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Hello everyone, I am a home maker who loves cooking easy,quick and delicious recipes ... I am a normal cook like you all ,but I love sharing easy and quick recipes which will surely help all of us in our day to day busy life.. Here in my blog you can find easy,quick,delicious tested and tasted recipes ... Cooking different recipes and sharing here has become a part of my life without this I feel something missing.......😊 I love trying and experimenting new recipes.. sometimes some recipes are a hit and some are flop😕...but I keep trying😊... Cooking is not a tough job ,only thing is you must know the 'abcd' of cooking like what goes well with what that's all and to balance the taste if something is more or less ... My view on cooking to others is just start loving food, atomatically you will start cooking....And when you get appreciation for your work(cooking)you are motivated to cook more and more.... so here through my blog 'cookwithashu' I will teach you easy and quick recipes with minimal ingredients which is easily available inside our kitchen... and friends do try recipes and ask me if you have any doubt regarding the recipes before you give it a try and later feedback me after its done..I'll be their to help you all the time... One more thing friends the recipes shared here are all tried and tested,... don't ever think that all recipes are mine.... some recipes may be shared by my friends, relatives,cookbooks or from cookery shows.....Some are our Authentic recipes too ... So please enjoy the recipes cooking .... We are all great cooks in one way or the other.. I like to thank my hubby for loving what ever I cook and always advising me if something wrong in the recipe and having so much patience waiting to eat those delicious food what i cook only after my photography session of the dish sometimes🙆..... HAPPINESS IS HOMEMADE... follow this policy and I am there to help you..... SO HAPPY COOKING ☺


My maiden attempt in making tender Raw Jackfruit more intresting 😊 however its one such vegetable which is versatile with which you can tryout many dishes and loved by many as its a great substitute to chicken or mutton ….

Today i made Kathal Pepper Roast adopting master chef Sanjeev Kapoors recipe of Mutton pepper roast recipe I saw this recipe today morning in his cookery show and thought why not substitute mutton for kathal / raw jackfruit and my idea worked it tasted awesome with flavours and spiciness of pepper  ….

So guys here is one more addition of recipe to our lovely veggie Kadgi / Kathal / raw jackfruit ….😍😍😍

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤

Recipe as follows:


•2 cups Tender raw jackfruit (choose a matured jackfruit with yet soft seeds)

•1 large onions sliced

•20-25 curry leaves 

•4 diagonally chopped green chilles

•1 tsp fresh ginger garlic paste 

•2 tsp coconut pieces

•1/4 tsp turmeric

•1 tbsp coriander seeds 

•1″ cinnamon 

•5 cloves

•1 tsp fennel seeds

•1 tblsp black pepper corns

•1 tsp lime juice (optional, origanal recipe has no lime juice but i have used it for tangyness)

•2 tblsp oil

•1/2 tsp mustard seeds


▪Peel raw jackfruits skin (its thorny green part and cube them to bite size pieces)

▪sprinkle water and pressure cook with salt for a whistle or it can be even boiled directly in a container but see that the kathals are not overboiled

▪ cool and slitly mash it

▪ mean time when kathal is getting cooked you can dry roast ingredients like coriander seeds, pepper corns cinnamon, cloves and fennel seeds till a good aroma 

▪when above ingredients are cooled make a powder out of it and keep aside

▪Now heat a pan add oil add mustard seeds wait them to pop add curry leaves toss awhile add sliced onions and greenchilles saute well till caramelized add turmeric , gingergarlic paste and fry till raw aroma goes add boiled kathal,coconut pieces, and give them a good mix

▪Add salt and freshly ground powder and saute well add 1/2 cup water close lid and boil for simetime so that all the masalas are combined with kathal 

▪Now cook open on high flame till dry ,add lime juice give a good mix and enjoy with dal rice 


Same recipe holfs good for Mushrooms, babycorn,  potatoes, chicken, mutton, boiled hard eggs .. one recipe so many dishes😀

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Easy to make no churn, creamy, smooth, tasty natural flavoured, eggless Icecream …….
Jackfruit season is still on and today i am here with delicious🍨🍨🍨…. A good friend of ours had given us a quite large jackfruit, we enjoyed the fruit to the core ,distributed among neighbours , made many varieties of jackfruit dishes but still a box full was laying I didn’t wanted them to go waste, so an idea flashed of making Jackfruit Ice Cream ,which I had tasted in a famous outlet of  “Natural Ice Cream “stores😋😋😋 (though my first choice is tender coconut or sitaphal flavour 😉)…

When i just checked my kitchen pantry i saw a tin of Amul Mithai mate tin about to expire so made the best use of both jackfruit and mithai mate and tried using it in my 3 ingredients easy to make basic ice cream recipe 😊 and results is here just perfect equally good to store bought ones😍😀❤

Ice cream you scream we all scream for Ice cream😂, This is one such dish /dessert that liked by all kids to elders, no one says no to it 😀….Its welcomed  by everyone in any season.. so here is a basic recipe, which you all can give a try and enjoy any flavours of your choice with your loved ones…! 

You can even add any flavours / fresh fruit pulp of your choice (no limits for ideas is’nt it friends😀)…so why waiting go get ur favourite fruit ,ingredients and enjoy 😊

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤

Recipe is as follows

•250 ml Amul fresh Cream

•2 cups Jackfruit pulp

•1 tin condensed milk (200 gms i used amul mithai mate tin or you can even use any condensed milk ) 

•2 tblsp finely chopped jackfruit (optional, i have used here)


▪In a blender use amul cream ,pulp and condensed milk blend everything using pulse option for 3-4 min , pour this in a airtight container cover tightly with a plastic sheet and close lid ,freeze 8 hrs 

▪After 8 hrs again pour this mixture to blender and blend using pulse option then add this to container add jackfruit chopped mix and close with plastic sheet and lid freeze and set till done (overnight)…. 

▪Enjoy a scoop anytime when done 


* any fruit pulp can be added to enjoy your favourite flavour 

*see that your freezers freezing point is to maximum

*Use a airtight tin or container and tightly place plastic sheet ,tie it with a rubber band then close lid for perfect no churn ice cream

* As the icecream is fully influenced with the flavour and taste of jackfruit, there is no need of using chopped jackfruit, i like them here while eating so have used it.

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Ponsa Mulik / Halasina Hannina Mulka /Jackfruit Fritters…… made this yummy sweet bites instantly using sooji (bombay rava), These fritters are crispy outside and soft inside with mild sweetness and influenced flavour of  jackfruit .

The other versions of making this are by adding soaked and ground rice or using rice rawa, i just love them in any ways 😍👌😀

The other version of making these fritters using rice is already in my blog please check the link if any one likes to know the recipe

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤


•1 cup chopped jackfruit(ripe) 

•2 tblsp fresh grated coconut

•2 pod cardamom (deskinned)

•a pinch salt

•2 tblsp  Jaggery (or as per sweetness depending on jackfruit sweetness) 

•1 cup Bombay rava approximately (sooji /medium rava quantity varries upon the amount that holds to the mixture untill tthe mixture becomes thick and easy to handle and give it a shape)

•few cashewnuts chopped (optional)

•oil for deep frying


 ▪Grind jackfruit, coconut, cardamom ,salt, jaggery to fine paste without using water remove this to a bowl 

▪Add Bombay Rawa /sooji , add chopped cashews, mix everything well till combines, make small lemon sized balls from the mixture and deep fry them on medium heat till golden and cooked well inside out..


*In coastal areas we use  coconut oil for deep frying which doubles the aroma and taste but no problem if refined oil is used..😊

*You can even add ripe banana instead of jackfruit  to make same fritters




Easy and quick Lemon Chicken 👌👌👌…. Enjoy making this on a holiday or any time as it can be made in jiffy, involves less work , less ingredients and easily made at home !

Simple yet delicious lip smacking restaurant style dish , proves to be a great starter or as a side dish to main course 😀..

Lemon chicken is mildly spiced with a thick sauce influenced with the aroma of lime, which makes the dish more yummy and fabulous ……There are many ways of making it. Some deep fry marinated chicken and add to seasoning and the other method is by using boiled marinated chicken then added to seasoning ,both tastes good in their own ways 😊 i here have opted for boiled chicken as it becomes tender, juicy and more tasty and kids will just love it as my elder son does😊😍….

Happy cooking and Happy eating 🍋🍗

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤

Recipe follows like this


▪250 gm chicken (cleaned and washed)

▪1 tsp ginger garlic paste

▪1/2 lime (4 tsp approx)

▪1 1/2 tblsp thick yogurt /thick curds

▪5-6 cloves garlic chopped finely

▪1 medium onion finely chopped

▪ 5 chilles cut into slant or chopped

▪1 small capsicum cut into thick strips 

▪1/2 tsp Turmeric powder

▪few springs of finely chopped coriander leaves 

▪salt as per taste

▪1 tsp cornflour (or little more if thick sauce is desired)

▪ 1 tblsp oil

▪1 tsp butter


▪Marinate chicken with 2 tsp lime juice, gingergarlic paste, curds, 2 green chilles chopped, turmeric, white pepper powder (optional, i have not used) and salt for 30 minutes. Later pressure cook this till done for 1 or 2 whistles

▪Heat pan add butter + oil, once heated turn the flame high add garlic chopped, onion finely chopped , toss till good aroma , add in remaining green chilles chopped, capsicum strips ,salt as required for seasoning toss well on high flame add boiled chicken (don’t add stock preserve it for mixing cornflour) mix well check seasoning add if necessary add

▪Add cornflour slurry (1 tsp cornflour mixed with 1/4 cup chicken stock), cook till sauce thickens (adding slurry can be avoided, but if u love restaurant style then u need to add )

▪finally add coriander leaves and 2 tsp lime juice and its done….

▪yummy Lemon Chicken is ready to serve


* add chilles as per ur taste, lime juice as per liking, this recipe is mild spicy and lime flavour dominates the dish 

*dont add water while pressure cooking chicken (just sprinkle water if needed)

*dont over cook onion seasoning till soft let it be crunchy 

*i had spicy chilles so used 5 altogether, you can add more if one likes

* pepper powder can be added but i have not used




Ghee roast is a famous mangalorean delicacy, its fiery red in colour with a perfect balance of tanginess ,spicyness and mild flavours of spices. Here ghee is used in large amount to cook the meat or veggies along the masalas till semi dry so the name “ghee roast” ❤
Usually we all have seen and tasted ghee roast in red masala which tastes heavenly and loved by almost all 😍…. But few months back i came across this amazing green ghee roast in one of the famous mangalorian resturant and i fell in love with it,it was so yum that the taste still lingers in my mouth . I just couldn’t stop eating it😋…. i just wanted to make it and enjoy at home ,so what i did is i started guessing ingredients with each bite, …and a recipe just followed in my mind ,then i gooled for this green masala ghee roast but couldnt find it anywhere, then after months i just decided to make using my knowledge on ghee roast as the taste was still fresh in my mind 😃 and i succeeded successfully in my experiment 💃…,i wont say it exactly matches the one I tasted in resturant but nothing less to it 😃 ,i learnt something new ,my family loved and enjoyed it and i was very happy😊.. now this recipe is a hit among my friends and family members too😃

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤

Recipe is as follows


• 1 kg Chicken(boiler chicken)

• 1 tblsp gingergarlic paste 

• 3tblsp yoghurt (thick beaten curds)

• 2 tsp chilly Powder

• 1tsp turmeric

• 3 onions(2 for paste and 1 chopped finely for tempering)

• 1 bunch coriander leaves

• 2 tblsp Mint leaves(pudina)

• 8 -10 green chilles +2 chopped for tempering 

• 6 leaves spinch(palak)

• 1 spring curry leaves

• 1 tsp Black pepper corns

• 1″cinnomon(chake)

• 5 cloves (lavang)

• 1 star anise (flower)

• 8-10 cashews soaked in warm water or milk

• Salt as to taste

• 3/4-1/2  cup ghee (can reduce to 1/4 cup or use ghee +oil)


▪Marinate chicken with salt, gingergarlic paste, chilly powder, curds, turmeric for nearly 30 minutes .

▪After marination time boil chicken without adding any water for few minutes or till chicken is 3/4 cooked.

▪Make paste of 2 onions and set aside

▪Now make another fine paste(green masala) of spinach, mint, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, staranise, pepper, green chilles, curryleaves & soaked cashews .

▪Now heat a thick bottom kadai add ghee and finely chopped onions,green chilles and fry traslucent,add onion paste and fry till it changes colour to brown .

▪Add the green masala,and cook till ghee starts seperating(cook in medium flame for a better taste) and raw smell disappears 

▪Add cooked chicken,salt if required and mix well and cook till everything conbines and chicken gets cooked

▪when chicken is cooked turn the flame to high and fry it till it brcomes semi dry 

▪Enjoy this as a starter or a sidedish .


▪I have not used any artificial colour here if one likes can use green colour to make more attractive 

▪Lime juice can be added if one likes but i haven’t used but served with lemon wedges

▪Use same masala with mutton, prawns ,eggs, mushroos ,babycorn ,potatoes ,soya chunksor any veggies

▪ 2 tsp of cream can be added for making it even more rich 

▪Suggestions on this recipe are welcome as its my own recipe 😊

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Mint is also known as pudina in local language so here i am with an easy to cook instant jatpat spicy mint flavoured rice recipe  … I can say a perfect tiffin box or a quick fix to lunch or dinner with leftover rice or even you can enjoy it for breakfast 😊

Here the aroma and freshness of mint and caraway seeds enhances the taste and adds a wonderful flavour to the dish..

You can even add veggies of your choice ,fried cashews to make it more interesting but i love this with potatoes 😃

Now lets see how this simple recipe begins


•1 large bowl cooked rice or 1 cup rice(uncooked)

•3 green chilles (add as per taste and spicyness)

•1 cup fresh mint/ pudina leaves

•1 tsp Caraway seeds /shah jeera (1/2 tsp extra for seasoning)


•1/4 tsp Turmeric

•2 potatoes

•1 tsp lime juice

•3 tblsp oil

•Salt as per taste


▪Wash and peel potatoes, cube them and add to a bowl with water (to avoid colour changing in potatoes)

▪Now in a mixi jar add pudina,green chillies ,shah jeera,ginger and grind to fine paste using little water

▪Now heat a kadai add oil ,add shah jeera let this pop awhile add cubed potatoes (discard water) ,salt ,turmeric and fry for 5 minutes or till potatoes are cooked or you can use cooked potatoes to save time

▪Add ground paste along with little water cook well till oil starts separating add cooked rice mix well check salt add if necessary add,close lid and  cook on low flame till all the flavours and spices are influence well with rice 

▪ Add lime juice as required and enjoy piping hot with onion raita and papad


*If cooking with uncooked rice then start process in a cooker add water 1:2 and take 3 whistles

*one can use oil + Ghee instead of only oil

*Any vegetables can be added to make it a nutritious one pot meal

*i make it spicy so i add nearly 4 green chilles to a big bowl of cooked rice but it depends upon individual taste

*at the end you can even give a tadka of fried cashews or peanut to add crunch in your bite



“Cashew Mando” …..With Deepawali round the corner here i am with a traditional konkani sweet ‘Mando/Mandige’ but with a twist of using cashews in it so i named it Cashew Mando 😃…… tastes awesome with its crunch and sweetness, there is no much difference to the original Mando,tastes similar 😃but loved the flavour of cashews ❤…

Mando are thin deep fried puris ,dusted with a sweet filling then shaped to triangles…..Its very easy to make but tricky at the time of folding as you have to be quick or else it can break if left for sometime .. 

Mando was very common and popular sweet during konkani wedding, without it the sweet box would be incomplete 😃 but now a days you hardly get to taste it or see it…. Its really tasty and economical too, i love it very much 😍 ,i would always wait for the sweet boxes that we would get after having the marriage lunch and wait to open to see these yummy Mandos 😊 ❤

I was inspired to make cashew mando from Anooshri Kaikini a foodie friends post of kajukatli Mando,Thanks to her for letting me know that mando can be given twist too 😊

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤

Happy cooking 😊


• 1cup All purpose flour(Maida)

• a pinch salt

• water to knead tight dough

•oil for deep frying

For Filling

• 1 cup Thin beaten rice (phova)

• 3/4 cup sugar 

• 1/2 tsp cardamom seeds

• 1/2 cup cashewnut

•1 tsp black sesame seeds


▪Knead a tight dough from maida salt and water and rest it for 30 min or you can use immidetly

▪Dry roast sesame seeds and add to mixing bowl

▪dry fry cashews till slightly crunch and powder it and remove to a mixing bowl where sesame seeds are kept

▪dry roast phova till it srinks (they get fried fast with heat present in kadai after roasting cashews,so need to swtichon flame) and powder this and add to mixing bowl

•Add sugar and cardamom and make powder, add this to mixing bowl and mix all well

•Now make small balls from maida dough and roll to thin puris using maida for rolling..

▪Heat oil to smoking level and keep flame on medium heat add the flattened puri and fry for 2 second flip and again fry ,here its tricky you must see puris doesn’t get fried more or less it should not be soft either ,it must be correct ,you will understand the technique while frying one or two puris as i did 😃

▪Now remove the fried puris on a absorbing paper and start spreading the sugar mixture as seen in below picture.. This has to be done quickly or else you wont be able to give it shape of Mando..

▪Follow the same processes till your puris are done ,store in an airtight container 

▪Enjoy your home made Mandos with your family and friends 😊


They remain fresh for a week if preserved well in an airtight jar 

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