27 Jul

    Here is a perfect southcanara bunt Hotel style Mackerel fish curry recipe using ajwain masala…..

Here in southcanara you find this type of fish curry common in most of hotels which tastes spicy ,delicious,aromatic ..Usually this curry is served with matta rice (usually known as red/boiled rice ) or neer dosa….

This curry is completely different from konkani fish curries….here in this recipe we use ajwain, jeera , black pepper in coconut masala along with other ingredients ..

The recipe is as follows 


• 5 medium mackerel fish cleaned 

•1 medium onion sliced into halves

•2 chopped /slit greenchilles 

•1″ginger chopped 

•20-25 long dry red chillies ( use as per taste )

•1 tsp turmeric powder 

•1 cup grated coconut 

•1 large tblsp coriander seeds 

•8 pepper corns 

•1/2 tsp cumin seeds 

•1/2 tsp ajwain  (om seeds )

•5 flakes peeled garlic 

•1 gooseberry sized tamrind  soaked in water

•Salt to taste 

•1 tsp oil


▪Give slit to fish ,apply salt and 1/4 tsp turmeric and rest till your masala is ready 

▪ Heat a pan add oil and fry coriander seeds, black pepper, redchillies and ajwain till raw smell goes and a good aroma is smelled (don’t burn while frying do this in medium flame,if you burn the ingredients then you curry won’t smell or taste good )

▪Now grind coconut,cumin seeds,turmeric and  fried ingredients to smooth paste using water ,now add soaked tamrind along with water and garlic and again grind for two pulse or till garlic is crushed

▪Remove the ground masala to a wide pan add water as required, boil (don’t make the curry watery ) 

▪when the curry starts boiling add onions , greenchillies and ginger boil some time (5-8 min)

▪Add fish , boil well till fish is cooked 

▪check salt add if necessary 


* The ground masala must be very smooth in texture 

* Chillies used here are Byadagi, so the colour is beautiful red

*you can reduce tamrind pulp to half and use chopped tomatoes at the time of boiling 

*don’t burn the ajwain at the time of frying otherwise your curry doesn’t tast good…

*same recipe can be used for making sardines  fish Ghashi ( Butai fish) which tastes even more delicious 

Mackerel fish curry /ghashi 

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