09 Jun

  Here is an instant way of making medu vada within 15 minutes……
Usually medu vadas are done with urd dal batter which needs soaking and then grinding but here there is no soaking or grinding ,only mixing all ingredients and deep frying it……Best starter recipe,party snack,or enjoy instantly with idlis for breakfast ….
This is so tasty just like madur vadas and you can’t even notice that its made with bread….
   I had seen this in a cookery show long back(won’t remember the name as it was written in my recipe book but I like to thank them here for sharing such a easy and quick recipe ) and wanted to give it a try but couldn’t, got a chance to try it today as some brown bread were laying stale and I wanted to clear it off….so prepared this ….
   It’s very crisp outside and soft inside and it’s non oily too,usually recipes made with bread soaks more oil but this is non oily (I was surprised )…in every bite you can feel all the flavor present in it,here and there crunchyness of onions,coconut,….A must try recipe…..


•4 brown bread  (any bread can be used)
•1/4 cup thick fresh curds (beaten well)
•2 tblsp rice flour
•1 tblsp Chiroti rawa(fine semolina )
•1 finely chopped greenchilles
•1 small onion chopped
•Few chopped curryleaves
•Few coriander leaves chopped
•1/2 tsp cumin seeds
•1 tsp ginger finely chopped
•2 tsp chopped coconut pieces
•salt to taste
•Oil to deep fry


▪Take a mixing bowl , add bread slices and crumble it roughly,to this add all the other ingredients and make a firm dough (if necessary add curds to make it firm)
▪Heat oil in a kadai
▪Meanwhile make big equal balls(makes 5 balls),slightly flatten it and make a whole in the middle
▪Now deep fry this both sided in medium hot oil till golden
▪Enjoy this hot with sambar or with chutney
▪I enjoyed with both..


* Use fresh curds, a day old is ok
*any bread like brown,milk,white ,multigrain bread will do..
*If your mixture is thin then adjust it using bread ,rawa and rice flour…





Instant Bread Medu Vada


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