08 Jul

​An autentic konkani curry known as Koddel /Bendi Using Jackfruit Seed and Madras Cucumber ….Here jackfruit and cucumber is cooked in coconut masala,it’s a spicy curry with lots of garlic seasoning…Tastes good with rice ,chapatis, rotis, pulkas, pooris, idlis and dosas….

This can be made using different combination like malabar spinach and Lobia /Rajma seeds,potato and Lobia seeds and so on…..

•1/2 cup grated coconut 

•12-15 fried dry red chillies 

•a small piece tamrind 

•22 jackfruit seed cut into halves or crushed

•1/2 cucumber chopped(I have peeled outerskin , it’s optional ) 

•20 garlic flakes crushed (peeled or unpeeled)

•1 tblsp coconut oil / normal oil 
▪Pressure cook jackfruit seed and cucumber fr 5 whistles or till jackfruit seed is cooked

▪Grind coconut , red chillies and tamrind with water to fine paste 

▪Now take cooked vegetables to a vessel add ground masala, salt , boil well (don’t add much water, let the curry be thick,can use vegetables boiled water as required)

▪Now give seasoning of oil, crushed garlic and fry till garlic turns brown…

▪add this to boiled curry and give a give a good mix and enjoy with rice/chapatis / pooris /idli/jackfruit idli/dosas…

*can also crush jackfruit seed and pressure cooked

*The same masala can be used with pulses, raw jackfruit , potato,yam,malabar spinach, spinach …

*Below is the pictureof Jackfruit Seed 

Jackfruit seed Curry

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