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Darsaan is a popular Chinese Dessert made with fried noodles or wanton strips ,It’s popularly also known as honey noodles 😍….

 Here the crisp fried noodles are drizzled with sugar ,Honey sauce and  roasted Sesame seeds and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream  …

If you vist a Chinese Restaurant you will find it in their menu, something unique yet delicious dessert ,easy to make simple dessert ❤❤❤

There are 3 steps involved in the making the end step is little tricky but if you follow recipe it will be easy to prepare 🖒

Hope you all like this…..


•1 cup boiled noodles(normal or flat)

•1 tsp corflour (for dusting noodles)

•2 tblsp sugar

•1 tblsp water

•1 tsp butter

•4 tblsp honey

•2 tblsp white sesame seeds 

•Scoop of vanilla icecream 

•oil for deep frying noodles


▪Take boiled and cooled dry noodles in a plate dust cornflour and mix using fingers so that each noodles gets seperates from each other ..

▪Heat oil and deep fry this noodles till golden and crisp,remove this to a absorbing paper to remove excess oil

▪dry roast sesame seeds till golden (don’t burn sesame seeds get burnt within seconds)

▪Now heat a non stick pan ,when heated add sugar,water ,when sugar melts and starts caramalising add roasted sesame seeds,mix well and turn off flame add honey and give a good mix (must be thick flowing sauce),add fried noodles and combine well till each noodles gets coated well with honey sauce…

▪Serve darsaan topped with a scoop of vanilla icecream…

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