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Finger Millet roti is rich, healthy and delicious  breakfast and very filling breakfast recipe ..

Finger Millet is very high in calcium,rich in iron and fibre … Overall a rich and good source of food for weight watchers..

Ragi roti/bhakri is an instant recipe which can be made in jiffy 😊 here there is no need of fermenting batter can be made instantly ..

You can skip meals and indulge this as it gives full energy equal to that of rice


• 1 cup Fingermillet flour (ragi flour)

• 1/4 cup Rice flour (or can be added till 1/2 cup)

• 1 finely chopped onions

• 2 finely chopped greenchillies 

• 2 tblsp coriander leaves chopped 

• 1 tsp chopped curryleaves 

• 1/4 cup sprouted moong

• 2 tbsp grated coconut 

• salt to taste

• water to make dough

• oil as required while frying rotis


▪Mix all ingredients to a soft dough

▪grease a dosa pan with oil then take a handful of dough and spread evenly and keep on medium  heat,drizzle oil on top and close  lid and cook till the base gets cooked ,flip roti and cook other side till done..

▪follow with remaining dough to make rotis or you can even use a greased sheet and make roti and then fry it on tawa

▪Serve with butter or Chutney or can be enjoyed as it is ..


*Always grease tawa well before spreading roti 

*wet your hands with water for spreading roti (wetting hands will make dough to easily spread evenly)

*One can avoid onions during fasting 

*i had sprouts so i have added it to make it healtgy its optional

*grated carrots also can be added for making more healthy and Tasty 

*The same recipe can be made only with rice flour or ragi flour 


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dosaAndhra style Ghee Pesarattu with Allam Chutney ….A delicious andhra style breakfast which can be made in jiffy if green gram is soaked in advance…..No fermentation required to make dosa….

A very healthy Dosa ,perfect for morning breakfast….😊

Enjoy making and eating…..

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•1 1/4 cup green gram/ moong

•2 tbsp raw rice

•3/4 tsp cumin

•2 green chilles

•1/2 “ginger

•Few strings fresh coriander leaves


•1 medium Onion + 2 tblsp coriander leaves chopped finely

•Chilly powder to sprinkle

•Ghee + oil to drizzle
▪Soak  rice and green gram for 6 hrs or over ngt

▪Next day drain water and grind with green chilles,few strings coriander leaves,ginger and jeera to slitly coarse paste using water add salt mix and rest 30 min or can use immediately but I rest batter for sometime…

▪the batter must be this consistency 

▪Heat dosa griddle well ,sprinkle water for even heat pour a ladde full of batter and spread as thin as u can(do this in low heat) ,sprinkle onion mixture, chilly powder and drizzle Ghee at sides and on top ,press lightly on top using spatula so that onion mixture sticks well cook on medium heat till crisp and bottom turns golden… 
▪usually this dosa is cooked one side

▪Remove to a serving plate and enjoy with coconut chutney or allam chutney… 


*Can use sprouted green gram also for more benefits

*Can use Ghee or oil to drizzle

*You can even toss onions in oil and sprinkle if you don’t like raw..

*raw rice can be avoided or can be increased to 1/2 cup

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Godi anni Cheppi Surnali Maggi Ghalnu is what called in konkani Language…..

Sweet and Normal Pancakes using  Manglore cucumber drizzled with honey,butter and served with chutney…
Here you can see two verities of pancake made using same batter ….The pancake with little yellowish in colour is sweeter version served with fresh butter and drizzled with honey … The other one is the normal pancake served with spicy coconut chutney…. so enjoy eating, double damakka with one batter :)☺😍❤….


•2 cup dosa rice

•1/4  cup urd dal

•1 tsp methi

•1 cup poha/puffed rice

•1/4 cup coconut (opt)

•1 small cucumber peeled ,deseed and chopped finely

▪oil or ghee to drizzle


▪First grind cucumber to paste without water,to this add remaining ingredients and grind to fine thick idli batter consistency ,

▪ferment well(min 8 hours) add salt and mix well

▪Heat a dosa griddle well , turn the flame to medium and pour a big laddle and spread lightly (this dosas are made thick or if you like spread it) 

▪ drizzling oil or ghee ,cook closed for even cooking….(cook one side )

▪Remove and serve hot with coconut chutney

Lets see how to make Sweet Pancakes using same batter


•Few laddles of above batter 

•Jaggery as per sweetness

•a big pinch turmeric

•ghee to drizzle


▪Add desired amount of grated jaggery according to sweetness to the batter and make thick dosa as said above , drizzle ghee and cook with lid closed for few minutes or till the crust is golden 

▪serve with butter and honey drizzled(opt)


*1/4 tsp cooking soda/fruit salt/eno can be added to batter if batter doesn’t raise the next morning ,add cooking soda just before making dosa i…but this is optional,i never use this but some who live in cold region may need this …

*this dosa are usually cooked one side…..or if u like can  cook both sides on problem..

*Usually this dosas are thick but you can spread thin to make it crisp also using normal batter but for sweet dosa its preferred to be thick and spongy  ..





​Diwali is over and now everyone is back to routine with office,cooking,house cores ,etc etc.. ☺

As green tomatoes are in the season ,i am here with a all purpose GREEN TOMATO CHUTNEY …..a delicious lip smacking dip which goes very well with chapatis / Dosas/rice….

I enjoyed this with Neer dosa..

Green Tomatoes are nothing but raw tomatoes, which has a unique taste with its crunchyness ….

In the recipe, along with tomatoes we also use groundnuts, which increases the taste and gives a rich thick volume to the dip….

There is no use of coconut in the recipe …so can be preserved for a week by refrigerating  in a airtight container….

So lets see how the recipe is and what are the Ingredients required for making this awesome chatpat dip..

Recipe credit to Dhanya Shenoy


•6 raw tomatoes of medium size chopped 

•3 greenchilles  (add as per requirement)

•1 tsp oil

•1/4 tsp cumin seeds 

•2 tblsp fried groundnut/peanuts 

•6 cloves garlic

•1/4 “ginger chopped 

•a small tamrind seed sized Jaggery 

•2 tblsp chopped coriander leaves  (optional ) 

•salt as per taste 


▪Heat a pan add oil, add chopped tomatoes,greenchillies and fry for 5-8 minutes or till tomatoes turn soft.

▪switch off flame and leave to cool,when cooled add tomatoes to mixi jar along with other ingredients and grind to chutney consistency 

▪Remove to a container ,Enjoy this with dosas /rice /chapatis 

▪You can even season the dip with a tsp of oil , mustard , broken red chillies and curry leaves….I have kept it simple without giving tadka…

▪Here in my dip i have not removed the skin of groundnuts, if you like you can remove the skin 

▪The same recipe can be made with ripe tomatoes , but the taste of the dip definitely varry…. 

Raw tomato chutney 

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Can you belive this,yes this dosa is made using bread slices(fresh or stale)…here there is no grinding of lentils or no use of rice or no need of fermenting the batter , and this is so simple that with few available ingredients this dosa can be made in jiffy… 

   Here is an #easy #quick #recipe for your daily breakfast and that too can be made in a jiffy #instantly.. using #bread #curds #semolina #riceflour.. This recipe comes handy when you have not planned anything for breakfast or on a sudden arrival of guests…Serve this with coconut chutney ! 


•8-10 slices of brown bread (white /brown/multigrain)

•11/2 tblsp rice flour 

•1/2 cup semolina /rawa

•1/4cup beaten yogurt (curds)

•water as required to make batter

•salt as per taste 

•2 finely chopped greenchillies 

•1small finely chopped onions 

•Few chopped curryleaves 

•Few chopped coriander leaves 

•1/2 tsp cumin seeds 
▪ In a mixi jar add bread slices roughly broken into pieces and grind to powder 

▪Now to this add curds,rice flour, and semolina along with water and grind to dosa batter consistency as seen in picture

▪Remove this to a container add salt ,greenchilles,  cumin, coriander leaves, curryleaves and onions mix well till combined well (can use grated carrots too)

▪Heat a dosa griddle ,bring heat to medium and swirl a laddle full of batter to medium thick or thin and dizzle oil at sides and close lid,cook till golden 

▪Then flip the dosa and cook the other side till brown spots appers or till done..

▪Follow the same method with remaining batter to make dosas..

▪with this recipe you can make 8 dosas of medium size…

▪Serve with coconut chutney! 


* can use any breads available to you

*fresh or stale bread can be used

*can use 2 days old yogurt or slightly sour curds in the recipe 

* the thickness of batter must be as seen in below picture 

Instant Bread Dosa 

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   An easy and instant dosa recipe tastes like akki roti….Enjoy hot with coconut chutney!


• 1cup Tapioca  (sabudana /sago)soaked for 3 hrs
•1 cup wheat rawa
•2 tblsp grated fresh coconut
•2 finely chopped greenchillies
•3 tsp finely chopped corianderleaves
•1/2 onion chopped (optional )
• Few chopped curryleaves
•a pinch sugar
•1/2″ ginger chopped
• Salt to taste


▪ Mix all to a thick dosa batter
▪Rest 10 minutes
▪Heat dosa griddle well, pour a laddle full of batter and spread as you like (thin or thick)
▪Drizzle oil at sides and top ,close lid and cook till bottom is done
▪Flip and cook till brown spots appear
▪Now dosa is ready
▪enjoy hot with chutney….


Sabudana Dosa

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A simple and healthy breakfast,which keeps you energetic throughout the day,you can also include this 3 times a day as it’s just filling and healthy too,Good for weight watchers , here I have used lots of carrots…


•3 cups raw rice
•1cup urd dal
•1 tsp fenugreek seeds
•1 cup beaten rice
•Salt to taste
INGREDIENTS for topping
•1 gratted carrots
•1 medium onion chopped roughly
•2 tblsp coriander leaves chopped
•1 finely chopped green chillies
•oil to drizzle


▪Wash and soak all ingredients mentioned under dosa batter except salt  for 5 hours
▪Grind all together using water which is used for soaking
▪Grind to a thick batter
▪Ferment 8 hours
▪Add salt to taste Mix well
▪In a container mix carrots,onion , greenchillies and coriander leaves ,keep ready
▪Heat a dosa griddle well,add a big laddle of batter and spread once,let the dosa be thick,simmer the flame to medium..
▪Now you can see pours appearing at this stage drizzle oil at sides and close for a minute and cook
▪Open lid and sprinkle carrot mixture on top of dosa and cook for a minute
▪Now flip dosa and cook awhile , give a slight press on top…so that the carrot mixture sticks properly…
▪Now  your Uttappam is ready to enjoy..
▪Serve with chutney


Carrot onion Uttappam

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