20 Apr

Easy to make no churn, creamy, smooth, tasty natural flavoured, eggless Icecream …….
Jackfruit season is still on and today i am here with delicious🍨🍨🍨…. A good friend of ours had given us a quite large jackfruit, we enjoyed the fruit to the core ,distributed among neighbours , made many varieties of jackfruit dishes but still a box full was laying I didn’t wanted them to go waste, so an idea flashed of making Jackfruit Ice Cream ,which I had tasted in a famous outlet of  “Natural Ice Cream “stores😋😋😋 (though my first choice is tender coconut or sitaphal flavour 😉)…

When i just checked my kitchen pantry i saw a tin of Amul Mithai mate tin about to expire so made the best use of both jackfruit and mithai mate and tried using it in my 3 ingredients easy to make basic ice cream recipe 😊 and results is here just perfect equally good to store bought ones😍😀❤

Ice cream you scream we all scream for Ice cream😂, This is one such dish /dessert that liked by all kids to elders, no one says no to it 😀….Its welcomed  by everyone in any season.. so here is a basic recipe, which you all can give a try and enjoy any flavours of your choice with your loved ones…! 

You can even add any flavours / fresh fruit pulp of your choice (no limits for ideas is’nt it friends😀)…so why waiting go get ur favourite fruit ,ingredients and enjoy 😊

Homemade is Happiness ❤❤❤

Recipe is as follows

•250 ml Amul fresh Cream

•2 cups Jackfruit pulp

•1 tin condensed milk (200 gms i used amul mithai mate tin or you can even use any condensed milk ) 

•2 tblsp finely chopped jackfruit (optional, i have used here)


▪In a blender use amul cream ,pulp and condensed milk blend everything using pulse option for 3-4 min , pour this in a airtight container cover tightly with a plastic sheet and close lid ,freeze 8 hrs 

▪After 8 hrs again pour this mixture to blender and blend using pulse option then add this to container add jackfruit chopped mix and close with plastic sheet and lid freeze and set till done (overnight)…. 

▪Enjoy a scoop anytime when done 


* any fruit pulp can be added to enjoy your favourite flavour 

*see that your freezers freezing point is to maximum

*Use a airtight tin or container and tightly place plastic sheet ,tie it with a rubber band then close lid for perfect no churn ice cream

* As the icecream is fully influenced with the flavour and taste of jackfruit, there is no need of using chopped jackfruit, i like them here while eating so have used it.

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