29 Jun

​CLAMS SUKKA also known as Marvai or Khubbe or Tisre or kalve or shell fish Sukka……Here is a manglorian style preparation using clams which is cooked in coarse coconut masala to semi dry consistency…..Enjoy this with boiled rice / steamed rice along with dal or with red rice porridge….

•150 pieces large clams 

•1 large onion chopped

•2 dry chillies 

•Few curryleaves 

•1/2 tsp mustard seeds 

•1 pod garlic peeled and crushed 

•1 tblsp ginger finely chopped 

•1 tblsp coconut oil or refined oil

•salt to taste 

•1 tsp oil 

•1 tsp cumin seeds 

•11/2 tblsp coriander seeds

•1 tsp black pepper corns  

•1/4 tsp fennel seeds 

•5 fenugreek / methi seeds 

•1 tblsp red rice (raw boiled rice or matta rice )

•12-15 dry chillies

•3/4  tsp turmeric 

•a gooseberry sized tamrind 

•3/4 cup fresh scraped coconut 

▪wash clams under running water for 3/4 times or till sand particles present in clams are washed away . 

▪Now place clams in a large vessel, add sufficient water and cook for 5-10 minutes or till all the shells get opened

▪let this cool for sometime,

▪After its cooled seperate the shell with the flesh part and keep aside (you can use only the flesh also but the real taste is with the shell)set this aside 

▪Preserve the cooked water,(using a stainer or carefully collect a glass full of top water as sand will be gathered at the bottom)

▪Heat a pan add oil , now add all the ingredients one after the other mentioned under grinding except tamrind and coconut and fry till a good aroma ,cool this

▪Grind the fried items to coarse powder, to this add coconut and tamrind and run mixer for 2 pulses or till everything is combined

▪Now heat pan add oil,when heated add crushed garlic, fry till red add onions, fry transluscent, add ginger, curryleaves and broken chilles fry for a minute 

▪Add clams, saute for sometime add salt as per requirement (add little as salt is present in clams),preserved water, give a good mix

▪close a lid and boil well 

▪add ground coarse masala, saute well

▪Cook closed on medium heat till semi dry

▪Now your clams sukka is ready to enjoy 

* the other way of using clams is cut open the shell and take the flesh part and use in the cooking but this is a tedious work so I usually follow above method ….

*when frying boiled rice for grinding see that it fluffs well,the purpose of using boiled rice is to get good texture ,taste and it also helps the shell to hold masala well

* if boiled rice is not available ,you can use normal rice which is available to you

*the real enjoyment of having clams sukka is with shells…

Clams Sukka 

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