10 Jun

Schezwan fried Rice is an Indo-chinese cuisine and quite popular on the restaurant menus…. It is spicy and flavored with unique blend of sauces.
         To make schezwan fried rice a particular spicy sauce /paste/red paste is added along with regular sauces….This adds unique spicy taste to the dish other then that of normal fried rice…
  The same recipe can be replaced with noodles ,which is also a popular on the menu….
  Vegetables can be replaced with chicken , eggs, prawns….or can be used altogether which is popularly known as mixed Schezwan Fried rice….Enjoy this doing with your own choice of meat…


•3 cups cooked basmati /jeera sambar  rice
•1 tblsp chopped garlic
•1 tsp ginger chopped
•1 chopped greenchilles
•1 small onion chopped
•1 small carrot finely chopped
• 4 beans finely chopped
•1medium capsicum diced
•5 Mushroom chopped
•1cup cabbage finely sliced
•3 springonion greens
•2 tsp soya sauce
•1 tsp vinegar
•1/2-1 tsp Sugar
•Salt to taste
•2 tblsp Oil
▪For making Schezwan paste
•8 dried red chillies
•8 cloves garlic peeled


▪For making schezwan paste soak red chillies in hot water,till water comes to room temperature, separate chilles from water and grind along with garlic cloves using chilli soaked water (little)till smooth thick paste.
▪Heat a wide wok add oil, heat this on high fire till smoke, add garlic , ginger fry golden add onions fry this for a minute
▪Add carrot and beans fry till 3/4 cooked
▪Add capsicum,Mushrooms saute well
▪Add 2 tblsp schezwan paste, fry well till raw smell disappears
▪Add soya sauce, vinegar fry well
▪Add cabbage saute well for a minute
▪Add salt ,sugar toss well
▪Add cooked rice , spring onions and toss well till everything gets combined…
▪Enjoy with any chinese Manchurian dry or gravy,I enjoyed with Baby corn manchurian dry… ☺


*Rice must be just perfect for making fired rice,it should not be mushy or undercooked
*Usually I soak rice for 10 minutes, then add 11/2 cup water to 1 cup rice along with salt and few drops of oil and cook for 2 whistles ,when pressure is released I spread rice on a tray to cool down, this helps rice to get separated and avoids further cooking
*Leftover rice can also used for making fried rice but make sure they are perfect
*Rice can be replaced with noodles
*Same recipe can be done with eggs,minced chicken ,prawns,vegetables of your choice …
*Always Chinese cooking to be done on high flame from the starting till the end so keep all things ready near the cooking place..
*When using meat you can cook it prior or fry along with onions till cooked then add sauces…
*Adjust schezwan paste according to individual taste



Schezwan Veg Fried Rice

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