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A healthy breakfast recipe….
  Here a thin Dosa is prepared using urd and rice batter and a stuffing is done with sprouted moong masala and served with chutney and sambar….try this yummy filling breakfast…


•1cup urd dal
•2cup dosa rice
•1cup poha /beaten rice
•2tblsp chiroti rawa/fine rawa
•oil to drizzle

▪ soak rice urddal for 4-6hrs
▪grind both with beaten rice to fine thick batter
▪ferment this for 6-8hrs
▪Next Day add salt and rawa mix well without lumps and add this to dosa batter mix well
▪ heat dosa griddle, and spread a laddle of batter as thin as possible
▪Drizzle with ghee/oil
▪Fry both sides if needed
▪Now fill the moong dal filling and flod as shown
▪Serve this with chutney or sambar or enjoy with MoongMasala stuffing itself..


•1cup sprouted moong
•1onion chopped
•1tomato chopped
•1slit greenchilly
•5flakes garlic crushed
•7-8 curryleaves
•2tblsp coriandaer leaves chopped
•1/2tsp turmeric
•3/4tsp chilly powder
•1tsp garammasala powder
•1tsp dhania/ coriander powder
•1/2tsp jeera/ cumin powder
•1/2tsp jeera/cumin seeds
•1/2tsp mustard
•3/4cup water
•2tsp oil


▪Heat a pan add oil, musturd seeds, jeera let this pop
▪Add curry leaves, crushed garlic, saute well
▪Add onions fry awhile add tomatoes fry this too for a second
▪Add all powder masalas fry well
▪Add sprouted moong, water boil this with lid closed
▪Cook this till moong is cooked(it takes nearly 8-10 min)
▪Atlast add salt and coriander leaves mix well and use…

* this moong masala can be used as a side dish to with chapati or rice..




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A spicy tangy gojju/chutney prepared using hogplum greenchillies and coconut…..Hogplum are tangy in taste so we boil this and then use this in recipe…..This dish is usually prepared here in southindia along with rice, dal and fries or pappads ….or else this simple dish is served with porridge prepared with white / red rice or even with curd rice…..this combo tastes heavenly….the recipe follows like this…


•2 hogplum
•4 greenchilles
•5 cloves garlic peeled
•1cup coconut grated
•Water 1/2cup

For Tempering
•1tsp oil
•1spring curryleaves
•2 byadagi redchillies broken
•1/2tsp mustard seeds

▪wash hogplums and give slight slits to it
▪ boil water add broken greenchilles and hogplum
▪Cook both for 5 min or till hogplums are soft
▪Allow this to cool, now squeeze the pulp alongfrom hogplum
▪Now in a mixer add grated coconut, boiled green chillies along with its water, hogplum pulp, garlic, salt and grind to fine paste
▪Now remove this paste to a vessel
▪Now prepare a tempering by adding oil, mustard seeds,  let this pop then add chillies and curry leaves and switch off gas and add this to above paste
▪Hogplum gojju is ready… 
▪Now those interested to suck  hogplum seed can add this to gojju otherwise you can omit this …(many like sucking the juice from hogplums its tangy)..

* don’t make this watery, it should be thick chutney consistency…

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A lovely spread for fish lovers…..
pomfret/paplet ghasi is usually prepared using ginger onion and coconut masala but here pomfret ghashi is prepared in a different way using black pepper corns and coriander seeds with ground coconut masala, this gives unique taste and flavour to the curry…. upon this a onion tadka prepared using coconut oil is added to enrich more taste to the fish curry…
Try this mouthwatering recipe…..


•3 pomfret fish sliced cleaned and washed
•3/4 fresh grated coconut(approx 2full cups)
•6 byadagi chillies
•6 guntur chillies
•1/4tsp turmeric
•11/2 tsp coriander seeds
•1/2tsp black pepper corns
•1/2 lemon sized tamarind
•1small onion chopped
•1tblsp +1/2tsp coconut oil
•Salt according to individual taste


▪ fry both chillies in oil for 2 minutes
▪ fry coriander seeds and black pepper corns in 1/2tsp coconut oil for awhile
▪grind coconut, tamarind, turmeric, fried chillies, coriander seeds, pepper corns to fine paste using water
▪now add this ground masala a pan add enough water
▪ boil well add fish and salt,close lid boil till fish is cooked(approx 5-8 min)switch off gas
▪Now take a small pan add  coconut oil 1tblsp add finely chopped onions fry till golden brown and add this to curry
▪Now pomfret ghashi is ready to serve with rice…

(I have used same masala for both fish)
• Pomfret/seer fish/kingfish
• salt
•1 tblsp chilly powder
•1tsp turmeric powder
•1/2tsp gingergarlic paste
•a pinch asafoetida / hing
•oil for frying
•Chiroti rawa /fine rawa for rolling the fish


▪ Make a thick paste of above ingredients except fish and rawa using water
▪Apply this to fish and marinate at least half an hour
▪Now heat taws add oil, roll each fish in rawa and fry closed lid both sides till done

* the ground masala must be very fine ,this is which makes gravy delicious
*let the gravy be thick don’t try to add more water


Fish meals



This is a delicious chutney recipe using roasted gram dal (putani / hurigadale / kadle pappu )with fresh coconut….
   When we use this dal with coconut for chutney, it gives a thick texture to the chutney and enhances taste….
  Usually this recipe is prepared in hotels of bangalore, mysore, dharwad, hubli ,shimoga,raichur,gulbarga side….
  Try this amazing recipe of chutney for any dosas or idlis….


•1/2-1 cup grated coconut
•3 green chillies(can add more or less depending on spicyness )
•1tblsp coriander leaves
•1/2″ginger chopped
•1/4 onion chopped/sliced
•1 garlic flake peeled
•2 tbsp Roasted gram ( Daria dal /hurigadale / kadle pappu/putani)
•salt to taste
•1 tsp oil
•1 tsp mustard seeds
•1/2 tsp urd dal
•1 byadagi chilli broken for seasoning
•1 spring curry leaves


▪Fry coriander leaves(u can also add a tblsp of pudina also) in little oil till lightly fried
▪Grind coconut , green chillies, fried coriander leaves, garlic, ginger, onion , roasted gram add water and grind to a fine paste like.
▪Remove this to a serving bowl.
▪Add salt,water as required and mix well.
▪now give seasoning to this chutney( add seasoning only when its comes to room temperature,note this tip to do with any chutney )
▶In a pan add oil, mustard seeds when it starts to pop add urd dal fry this till golden, add red chillies broken, curry leaves.
▪now your chutney is ready to be served with any dosas or idlis or even with pongal…. but don’t add seasoning for this..

* you can add a tblsp of pudina leaves fried along with coriander leaves, my mother in law adds this sometime for more flavour and colour..
*can even fry greenchilles along with coriander leaves but first add greenchilles fry and switchoff gas and add coriander leaves saute well
*to the same recipe you can omit roasted gram and add fried and peeled peanuts 2tblsp ,5 flakes garlic and omit ginger …its banglore type peanut chutney…

image banglore hotel style chutney

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Chakuli is nothing but Murukku….This is a crispy deep fried teatime snack which can be prepared and stored for 15 -20 days ….
Actually this are prepared during festivals like Diwali,Ganesh chaturti,… and stored


•1 cup raw rice
•1/2-1/4 cup urd dal
•2 heap full thin phova/beaten rice
•2 heap full of roastedgram/putani/hurigadale/kadlepappu/daliadal
•2 tsp jeera/cuminseeds
•1 laddle full hot oil
•oil enough for deepfrying


▪wash rice and dry this on a cloth by spreading equally, dry this under running fan for 8 hours or so..
(I wash in evening and spread on a cloth and dry this)
▪Now heat a kadai on medium flame and fry this rice till there is slight change in colour and rice starts to pop..
▪Now remove this to plate and cool
▪Now in the same kadai fry urd dal on medium flame till golden
▪Remove this to plate and cool
▪Now add rice and urddal to mixy jar and make fine powder out of the two
▪Mean while heat kadai and add enough oil for deep frying
▪Now remove this to a bowl,add remaining ingredients like jeera,salt, hot oil and mix well…
▪Now add water to form a tough dough ,knead well
▪Now put this inside the greased chakuli mould and press as seen in picture and deep fry till crisp and golden in colour..
▪chakuli are ready
▪cool this and then store in airtight container

*you can add 1-2tsp of chilly powder,1tsp white til ,hing a pinch also to above dough
*usually I dry washed rice at night inside our room where we sleep as fans are on and it saves unnecessary waste of electricity…


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Rawa idli is a easy and simple recipe to prepare,
Here roasted rawa is mixed with curds and some vegetables and steamed in idli moulds…
   For the same recipe you can use chopped beans ,carrots, peas to make it more healthy…
         This is a instant recipe, which tastes just like resturents and even try the cocount chutney which is little differently prepared from our regular coconut chutney recipe, this chutney is usually prepared by northcannra people ,which can be also used with dosas regular idli….the taste is just awesome…don’t miss to try chutney recipe of mine…
best suited on festival days and fasting days as we are not supposed to eat dishes made from rice ,onion garlic..
     This recipe was shared by my friend Grishma(Homemade Delicacies)….which I found very easy and delicious too….Thanks Grishma for the delicious recipe…

•2cups wheat rawa/sooji/semolina
•1tblsp oil
•1tsp mustard seeds
•2tsp channadal /bengalgram dal
•1/2cup grated carrot
•2tblsp chopped coriander leaves
•1 chopped greenchilles
•1 tomato
•A few curryleaves chopped
•1tsp grated /finely chopped ginger
•1tblsp cashews
•1cup curds
•2tsp eno or 1tsp baking soda
•Salt according to taste
•little oil for greasing moulds


▪ slice tomatoes and keep aside
▪ fry cashews till brown and keep aside
▪ in the same pan fry rawa on low heat for few minutes till you get nice aroma
▪ remove this to a bowl add salt and eno ,mix well
▪ now to the same pan add oil, heat this add mustard seeds let it pop then add channadal fry till light brown add curryleaves, ginger, greenchilles fry this and switch off gas
▪Now add this to rawa mix well
▪Now add curds, carrot, coriander leaves mix well
if the batter is thick add little more curds or water can be used…
▪Now heat the idli cooker
▪Grease the idli plate, place a fried cashew  then a tomato slice and then add rawa batter -2tblsp
▪Now steam cook for 20 min
▪leave this to cool awhile then demould and serve..
▪Serve this with coconut chutney…

• 2greenchilles
•1cup fresh grated coconut (only white part)
•1small piece ginger
•1/4cup water
•1/2tsp oil

▪ boil water add greenchilles chopped, cook till slight colour change in chillies
▪fry ginger in oil
▪Now grind coconut, greenchilles(don’t add much water) and ginger all together to a fine paste
▪Your delicious chutney is ready




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  Godu appo/sweet paniyaram is a popular sweet dish prepared using wheat and jaggery…
   This sweet dish is belived to be loard ganeshas favourite dish….so this is mainly offered to loard ganesha as naivedya to him….
   This is preapared in a particular tawa which is known as paniyarakkal /appe kayili/appo skillet…..
  Here appos are served with a good drizzle of ghee which tastes heavenly….
This is paniyarakkal/appo skillet/appe pan


•11/4cup semolina/wheat rawa
•3/4cup fresh grated coconut
•3/4cup beaten rice (thick phova)
•5tblsp jaggery ( or more according to sweetness)
•A pinch salt
•1tsp cardamom powder
•Ghee or oil


▪ wash pova and rawa
▪Add this to mixer with coconut and jaggery
▪Grind to fine paste by adding little water at times
▪Remove this to a bowl add cardamom powder and salt mix well
▪The batter must be thick like this

▪Keep this batter aside for a hour
▪Now heat paniyarakkal
▪Drizzle with ghee in each compartment
▪Pour batter a tblsp appox in each compartment

▪Close lid and cook till it turn golden on medium flame
▪Now turn and cook till its cooked on otherside

▪The otherside of appos don’t turn brown so cook till done..


* you can use ghee or oil, but if used ghee its flavour and taste enhances…
*this is instant recipe which can be done very soon




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