13 Jan

Here is a sweet /dessert recipe usually made during Makara sankranti /pongal Festival…This sweet is made using rice, lentils ,coconut and jaggery which gives a beautiful taste to the dish .Nutmeg powder and cardamoms gives beautiful flavour to the dish….

An Easy and quick method to make this is using cooker…You can also make this in a heavy bottom pan but the cooking process takes more time..:)

Recipe is very simple,its below please check and enjoy making it and eating it with your dear and near ones..

Happy Cooking ☺


•4 tblsp rice (washed)

•4 tblsp split Greengram/moongdal(washed)

•1_3/4 cup jaggery(i used 3/4 cup)

•1 cup milk

•1 cup water

•a pich nutmeg powder

•3 cloves

•1/2 cup fresh or dry coconut gratings

•1/2 tsp elachi /cardamom powder

•1/4 cup ghee + 1 tblsp extra

•few cashewnuts

•few raisins


▪Heat cooker pan add a tblsp ghee,add cashews till golden then add raisins and toss a second and transfer this to a bowl

▪In the same cooker pan heat add 2 tblsp ghee,add moongdal and rice fry well for 5 minutes

▪Now add milk and water mix well

▪Add nutmeg powder,cloves and give a boil,close lid and take 3 whistles or cook till 80% without taking whistle

▪Add Jaggery,coconut,cardamom powder and give a good mix and cook till jaggery dissolves

▪Now add remaining ghee,fried cashewnuts and Raisins , mix well and enjoy!


*The same recipe can be used for Chanadal pongal/kichidi…Use split chickpeas ( split bengalgram/chanadal ) instead of moongdal..

*Broken wheat can be used instead of rice

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