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Nankhatai/Narayan katar 

A melt in mouth Eggless cookies….. This easy to make crunchy sweet cookies were my child favourite and my Mom’s speciality cookies ,she used to make it very often when guests visted us or for distribution during some celebration or birthdays….

As Gowri Ganesha festival is on its way and I was wondering what to make to munch with my relatives and friends and suddenly i saw this post of nankatais by one of my foodie friend and tempted me to make this easy recipe…. I then called my mom for recipe and quickly pendowned the recipe and started making as the ingredients were very few and handy except vanaspati but got it and made dough at night and rested it well and baked it in the morning…. Within few minutes cookies where ready 😊I am happy to see them perfect crisp crunchy ❤❤❤

Recipe is as under


•1 cup all purpose Flour (Maida)

•1/2 cup Gram flour

•1 cup sugar powder

•1/2 tsp cardamom powder 

•2 generous pinch cooking soda

•A pinch salt

•3/4 cup vanaspati (Dalda)

▪Heat pan and add vanaspati,when it starts melting switch off flame and allow it to completely melt in its own heat present and allow it to cool..

▪Sieve  Maida, gramflour, salt and soda 

▪Now to the vanaspati pan add sugar powder and mix vigorously till a smooth paste see that no lumps are formed to this then add flour mixture,cardamom powder and mix to a stiff dough ,cover it and rest it for 8 hrs

▪After the resting time you can see the dough getting hard,again crumble it with fingers and knead well and make large marble size balls or any shape as per your likings and press gently with the help of ur palm 

▪place them on a baking tray with enough space in between each nankatai and bake them in a preheated oven at 180deg for 20-25 minutes or till done..


*1/2 cup unmelted Ghee can be used instead of Vanaspati but using Vanaspati gives perfect bakery style crunch to cookies…

*for beautiful colour one can add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder to the melted vanaspati …

*i usually add cardamom plus sugar and make powder 

*Timings from one oven to another oven may varry so keep checking after 15-20 minutes


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