11 May

A very easy and quick recipe using dil leaves and Soya nuggets…. This recipe is my trail and the result is just awesome and we loved it,it tastes just like biryani so I named it ‘Dil mil Nuggets Rice’…..
    I tried this because both dil leaves and Soya are full with proteins , nutrients and overall very healthy and a very good recipe for diabetics too….A good way to feed fussy kids with this protein packed meal …
Also a onepot meal and proves to be a good lunch box recipe….
   As we use dil leaves (sabsige sopu/sabusgie sopu),which gives a good flavour to the recipe…
   Try this and enjoy….


•11/2 cup rice
•2 fistful dil leaves
•2 medium onions sliced
•2 fistful soya nuggets
•2 tsp curds
•5 greenchilles
•12 flakes garlic
•1 “ginger
•6 cloves
•2 piece cinnamon
•3 cardamom
•1/2 tsp garammasala
•Salt to taste
•1 tblsp oil


▪ Soak soya in hot water for 15 minutes then drain and squeeze excess water and keep aside
▪ Grind 1 onion along with garlic, ginger,greenchillies ,cloves,cinnamon and cardamom to paste using little water
▪In a bowl add curds and 2 tsp of above onion paste, salt mix well and add soya nuggets mix and marinate for 15 minutes…
▪Heat cooker add oil, add onions, fry well add remaining onion paste and fry till raw smell disappears,
▪add chopped dil leaves, fry this for a minute add marinated soya fry well
▪add washed rice ,garam masala powder fry this well add water approx 3 cups..
▪Boil well add salt as required
▪close lid and take 2 whistles…

* Use chillies according to your taste…
*frozen green peas also can be added..


Dil mil nuggets rice

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