04 Apr

LEMON RICE….a easy and quick rice preparation if you have leftover cooked rice,or you can even use fresh cooked,coolled rice …
  This is an instant breakfast or lunch or dinner or lunch box recipe very delicious …


•2 cups cooked rice /fresh ri ce
•4 -5 slit greenchilles(or according to taste)
•1/2 tsp mustard seeds
•1 tblsp oil
•Few curryleaves
•1/4 tsp turmeric powder
•1 tblsp groundnut/peanuts(optional)
•Salt according to taste
•1/2 limejuice
•1tblsp finely chopped coriander leaves


▪Heat pan add oil,add in mustard let it pop…
▪Now add curryleaves,
greenchilles,groundnut fry till crisp…
▪Now add turmeric mix well, add in cooked rice / freshly prepared rice and give a quick mix and fry till its mixed properly …..
▪switch off gas and add limejuice and garnish with coriander leaves and serve….


*if its spicy and tangy then only tastes awesome
*Rice must not be overcooked for this recipe…


Lemon rice

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Posted by on April 4, 2016 in BREAKFAST RECIPES, RICE ITEM


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