25 May

   Here is a never fail chocolate cup cakes recipe which I follow from a long time….I can say I started baking cake with this recipe itself, …..This cake is so soft ,spoongy and fluffy….altogether a perfect cake..
    Thanks to my sister who had shared this recipe with me….
  The same recipe can be prepared for making choclate cakes(big)….but baking time may varry…
Try this and enjoy with your kids and family


•1 1/2 cup sugar powder (or use as needed according to ur sweetness)
•Dry Ingredients
▪2 cups all purpose Flour /Maida
▪1 tsp baking powder
▪1 tsp cooking soda (baking soda)
▪1/2 tsp salt
▪1/2 cup choclate powder
•Wet ingredients
▪2eggs (at room temperature )
▪1cup warm milk
▪1/2 cup refined oil
▪1 tsp vanilla essence


▪Grease muffin/cup cake moulds or use butter papper for lining .
▪Preheat oven at 200 deg c.
▪Combine all dry ingredients then sieve thrice so that everything get mixed evenly,keep aside.
▪Now combine all wet ingredients  like eggs,oil,milk in a big container and blend using a electric or hand blender till forthy.
▪Now add sugar powder, vanilla essence and blend till sugar dissolves in wet mixture
▪Add in dry ingredients in parts (3 times)to the wet mixture.
▪Mix well using blender or by cut and fold method
▪see that no lumps are formed
▪Now fill mixture 3/4 in greased cups,sprinkle  and bake for 20-25 minutes in the preheated oven….


▪In baking the most important thing is to keep everything at room temperature
▪Always Preheat your microwave /oven
▪Baking time may varry in different ovens so check after 18-20 minutes using a toothpick inserted in the middle of the cake, if it comes out clean then it’s ready or else bake further till done…
▪You can add choco chips to the batter if desired..


Chocolate Cup Cakes


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