03 Jun

   Yes its beetroot rasam…..A simple easy rasam without any lentils in it…..Tastes delicious with a beautiful red colour…
      I had seen this recipe in a cookery show ,and gave it a try with full of doubts regarding the taste, and will my family love it or not……but believe me everyone loved it without guessing it’s from beet…..When I said it’s from beet, everyone where like :o….I made them eat the most avoided veggie without their knowledge :D….
Ok let’s see how the recipe is..


•1 Medium beetroot chopped
•1 greenchilly slit
•2 tblsp grated coconut
•1 garlic flake(peeled )
•small tamrind piece
•1 tsp rasam powder
• a pinch jaggery  (optional )
•1 tsp oil
•1/2 tsp mustard
•curry leaves for seasoning
•chopped coriander leaves for garnishing


▪Boil beetroot cool grind this along coconut,garlic, tamrind….grind this to fine paste
▪Boil this along with water(dilute according to necessity ),greenchilly , rasam powder,jaggery and salt…
▪heat a seasoning pan add oil,add musturd wait till it pops then add curryleaves and add this to rasam
▪Garnish with chopped coriander leaves
▪Enjoy with Steamed rice with papads or any sidedish of your choice….

*greenchilly is my addition , original recipe doesn’t hold it…may be if your rasam powder is spicy then no need to add chillies in it..
* I have not used jaggery here as the sweetness of beetroot was enough for me,but original recipe has jaggery in it…


Beetroot Rasam

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Posted by on June 3, 2016 in soups, VEGETERIAN CURRIES


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