12 Dec

​Christmas is on its way,so why not try this yummy CHOCOLATE  ICE CREAM CAKE… ☺☺☺

I made this chocolate vanilla ice cream cake for my parents Anniversary … I had seen a vedio on this a few days back and planned to give it a try on the special day… 😍😍😍

       Its very easy to make all you need is a chocolate /vanilla cake (i used my basic choclate cake recipe or you can get a ready made cake), cut cake into 2 -3 equal size roundals,place first layer spread vanilla ice cream /any ice cream of ur choice spread evenly (2-3 scoops),same way do with the 2 nd layer and close with 3 rd top layer of cake and freeze for 4-6 hrs ,wrap tightly with a aluminium foil and place in a air tight container…..

Decorate with choclate sauce ,choco chips, gems ,fresh fruits, cherries ,Strawberries anything of ur choice….
*chocolate sauce recipe 2 tblsp cocoa powder,butter 1 tsp and 2 tblsp milk mix and melt and boil in low flame till thick cool this and use as a topping for cakes or icecreams ..

* CHOCOLATE CUP CAKES – – used this recipe in a round cake tin

I followed this video for making this


*i freezed overnight,later at the time of cutting i garnished with kiwi fruit

*Rest 3-5 minutes to room temperature before cutting for smooth cutting..

icecream cake

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