12 May

This is one more variety of fries used as a side dish along with rice and dal….
  A simple and quick recipe which tastes delicious….Here I have fried ridgegourd on tawa with minimum oil….so this is better option for podi lovers..


•1 large Tender ridgegourd
• 3 tblsp Chiroti rawa /very fine rawa as needed
•1 / 4 tsp asafoetida /hing
•1 tsp everest chilly powder
•Salt to taste
• Oil as needed


▪Peel the skin of Ridgegourd and cut them into roundels (not too thick nor thin)
▪put this in water for sometime..
▪Mix rawa,salt ,rice flour, hing and chillypowder well
▪ Heat iron dosa tawa,spread oil and heat this well
▪Now drain water from ridgegourd  and roll this one by one in rawa mixture and put this on hot greased tawa..
▪keep medium heat,close lid cook for a minute
▪sprinkle water and continue cooking
▪flip and cook other side by drizzling oil till crisp…
▪Enjoy hot as sides for rice or with evening tea or coffee..

* This can be deep fried using bonda batter too(Gram flour batter)…


Ridgegourd tawa fries

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Posted by on May 12, 2016 in SIDE DISH


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