavours and masala get mixed well with chicken….


6)Now add tomato puree mix well ..


7)add greenchilles chopped,salt as per taste add water (approx3-4cups)boil (use the chicken stock)…


8)add cooked rice mix well and close lid and cook 5-8 minutes on medium flame or till the desired kichidi consistency is formed…


9)when done switchoff gas add ghee,sugar and remaining garammasala powder and close lid tightly and keep aside untouched for 10 min….mix well and enjoy this piping hot with raitha….



*I have garnished with fried onions and greenchilles
*spiciness can be reduced or increased as per individual taste(I have used everest tikkalal )chillypowder
*use 3/4 cooked rice because in later stage the rice gets further cooked…
*leftover rice can also be used…
*Use basmati rice for restaurant style..



Chicken Kichidi

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This is very simple spicy rice which i usually prepare when there is nothing in my pantry…..
   This is a easy and quick recipe which doesn’t require any sides or curries…..
  Try this and enjoy…..


•1 cup basmathi/ sonamasoori
•1 large onion sliced
•1 tsp  gingergarlic paste
•Few cashewnuts
•1 tsp chilly powder
•1/2 tsp turmeric
•1/2 tsp garammasala powder
•1 tejpatta
•4 cloves
•1 ” cinnamon
•10 peppercorns
•1 tblsp ghee
•2 tsp oil
•1/2 limejuice
•2 glass water


▪Heat cooker add oil and ghee
▪Add cinnamon,cloves,pepper corns,cardamom, tejpatta fry a second
▪Add onions,fry till translucent
▪add gingergarlic paste fry till raw smell disappears
▪add all dry powders,saute till mixed
▪Now add rice fry for 2minutes
▪Add water boil,check salt and add limejuice and close lid and take 2 whistles


*if using basmathi then soak first for best results
*I have used everest tikkalal chilly powder
*you can add tomatoes chopped or milk cream or milk too…
*ghee can be used less
*for non vegetarians use 2 beated eggs at the end and take whistles …..this tastes awesome



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I love biryani’s or pulav’s so I keep on making varitions in my rice recipes when ever I prepare. …so here is one more easy delicious biryani recipe where raw egg is made into burji first then into biryani…. try this recipe you will enjoy eating more biryani…recipe is as follows

•4 eggs
•2cups rice
•2 onions sliced
•1 tomato sliced
•1/2 tspTurmeric
•1 tblsp Dhania powder
•1/2tdp cumin powder
•1/2tsp chilly powder
•1tsp garammasala powder
•Salt as per taste
• 2tblsp Oil
•2 piece cinnomon
•4 cloves
•3 cardamoms
•1tsp shah jeera
•2tblsp curds
• 1tsp ghee

For grinding(grind to paste using water)

•1/4cup coriander leaves
•2tblsp pudina leaves
•6-7 garlic flakes
•1″ ginger


▪Heat cooker pan add oil, add shahjeera, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves fry
▪Add onions fry till brown
▪Add tomatoes mix well
▪Add above green paste cook till oil ozeeses out
▪Add all dry powders and saute well till mixed
▪Now add in eggs ,mix well till burji consistency is formed and mixed well completely with the masala
▪Now add washed rice fry well
▪Add  water 31/2cups and boil,check salt
▪add ghee
▪Close lid and take two whistles on medium flame
▪Serve with raitha




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    Prawns biryani a delicious onepot meal,….
    Prawns also known as Jhinga, sungat, .. is a delicious fish without thorns, so many people love this to eat….
While cleaning prwans make sure that you remove its black thread(a thick vein) present inside , you can remove this using a fork by pulling it , wash it under running water for 2-3times then proceed..
I love to prepare dishes madeout of rice, as it is a onepot meal and saves time inside kitchen….
Here I have tawa fried marinated prawns and then used it in rice and masalas…. did it in little different way taste is just awesome….try and enjoy..
  I prepare prawns biryani in two ways this is one way of preparing ….
Try this its very yummy Prawns biryani recipe is as under…


•1cup prawns(devein and washed)
•2 tsp ghee
•2 tsp oil
•2 pieces of cinnomon
•4 cloves
•1star anise/ starflower
•1tsp fennel seeds / sauf
•1/2 bayleaf/tej patta
•3pods cardamom
•1 medium onion sliced
•1 medium tomato chopped
•1/2cup pudina leaves
•2tsp coriander leaves
•1/2tsp chilly powder
•Salt accordingly
•1cup basmati /normal rice

•2 greenchilles
•1″piece ginger
•6/8 flakes garlic

•1/4tsp gingergarlic paste
•1tsp limejuice
•1/2tsp chilly powder
•2tsp oil for shallow frying prawns


▪ First marinate cleaned prawns with the ingredients mentioned under marination for 15-20 minutes
▪Grind a fine paste with the ingredients mentioned under grinding
▪If you are using basmathi rice then wash and soak it for 20 minutes
▪Now heat a pan or tawa, add oil 2tsp and shallow fry marinated prawns till it changes its colour to slight whitish…
▪Now heat cooker add oil and ghee heat it
▪Add all whole spices one by one fry awhile
▪Add in onions fry till translucent
▪ Add tomatoes fry till jucy
▪Add above ground masala paste fry till raw smell disappears
▪Add pudina, coriander leaves, chilly powder saute this well
▪Add tawa fried prawns, salt
▪Add rice(drain water and use) fry awhile
▪ Add 11/2cups water, boil and close lid
▪Take 1whistle and keep on sim for 5 minutes…
▪Enjoy prawns biryani with curds raitha…


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