24 May

   A deep fried golden balls like fritters which are very light crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside….A perfect tea time snack…
    Goli baje is also known as Mangalore bajji/ Manglore Baje…..They are very famous in an around manglore so the name ‘manglore baje’…..Now a days you can see this everywhere but all tastes different from the original taste….
   This is prepared very easily and quickly when sudden guest vist us or when we wish to munch something during tea time….We usually serve this with coconut chutney…which adds even more taste to the dish..
    Here is the perfect authentic house old recipe which our granny’s used …
Try this and relish manglore Goli baje at home..


•1 cup all purpose Flour/ Maida(or as needed)
•2 tblsp gramflour
•1/2 cup sour curds (or 2 days previous will do)
•2/3 tsp sugar
•4 greenchilles finely chopped
•2 springs curryleaves chopped
•1/2 ” ginger chopped
•1/2 tsp cumin seeds
•2 tsp chopped coconut pieces
•Salt to taste
•1/4 tsp cooking soda


▪Sieve Maida and gramflour once and keep aside
▪Now in a container add curds and sugar and mix vigorously in one direction ,to this add salt, chillies, curryleaves, jeera, coconut pieces mix well and now add maida mixture  and mix well to medium thick batter..
▪ if the batter is watery add maida to form a thick batter
▪ if the batter is too thick add water to get desired consistency (see below picture )


▪ Rest the batter for 15 minutes
▪ Heat oil to the smoking level and then turn to medium heat
▪Now add cooking soda to the batter and mix well ..
▪wet your finger tips and drop a tblsp of the batter to the oil 5/6 at a time..(can use spoon too..if you drop more ,then your goli bajes won’t puff and rise well)
▪fry all sides by rotating frequently to get even golden colour
▪Remove this on a absorbing paper to remove excess oil…
▪Enjoy with coconut chutney….

Coconut Chutney
1 cup fresh Coconut ,2/3 green chillies , salt and 1/2 “ginger grind to fine paste..


* Serve this immediately after prepared otherwise they become soogy and won’t taste good..
* always when making Goli baje see that flour is to room temperature
*the batter must be medium thick to dropping consistency, if it’s too thick Goli baje will be dense,heavy and oily..
*when deep frying always drop little batter using spoon or using  wet finger tips…
*see that when you drop batter there is enough space for fritters to puff and rise


*Always mix batter in one direction for perfect fluffyness and crispyness
*I have seen some adding hot oil or a tsp of rice flour to the batter for getting crispy texture ,which I have not tried as this recipe is perfect for me..





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