31 May

Sweet Chutney /Khatti Meethi Chutney / Tamrind Date Chutney /(also known as Saunth ki Chutney in NorthIndia) known in different names but tastes delicious….
  This chutney is a must for all most all chats,..without this chats are incomplete…. This can be stored for months when refrigerated….
  This is a mixture in taste with sweetness of dates and tangyness of tamrind….You can use this as a dip or as a spread …


•1 cup Dates(nearly 25 dates with seeds)
•3/4 cup Tamrind without seeds
•1 tsp chilly powder
•3/4 tsp roasted jeera powder


▪Soak Dates in warm water for an hour,deseed this….


▪At the same time soak tamrind in warm water and deseed if any
▪Grind both together to fine paste(if you want you can stain the pulp,I have not done here in my recipe )
▪Now add this to a kadai along with salt, chilly powder and jeera powder..


▪Boil on medium flame till  thick(takes 20 -25 min)


▪cool this and store in an airtight container and refrigerate 
▪use when required  for chats by diluting it or use as it ..



* you can reduce the dates quantity and use jaggery if you like….I have used only dates here
*this chutney can be used as a spread for breads ,chapatis ….
*can even be used as a dip along with samosa,kachoris,…
*store when cooled on an airtight container and refrigerate
*don’t get spoiled for 6 months or more

Khatti Meethi Chutney

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