28 Apr

This is a famous konkani side dish called as bibbe upkari served with rice/dal …Usually Tender cashews (bibbo)upkari is prepared in every konkani house during Ugadi festival /Hindu New year or on availability of tender cashews …This you get only during March to April mths..,it is very highly priced, but every konkani member enjoys this whatever the price may be….
   Using Tender cashews lots of dishes can be prepared like it’s used in curries popularly known as Bibbe Humman, spicy curry known as Bibbe song,various stir fries like Ivy gourd / thondekayi / tendle with Tender cashews or along with Potato and tender cashews…
   Even one of my friend suggested a mouthwatering curry which is prepared by Telgu people using tender cashews along with garammasala…must try this and i will share the recipe here…
     But today I am here with simple Bibbe upkari …stir fry using only tender cashews….


• 200 gms tender cashews
•3\4 tsp mustard
•2 slit green chilles
•2 broken red chillies
•2 spring curryleaves
•1 tsp urd dal
•1 tblsp oil
•2 tblsp grated coconut
•a pinch sugar (optional )
•Salt according to taste


▪First soak tender cashews in warm water so that its outer peel can be removed easily , then wash under running water and drain and keep aside.
▪Now in a kadai add oil,musturd,let this pop then add  urd dal fry till golden then add curryleaves, broken red chillies and slit greenchilles fry awhile
▪Add tender cashews cook 5/8 minutes  add salt grated coconut and sugat give a good mix and serve.

*if tender cashews are not available then use regular cashews soaked in warm water for 30 minutes .
* along with this you can even add
finely cut into long stripes of ivy gourd/thondekayi/tendle, or potatoes along with tender cashews  (this is done when tender cashews are little )


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