07 Jun

An easy and quick recipe for Iftar/Ramadan ….This recipe is time saving, very delicious, best recipe when you have lots of other cooking!….This can be ready in just 15-20 min…. ☺
     Enjoy this as a starter recipe or side dish to neer dosa, or rice/dal….


•750 gms chicken
•1/2 cup thick curds
•1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
•22 byadagi chillies(dried long redchillies )
•20 garlic flakes (peeled)
•1 tblspoil
•1 tblsp ghee (optional )


▪Marinate chicken with curds,turmeric  and salt for 15 min or more minutes
▪Grind chillies and garlic to fine paste using water
▪Heat kadai add oil + ghee, add ground chilli masala cook well till oil seperates add chicken cook till dry….
▪Done Enjoy this easy and quick recipe as a starter or as a side dish…

*don’t add water while cooking
*Adjust chilli and curds to individual taste
*the more the marination time the result is good
*try this doing only with ghee it tastes just like chicken ghee roast but reduce garlic quantity while grinding…This is another version of ghee roast what I prepare but here in Spicy Chilli Garlic Chicken ,garlic has a dominating taste so the taste is different from that of ghee roast, try both version and enjoy!


Spicy Chilli Garlic Chicken

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