18 Jul

Can you belive this,yes this dosa is made using bread slices(fresh or stale)…here there is no grinding of lentils or no use of rice or no need of fermenting the batter , and this is so simple that with few available ingredients this dosa can be made in jiffy… 

   Here is an #easy #quick #recipe for your daily breakfast and that too can be made in a jiffy #instantly.. using #bread #curds #semolina #riceflour.. This recipe comes handy when you have not planned anything for breakfast or on a sudden arrival of guests…Serve this with coconut chutney ! 


•8-10 slices of brown bread (white /brown/multigrain)

•11/2 tblsp rice flour 

•1/2 cup semolina /rawa

•1/4cup beaten yogurt (curds)

•water as required to make batter

•salt as per taste 

•2 finely chopped greenchillies 

•1small finely chopped onions 

•Few chopped curryleaves 

•Few chopped coriander leaves 

•1/2 tsp cumin seeds 
▪ In a mixi jar add bread slices roughly broken into pieces and grind to powder 

▪Now to this add curds,rice flour, and semolina along with water and grind to dosa batter consistency as seen in picture

▪Remove this to a container add salt ,greenchilles,  cumin, coriander leaves, curryleaves and onions mix well till combined well (can use grated carrots too)

▪Heat a dosa griddle ,bring heat to medium and swirl a laddle full of batter to medium thick or thin and dizzle oil at sides and close lid,cook till golden 

▪Then flip the dosa and cook the other side till brown spots appers or till done..

▪Follow the same method with remaining batter to make dosas..

▪with this recipe you can make 8 dosas of medium size…

▪Serve with coconut chutney! 


* can use any breads available to you

*fresh or stale bread can be used

*can use 2 days old yogurt or slightly sour curds in the recipe 

* the thickness of batter must be as seen in below picture 

Instant Bread Dosa 

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