19 May

This is just like colocasia rolls but here instead of arvi leaves I have used large tender palak leaves…..

   I was aware that we can make rolls /patrode out of spinach leaves, so when I found these large tender spinach leaves, I gave it a try and belive me it tastes just like colocasia rolls and a plus point in this is there is no tension of itching when compared to arvi leaves….
  Here I have used regular konkani masala for spreading but reduced the quantity of tamrind….
   This can be even deep fried or tawa fried using rice flour / fine rawa coated….which tastes awesome, crispy…it looks like this


Here is the recipe for preparing the rolls…


•20-25 large Tender spinach/palak leaves
•3/4cup dosa rice
•2 tblsp moong/green gram (or can use tuvar dal )
•3/4 cup coconut grated
•15-20 roasted byadagi chillies
•A pinch hing
•tamrind a small piece


▪ Remove its steam and wash palak leaves then keep aside till all water is dried up
▪Soak moong and rice together for 1-2hours
▪Now grind coconut, red chillies, hing, salt, tamarind with little water to a paste
▪Now when the coconut paste is ready to this add rice and green gram with little water and ground to paste( let the rice be little coarse while grinding)
▪Remove this to a vessel don’t add water let it be thick paste so that it can easily spread on the leaves
▪Now place palak leaves facing fornt side down , and apply coconut masala on its backside
▪Apply masala lightly not thickly as seen in picture


▪Now place one more leaf above it (overlapping ) and spread masala in the same way….do this using 5-6 leaves and roll this.


▪Now roll this tightly (as we roll the bed) place this roll in a vessel
▪Heat a steamer or cooker and place this inside and steam cook for 15 minutes or more
▪Cool and cut into slices and serve hot drizzled with coconut oil (optional ) with rice and dal ..


*when u apply masala see that you keep big leaves first then medium ones later by this your roll will come perfect…
*2tsp coriander seeds can be used while grinding for extra flavour…
* if the leaves are tender ones then it tastes very very tasty ..
*if excess masala is left don’t worry add chopped onions or chopped palak to it mix and place in a greased mould and steam cook along with rolls…This is known as sanna idlis or khoto…


Spinach Rolls

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