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A simple and healthy breakfast,which keeps you energetic throughout the day,you can also include this 3 times a day as it’s just filling and healthy too,Good for weight watchers , here I have used lots of carrots…


•3 cups raw rice
•1cup urd dal
•1 tsp fenugreek seeds
•1 cup beaten rice
•Salt to taste
INGREDIENTS for topping
•1 gratted carrots
•1 medium onion chopped roughly
•2 tblsp coriander leaves chopped
•1 finely chopped green chillies
•oil to drizzle


▪Wash and soak all ingredients mentioned under dosa batter except salt  for 5 hours
▪Grind all together using water which is used for soaking
▪Grind to a thick batter
▪Ferment 8 hours
▪Add salt to taste Mix well
▪In a container mix carrots,onion , greenchillies and coriander leaves ,keep ready
▪Heat a dosa griddle well,add a big laddle of batter and spread once,let the dosa be thick,simmer the flame to medium..
▪Now you can see pours appearing at this stage drizzle oil at sides and close for a minute and cook
▪Open lid and sprinkle carrot mixture on top of dosa and cook for a minute
▪Now flip dosa and cook awhile , give a slight press on top…so that the carrot mixture sticks properly…
▪Now  your Uttappam is ready to enjoy..
▪Serve with chutney


Carrot onion Uttappam

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 Steamed Rice rawa dumplings is a popular konkani breakfast recipe made instantly ..

Its also known by other name as  Pundi / Undi / Oondi /Kayee Kadbu…. 

Here a rice rawa mixture is steam cooked and served with chutney or with chicken /fish curries or with any vegetable spicy curries..


• 1 cup Rice Rawa
•1/2 -3/4 cup fresh grated coconut (if used more enhances more taste nd dumplings becomes soft)

• 2 cups Water as required (or little more)

•1 tsp coconut oil /normal oil

•salt as per taste


▪ Wash and drain rice rawa and set aside for few minutes say about 15 -30 minutes or can use instantly 

▪ Heat a thick kadai add water boil well,to this add oil, salt as per taste.

▪lower the flame ,add washed rawa to it mix well,see that no lumps are formed

▪cook this to a thick dough (let all water evoporate and rawa get cooked,and mixture must leave the pan  as seen in pic)

▪ Remove from heat cool this mixture and form small balls as seen in picture with a small impression in center and place in a cooking vessel…

▪Now boil a idli steamer or cooker and steam cook this for about 20 /25minutes

▪Serve with chutney /curries or even pickle tastes delicious with this..


* coconut can be lightly crushed in mixer with its water and used for added taste.

* There is a practice of adding seasoning of oil mustard, urddal,methi seeds ,curry leaves, and broken red chillies before boiling water then rest of theĺ process is same…

*konkanis have a practice of adding coconut oil will eating it.

* This is traditional way of making dumpling ,but you can even add sauted vegetables like peas , finely chopped ginger, chopped greenchillies,finely chopped beans and carrots for making it more healthy and nutritious(I need to try this version  yet)….


steamed rice dumplings

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SANNA POLO/SPICY DOSA…..This is nothing but spicy pancake which is prepared usually during lunch time as a sidedish by konkani community …This pancake is Konkani’s favourite and one of the authentic recipe,….
•1 cup raw rice(I use dosa rice/soona masoori )
•1/4 cup toor dal
•1/2 cup coconut grated
•8 byadagi chillies
•1/4 tsp raw coriander seeds
•A small piece of tamrind
•1 cup finely chopped cabbage
•1 small onion chopped
• Salt
•oil to drizzle
▪ Wash toor dal and rice and soak for 2 hrs
▪Now add redchillies, tamrind, coconut, salt ,coriander seeds and grind this to coarse paste
▪Now to this add soaked rice ,dal and grind this to fine rawa consistency
▪ Batter must be to thick dosa consistency,add chopped veggies mix well
▪Heat dosa griddle well spread oil and pour a laddle full of batter  lightly spread
▪drizzle oil liberally  sides and cook closed on medium heat
▪when it’s crisp at bottom, flip and cook other side till cooked well
▪ serve with rice/rasam /dal /sambar or enjoy with evening tea/coffee…

* variations can be made using only cabbage or only onions or can use leafy veggies like drumstick leaves, methi,dil leaves,palak,arvi leaves (finely chopped)…
*add oil liberally to taste very delicious,weight watchers can Omit this…
*dal can be omitted if coconut is added more to get soft texture….I usually do without adding dal..






     This is very easy and filling recipe with vegetables in it…….
   Here I have used a potato patty inside the burger bun with vegetables in it…
    Burgers are kids all time favourite,so if you know how to do this at home,you need not buy it from outside anymore
     I have shared recipe in a easy way  and with the available ingredients inside your kitchen…. prepare this at home and enjoy along with kids…


•Burger bun as needed(here I have used normal bun which is easily found)
•Few tomato slices
•Few onion rings
•Few cucumber slices
•Green chutney
•Cheese slices
•tooth pick(garnishing)
•cherries (garnishing )

For making patties

•5 boiled potatoes and mashed well(boil for 5 whistles )
•1 small finely chopped onions
•1 finely chopped green chillies
•2 tsp gingergarlic paste 
•1 tsp garammasala powder
•1 tsp chilly powder
•5-6 mint leaves chopped
•5-6 coriander leaves chopped
•Salt to taste
•1 tsp Limejuice
•2 tblsp breadcrumbs
•Oil to drizzle while frying
 ▪Heat kadai add oil add onions,fry till transluscent, add ginger garlic paste fry well
▪add greenchilles,turmeric, garammasala powder and chillypowder saute well ,add pudina and coriander leaves and switch off flame
▪now add mashed potatoes,limejuice, salt mix well and add bread crumbs mix till it combines well….
▪cool and make tikkis of thick round shape and fry on hot griddle drizzling oil, cook both sides till done as seen in below pic…..


METHOD (How to place burger)

▪ Mix mayonnaise and mint chutney and prepare a mint mayyo dip..
▪Cut burger bun into halves and spread mint mayyo dip both the sides
▪Now take one halves, the down part of burger (faces the mayyo dip to you ), place the slices of tomato, cucumber and onion rings , tomato ketchup, potato patties ,cheese slice ,tomato slice ,cucumber and onion rings close it with the top burger halves…
▪Now take a toothpick pierce a cherry and insert this in the middle of the bun
▪microwave this for 30 seconds , so that cheese melts or those who don’t have  microwave see that your potato patties are hot
▪enjoy immediately with ketchup ..



* if mayonnaise is not available mix butter and green chutney and use this but the jucyness in burger will be missing
*cheese slice can be omitted if not available
Veg Burger



     An Instant, super easy and quick breakfast or tea time snack recipe 😍…..
When you are not ready with any idea for morning breakfast or an sudden entry of a guest or when you suddenly carve to eat something spicy and yum but healthy then this recipe works as a rescue…❤
   This is really super yummy and super fast recipe,which can be prepared in no time,no need of grinding or fermenting and you can enjoy with chutney or pickle or have without anything as it has spicyness in it 😀 …..I enjoyed this as it is with my ginger tea…😊😊😊


• 1/2 cup rice rawa
•1/2 cup fresh grated coconut
•Salt as to taste
•2 finely chopped greenchillies
• 4 springs coriander leaves chopped
•A pinch cooking soda
•Water as required


▪ Wash rawa, to this add greenchilles, coriander, coconut, salt ,water….mix well to form a thick batter, rest this for 10 minutes
▪Now to this add  a pinch soda (mix soda in water),and mix altogether well and spread this in any greased moulds or plate or idli stand and steam cook for15 minutes
▪cool for 5 minutes and demould and it’s ready to taste…




steamed rice rawa cake

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MUSHROOM SUKKA ….A typical manglorian style preparation,….A super easy ,quick and absolutely mouthwatering recipe .. 😍😍😍

For me its absolute divine with rice and dal/rasam or you can even enjoy with neer dosa or chapatis….


• 200 gms mushrooms

• 1/2 -3/4 cup fresh coconut

• 8 dry red chillies (or can increase as per taste)

• 2 tsp coriander seeds(dhania seeds)

• 1 tsp cumin seeds(jeera)

• 1/4 tsp fennel seeds(sauf)

• 1/4 tsp turmeric powder

• 1/2 red rice/boiled rice /raw rice(optional)

• 2 cloves

• small piece cinnamon 

•4 feenugreek seeds(methi)

•1 tsp black pepper corns(10-12 corns)

• a small piece of tamrind

• 2 spring curryleaves

• 8 flakes crushed garlic flakes

•1/2″ ginger chopped finely(optional)

• 1/2 tsp mustard seeds

• 1 onion chopped finely

•1 tblsp oil


▪ Wash mushrooms and cut them into 4 pieces each if its too big or cut as per your likings..

▪Heat a pan add a tsp oil ,add Jeera let this pop then add the other ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, coriander seeds, methi, fennel seeds, raw rice, turmeric and fry for a minute then add redchillies ,4 flakes garlic fry till a good aroma ,switch off the fire and cool this to room temperature 

▪shift this to a mixy jar and grind to coarse powder,add coconut , tamrind and churn the mixer twice or till everything gets mixed together well..(coconut must be coarse powder,don’t make paste)

▪Now heat the same pan add remaining oil, heat it add musturd seeds when they start crackling add remaing garlic crushed fry till light golden, add ginger ,curryleaves ,onions and saute well till onions turn pinkish

▪ Add mushrooms, toss this till it sweats/shrinks (cooks fast)

▪Add ground masala, water(use little water which we use to remove excess masala from mixi jar),add salt mix everything till blends well

▪cook closed till all mushrooms are coated well with masal and gets dry 

▪Now mushroom sukka in manglorian style is ready to enjoy as a side dish to rice…..

*don’t add too much water while cooking as mushroom have water content in it…

*when you wash mushrooms don’t soak them in water, just wash them under running water..

*The same recipe can be used for Prawns sukka and Marvai(shell fish) sukka, crab ,chicken, potato along with channa but adjust spicyness as they require more..

mushroom sukka

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Chettinad chicken varuval is a Tamil Nadu delicacy, which is also known as Chettinad Chicken Fry….
  Recipe source from chef Vijay Lakshmi Reddy …I love all her recipes as it tastes too gud and just perfect like resturants….


• 700 gms Chicken  (I have used both with bone +boneless)
•2 tblsp oil
•2 tblsp ghee
•1 tsp fennel seeds
•2 pieces of cinnamon
•4 cloves
•3 cardamom pod
•2 large onions roughly chopped
•3 springs curry leaves
•1 tblsp ginger garlic paste
•4 whole dry red chillies
•6 slit green chillies
•1 tsp urddal
•2 tsp chilly powder
•2 tsp coriander powder
•1/2 tsp turmeric powder
•1 tsp garammasala powder
•25 gms cashews
•1 tblsp coarse powdered pepper
•1 tsp limejuice
•Salt as needed
•few springs coriander leaves chopped


▪Clean and wash chicken ,marinate chicken with salt and 1/4 tsp turmeric powder for 30 minutes
▪Heat a thick bottom wok add oil + ghee 1 tblsp heat well add fennel seeds, cloves, cinnamon and elachi let it crackle
▪Add onions saute till pinkish
▪Add in curry leaves,gingergarlic paste  and fry for a minute till raw smell disappears
▪Add both chilles,urd dal fry well
▪Add all dry powders and saute well till everything  combines together
▪Now add chicken mix well,fry for 3 minutes
▪Add 1/2 cup water and cook closed for few minutes till chicken is cooked
▪Now increase the flame to high ,add cashews, remaining ghee,pepper powder and keep mixing till dry
▪ Switch off flame and add lime juice and coriander leaves, give a good mix and enjoy…


* Oil or ghee can be reduced according to your preferences
*it’s little spicy so use according to your spiciness..



Chettinad chicken varuval

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