27 May

This is sweet dish prepared druing jackfruit season…this is a deep fried item which has extraordinary taste with a mild flavour of cardamom…this is autentic konkanis speciality dish which is prepared during jackfruit season in everyones home…


•1 cup jackfruit chopped
•3/4 cup grated coconut
•1cup soaked rice
•2-3 pods of cardamom (use seeds)
•1/2 cup jaggery
•2 tsp cashewnut pieces (optional )
•A pinch salt


▪Soak rice for 2 hrs
▪Drain and grind soaked rice to coarse paste adding little water(must be dry paste)remove this to a bowl
▪Grind jackfruit, coconut, jaggery, cardamom, salt to a fine paste..remove this to the rice bowl…
▪Now mix both well with cashewnut pieces and make balls and deep fry this till golden….


* you can use ripe bananas instead of jackfruit
*instead of soked rice u can use bombay rawa(fine wheat rawa )to the 2nd step mentioned above. (2nd pic is made with rawa)
*jaggery can be added more if jackfruit is less sweet in taste..


This is the picture of moolka using bombay rawa


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