08 Jul

​Chicken Cafreal ..An easy,quick and delicious  starter recipe…

     Chicken cafreal is a spicy chicken preparation where chicken is marinated in green masala then grilled or fried on a pan…This is a perfect starter recipe which tastes awesome…This is equallent to our regular chicken tikka but here chicken appears green in colour with little variations in masala….This recipe is widely used in Goa…

      It is said that the recipe originated from the Portuguese colonies in the African continent. It was introduced into the Goan cuisine by the Portuguese and the African soldiers serving under the Portuguese. 

Recipe is as follows 
•700 – 800gms chicken pieces 

•1 tblsp ginger garlic paste 

•Salt to taste 

• 2 tblsp butter

• 1 tblsp oil

For grinding green Paste(grind to fine paste)


• A thick bunch coriander leaves 

•10 greenchilles 

•2 inch ginger

•15 garlic flakes 

•1 tsp cumin seeds 

•1 tblsp poppy seeds  (khus khus)

•2 pieces of cinnamon 

•5 cloves

•1 tsp pepper corns  (nearly 10 corns)

•a small gooseberry sized tamrind 

•1/2 tsp turmeric powder 
▪Wash and marinate chicken with salt and gingergarlic paste for atleast 30 minutes 

▪Apply green paste to already marinated chicken and refrigerate atleast an hour or overnight (the more the marination time the result is good ) 

▪Heat a non stick pan / grill pan add oil , heat and spread oil evenly , add chicken pieces and cook on medium flame for 5-8 minutes turn the pieces on the other side

▪Add butter evenly all sides and add the remaining green paste from the marination and cook closed for 5 more minutes 

▪Open lid and cook on high for 3 minutes or till chicken is cooked..


*Here i have used 1 kg weighing chicken , tender ones

*Same recipe can be used for potatoes, mushrooms, mutton,…

Marinated chicken 

Roasting chicken on a grill pan

Chicken cafreal 

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