13 Jan

​Shengache Ubbati…..Groundnut Obbatt/Puranpoli/Holige known by different names but the recipe and method is same…..It can be also said in english terms as Sweet Indian flat bread using peanuts :mrgreen:..

Makara Sankranti is tomorrow, so i am sharing this easy and quick recipe of Puranpoli,so that all can enjoy it making and eating for the festival….💐💐💐Happy Makara Sankranti in advance to all ,Have a fantastic prosperous year ahead..💐💐💐

 Many verities of puranpoli can be made some of them are made with Bengalgramdal,coconut,dates,Til,carrot,…and manymore…

Its most popular sweet ,Its common in hindu weddings, most of the Festivals,birthdays…..Its popularly and proudly said as holige utta in karnataka state :)…

Warm puranpoli , drizzled with warm ghee is a Fantastic way of eating it…but those who want to avoid ghee then no problem….

Lets see how to make this easy recipe…

Recipe :


•1 cup all purpose flour /maida

•2 tblsp chiroti rawa(very fine rawa,its optional)

• 2 tsp oil  + 1 tblsp for outer covering

•salt a pich

•a generous pich of turmeric

•water to knead a soft dough


•1cup groundnut/Peanuts

•1cup jaggery (i used little less)

•1/4 tsp Cardamom powder

•a pinch salt

•1/4 glass water or little less to melt jaggery
▪Make a soft dough using maida, chiroti rawa, oil, salt, turmeric and water and rest for 30 min by applying  oil on the dough (cover properly)..(can rest for more then 2 hrs also )

▪Dry fry  groundnut till brown spots appear

▪peel its skin grind this to powder(peeling skin is optional,but the skin of peanuts will easily goes off when fried)

▪Heat a kadai add jaggery , water to melt jaggery (at this stage you can stain if necessary to remove impurities if any), 

▪When jaggery  melts comepletly this is known as jaggery syrup(jaggery syrup is perfect consistency dont over heat this) add groundnut powder,elachi powder mix to thick mixture  and keep aside for awhile to cool, form even sized balls and keep aside..

▪Now from maida dough make even sized balls (little smaller then the filling) and roll to puri size , place the filling and cover properly and flatten this with hands to small puri then roll to chapatis using rolling pin (grease rolling pin with oil)..

▪Heat tawa and fry both sides evenly till golden spots…

▪Now your purnpoli is ready to taste..


*Wheatflour can be used to make outer covering or use half the quantity of Wheatflour and half maida…

*To roll this you can use a greased plastic sheet 

*Drizzle warm ghee on purnpoli and enjoy..

*When this particular peanut puranpoli is warm its soft , but when stored and consumed gets bit hard,so u can either warm it up and consume or as it is…can also be microwaved for few seconds to warm it…

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