04 Jun

Aloo Poha/Batata Phova……isn’t this yummy and instant for breakfast… yes it’s a filling breakfast on lazy morning like Saturday….When I wake up late in morning’s, and nothing is decided for breakfast, this delicious aloo phova comes to mind….


•2 cups thick poha/beaten rice (or as needed )
•1 onion chopped
•2 medium boiled potatoes chopped into cubes(3/4 cooked)
•4 slit green chillies  (or chopped )
•1 spring curryleaves
•1 tsp mustard seed
•1/2 tsp cumin seeds
•1/2 tsp turmeric powder
•1/2 tsp sugar
•1 tsp limejuice
•Coriander leaves chopped for garnishing
•Salt as needed 
•2 tblsp oil
• Nylon sev (optional)


▪Wash beaten rice in water,soak this awhile in water till soft , squeeze excess water and spread on plate…
▪Heat oil in a pan , when heated add musturd, let this pop
▪Add in cumin seeds , greenchillies,turmeric powder  fry for 30 seconds
▪Add onions and curryleaves fry till onions are pinkish
▪Add potatoes fry well for a minute
▪Add salt,give this a good mix
▪Add poha,sugar mix well for 2-3 minutes till everything gets combined well…
▪Add coriander leaves, lime juice mix and serve with Nylon sev

*potato can be reduced as per individual liking
* Sev is optional, it tastes good with it also
*lime juice can be increased as per individual taste
*Either boiled potatoes or raw potatoes can be used,if using raw then add it before adding onions fry till 3/4th cooked, add onions and rest same as mentioned above
*when you use boiled potatoes, see that it’s cooked 3/4 th …if potatoes are over cooked, it won’t taste good…
*Can add peanuts /peas  in the seasoning…


Aloo Poha

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Posted by on June 4, 2016 in BREAKFAST RECIPES


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