10 May


How many of you like this Konkani’s seasonal special …Aambhe Upkari/Ambye Upkari …..Sweet Tangy little Spicy in taste…..A type of dessert I can say…Some like this along with white steamed rice but I like this to have as it is….😋
In konkani language Aambhe means Mangoes ..
   You may be familiar to this dish during Konkani’s wedding or festivals in their houses during mango season or during summers ,this is a common preparation during the summer season …
  It’s a very easy and delicious recipe to savour…You can enjoy a mixed flavour in one single dish like sweetness, tangyness and spicyness…
Here a particular type of small variety mangoes are used known as sakare gutali or Goint Ambo which are green outside orangish inside with a larger seed and a combination of taste i.e sweet and sourness together ..if you don’t find you can use any other small variety mangoes..
   There is way of eating it usually a single mango(after cooking )with lots of its rasa or soup is taken in a plate or bowl then it’s dipped in the rasa (curry)/soup and licked and sucked (done repeatedly) till all the mango soup or rasa is finished off and only the core/seed is left…..
Enjoy try this awesome recipe of Konkani’s during the mango season….


•6 ripe mangoes(small mongoes)
•1 tblsp Maida(rice flour/arrowroot powder/cornflour)
•2 tblsp Jaggery(add more or less depending on mango)
•5 slit Green chillies
•1 broken byadagi chilly
•1 tsp urd dal
•1 tsp mustard seed
•1 spring curry leaves
•2 tsp oil
•Salt to taste


▪ Mix maida in water to form a thin slurry set aside
▪Peel mangoes and keep aside in a wide container in which you are planning to prepare the dish..
▪Take the skin in a bowl add water nearly 2 cups and squeeze out the juice as much as you can.
▪Add the mango water to the mango container along with green chillies, jaggery and salt and keep it for cooking, let it boil
▪When the mangoes start boiling lower the flame ,add maida slurry and boil well , keep stirring continuously as there is chances of burning(mix till maida is cooked properly and see there are no lump formed )
▪Now add a seasoning of oil, urddal (let it fry till red )add musturd, broken chilles and curryleaves ..
▪serve it hot or cold…

* I have used Maida ( all purpose Flour) here..Maida is used to give thickness…



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