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Here is a Restaurant type classic ghee roast masala which can be easily made at home and enjoyed…..

Gheeroast as i said earlier is a famous manglorian cuisine , they say that the origin of gheeroast masala is from a small town near Udupi/Manglore named Kundapur…

Here the masala is made with ground red chilles and tossed in generous amount of ghee to balance the spiceness and taste….the colour of dish looks firey red,its served as dry for starters or as semi dry gravy and served as a side dish ☺… The classic combo for any gheeroast is manglorian popular neer dosa(recipe in my blog , do check it)..

Various types of ghee roast can be made like fish, prawns, crab,squid,potato,paneer,babycorn,chicken,eggs and so on…. you can see few other gheeroast recipes in my blog ☺ ..

Now lets see this easy and quick Recipe


•1 pkt Mushrooms (250 gms or can use Tinned ones)

•2 tblsp yogurt/curds

•3/4 tsp turmeric 

•1 tsp ginger garlic paste

•20 dry Red chilles(i used byadgi)

•3 tsp coriander /dhania seeds

•1 tsp cumin/jeera seeds

•1/4 tsp Fennel seeds /Saunf 

•1 small onion

•6 garlic cloves peeled 

•1/2 “ginger

•2 cloves

•a very small piece of cinnamon 

•6 peppercorns 

•1 tsp kasuri methi

•a small gooseberry sized tamrind

•1/4 cup ghee/clarified butter

•few fresh curry leaves

• salt to taste


▪clean and wash mushrooms ,cut them into 4 pieces or as desired

▪Marinate mushroom with yogurt,salt turmeric and gingergarlic paste for 15 minutes or more

▪Heat a pan add few drops of oil , add Saunf, jeera ,coriander seeds,Black pepper toss awhile then add onion,ginger ,garlic,redchilles fry till chilles get crisp (dont burn chilles,just toss in a low flame to avoid burning)

▪cool above fried ingredients, and grind along tamrind using water to very fine paste (make fine paste is very necessary)

▪Heat the pan ,add ghee, add ground masala and cook in medium flame till oil starts separating,add marinated mushrooms , water if u want semi gravy or else no need of adding water if you want to make it dry

▪cook till mushrooms are cooked (*mushroom get cooked fast)

▪Add curry leaves, kasurimethi , salt if required as we have already added for marination give everything a good mix and just boil for a minute or so..

▪Now mushroom gheeroast is ready to relish as a starter or as a side dish..


*I have used 2 tblsp ghee here 

*at the time of adding kasurimethi you can add 1/2 tsp garam masala powder 

*the same recipe implies for paneer

Squid gheerost,neer dosa,prawns gheeroast,paneer gheeroast

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​Raw Banana Fritters…..crispy and spicy fritters served for lunchtime or teatime…. An easy and snack or sidedish made in jiffy when sudden guests arrive or when you like something to munchon…

They are also popularly known as podis….The same recipe can be used for lots of other veggies which i have mentioned at the end of the recipe….Do try this simple recipe where ingredients are very much handy…..

Happy cooking Friends ☺

Recipe as follows 


•1 large raw banana, (peel outer skin using peeler and cut 6mm pieces )

•1/4 cup Rice flour (or as required)

•1 tblsp cornflour

•1 tblsp chilly powder (i used tikkalal)

•1/4 tsp asafoetida /Hing

•1 /4 tsp turmeric 

•salt as per taste

•water as needed to make thick batter
▪In a wide container add banana discs and wash well

▪In another container add all ingredients mentioned above and make a thick paste

▪add banana discs, coat well ..

▪Heat oil in a kadai for deep frying

▪When oil is very hot turn flame to medium heat and add banana pieces one by one , (dont add to many pieces at a time )

▪Leave it without touching for 1-2 min then flip and cook otherside , just few seconds before taking out fritters fry it on high flame to get that crispy crunchy bite…

▪Repeat same with other leftover marinated pieces

▪serve during lunch time or teatime…


*I have cut pieces in slant way to make it appealing, you can cut it in any desired shape…

*Adding too many pieces in a small kadai may result in soggy fritters.

*Same recipe can be used for Drumsticks,bittergourd,Potato,breadfruit, okra,yam,Teasel/ kantola/phagil,Brinjal ,brined Jackfruit,brined Bamboo, Ivy gourd 




Lemon Tambali/Chutney ….
Tambali are coconut gravy/chutney type  which is prepared without cooking and usually served mixed with buttermilk or yogurt..A simple yet Delicious side dish  served with hot rice..☺

This type of tambalis are common in malnad , Western Ghats of Uttar Kannada region to keep the body temperature  cool… Here you can enjoy mixed flavour of Tanginess from lime and spicyness from chilles….In all its a beautiful blend of tastes…

Enjoy this as a gravy only to rice along with fried Fryyum/pappads or Fish fries…

I learnt this recipe from my mom in law…who is a amazing cook,i love her recipes very much,whatever she makes tastes delicious….😍❤ After marriage she was the one who taught me how to cook , love her 😙..


•1 whole lemon 

•4-5 green chilles(depending on spicyness)

•1 cup fresh coconut

•1/2 cup beaten yogurt (optional)

•4 garlic cloves

•a pinch turmeric

▪For Tempering

•1 tsp oil

•2 broken dry red chilles

•1/2 tsp mustard 

• few curry leaves


▪fry green chilles in few drops oil till spots appear on chilles.

▪Roast whole lemon on open stove top till the outer skin is burnt

▪cut lime into half ,and extract its juice (discard seeds if any)

▪Now grind all above ingredients along collected lime juice to fine chutney consistency

▪Remove to a container , add salt , Yogurt mix and refrigerate 

▪Give Tempering at the time of consumption

▪Enjoy this with Rice ,chilli Papads or fish fries..


*Self life of this Tambali is less compered to other curries so refrigerate after use

*adding yogurt or buttermilk is optional,i have not added here …

lemon Tamboli

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​Babycorn, Paneer, Peas Masala which was absolutely delicious with rotis …..

This is a rich creamy gravy which can also be accompanied with chapatis,puris,pulkas,Naan,rice rotis ,Ghee rice,Jeera rice or any other flavoured rice….

The same recipe can be used for mixed vegetables, potatoes,Mushrooms anything which you like.. ☺

Recipe is as follows 


•10-12 babycorn  (cut into rounds or any desired shape)

•1/2 cup frozen /fresh peas 

•1 small cup Paneer cubes

•1 medium onion finely chopped 

•1 ripe tomato finely chopped 

•1 tsp gingergarlic paste

•1/4 tsp turmeric 

•1/4 tsp jeera/cumin powder

•1 tsp coriander /dhania powder 

•3/4  tsp garam Masala powder

•1 tsp everest tikkalal (use any chilly powder)

•1 tsp poppy seeds/kus kus

•2 tsp melon seeds

•5-6 cashews

•1 bay leaf/tej patta

•Salt as per taste 

•1 tsp kasurimethi

•1 tblsp oil 
▪Boil water 2 cups ,add peas,babycorn, salt  and cook 3/4th

▪In a mixi jar add cashews ,melon seeds and kus kus and grind fine powder (or add water and make paste)

▪Heat kadai,add oil,heat well add tej patta ,onions and sauté till translucent, add gingergarlic paste fry well till raw smell disappears

▪Add tomatoes chopped suate for a minute add all spice powders toss till oil separates

▪Now add the boiled vegetables, and cook till a boil

▪add salt(check salt before adding as we have alread added to vegetables at the time of boiling),cashew paste and mix well 

▪Add paneer cubes mix well

▪Cook for 5-6 minutes on medium heat

▪add kasurimethi and close lid

▪At the time of serving give this a good mix and enjoy….

*Add boiled water as required , dont add all at a time

*can add 1 tblsp fresh cream just before adding kasurimethi to give more richness in the gravy…

*if adding mushrooms, no need of blanching it,you can directly add this at the time of fring onions

*other combination like cauliflower and peas,baby potato , mixed vegetables, potato and peas,capsicum…can be used

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​An autentic konkani curry known as Koddel /Bendi Using Jackfruit Seed and Madras Cucumber ….Here jackfruit and cucumber is cooked in coconut masala,it’s a spicy curry with lots of garlic seasoning…Tastes good with rice ,chapatis, rotis, pulkas, pooris, idlis and dosas….

This can be made using different combination like malabar spinach and Lobia /Rajma seeds,potato and Lobia seeds and so on…..

•1/2 cup grated coconut 

•12-15 fried dry red chillies 

•a small piece tamrind 

•22 jackfruit seed cut into halves or crushed

•1/2 cucumber chopped(I have peeled outerskin , it’s optional ) 

•20 garlic flakes crushed (peeled or unpeeled)

•1 tblsp coconut oil / normal oil 
▪Pressure cook jackfruit seed and cucumber fr 5 whistles or till jackfruit seed is cooked

▪Grind coconut , red chillies and tamrind with water to fine paste 

▪Now take cooked vegetables to a vessel add ground masala, salt , boil well (don’t add much water, let the curry be thick,can use vegetables boiled water as required)

▪Now give seasoning of oil, crushed garlic and fry till garlic turns brown…

▪add this to boiled curry and give a give a good mix and enjoy with rice/chapatis / pooris /idli/jackfruit idli/dosas…

*can also crush jackfruit seed and pressure cooked

*The same masala can be used with pulses, raw jackfruit , potato,yam,malabar spinach, spinach …

*Below is the pictureof Jackfruit Seed 

Jackfruit seed Curry

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An easy and quick recipe with palak and paneer.This is similar to palak paneer but with little variations so I named it palak paneer masala …This a great accompaniment to roti, pulkas, naan, ghee rice,peas pulav, jeera rice…..try this simple and easy recipe and enjoy

• 200 gms paneer

• 2 Bunch spinach 

•3 green chillies 

•2 piece ginger chopped

•1 tsp gingergarlic paste 

•1 large onion chopped

•1 large tomato chopped 

•1/2 tsp chilly powder

•1/4 tsp turmeric 

•1/2 tsp dhania powder 

•1/4 tsp cumin powder 

•1 tsp garammasala 

•a pinch chat masala 

•two pinch sugar

•1 tsp limejuice 

•Salt as per taste 

•1 tbsp Oil 
▪ Wash palak well under running water 

▪Heat a container with a cup of water,chopped palak, 2 tsp onion,ginger chopped and greenchilles , boil for 5 minutes, remove from fire and cool and grind this to puree

▪Heat a pan add oil,when heated add onions saute this till transluscent 

▪Add gingergarlic paste saute for 30 seconds 

▪Add tomatoes fry and close lid and cook till they turn mushy  (added a pinch of salt to cook tomatoes fast)

▪Add all dry powders saute well till oil seperates 

▪Add palak puree

▪Boil, add sugar and salt, paneer and cook closed for 5 min

▪when ready add limejuice and serve with rotis , pulkas or any flavoured plain rice ..


*you can also toss paneer in ghee till golden and immediately add this to curds to remain soft and later add to gravy but then avoid limejuice…..Use any method of your choice..

Palak Paneer masala 


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Misal Pav/Bread… is a popular Maharashtrian breakfast recipe of misal pav where sprouted moong is used in a spicy masaledar gravy and is served along with Farsaan(besan sev,raw onions ,lime and coriander leaves ….This gravy is enjoyed with pav /bread….A unique taste and combination just like a chaat but not a chaat …

Recipe credit to Sarita Bhat….


• 1 cup Sprouted moong
•1 Onion chopped
•1 tsp ginger garlic paste
•2 tsp chilli powder
•1 tsp dhania powder
•1/2 tsp cumin powder
•2 large tomatoes chopped
•Salt to taste
•1 tblsp coconut (dry /fresh)
•1 large onion chopped
•1 piece cinnamon
•3 cloves
• 1/4 tsp asafoetida / hing
• 1/2 tsp mustard seeds
• 1 tblsp oil
•Few curryleaves
•Farsaan as per requirement
•Chopped onion as per requirement
•Coriander leaves for garnishing
• lime


▪pressure cook moong for 2 whistles ..
▪Heat a pan and add dry coconut , fry light brown ,add onion chopped fry till golden along with cinnamon & clove…. cool this and grind to a fine paste and keep it ready…
▪Heat oil in a kadai, add musturd,wait till this pops add  curryleaves, hing and fry for 30
▪Add chopped onion fry light brown , add ginger garlic paste and  fry till raw smell goes off
▪Add chilli powder, dhania powder, Jeera powder and  fry well till oil seperates…
▪Now add chopped tomato fry till soft and mushy .
▪Add boiled moong , add ground masala, 2 cups of water ,salt to taste boil this on medium heat for 10-12 minutes
▪check salt and remove from fire
▪Sprinkle coriander leaves and give a good mix and serve ..
▪Serving instructions : In a bowl add  Misal gravy, Farsaan, chopped onion , coriander leaves  and lime juice enjoy this with pav or bread.
* Farsaan is nothing but thick besan sev you can use any mixture available to you…



Misal Pav

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