03 Apr

    Dry fish are easily available in stores,fish market etc…. Various dry fish like silver fish,Mackerel, prawns,shark and so on are available in the market…
   Now a days we get cleaned fish in the market otherwise we need to clean it by removing it’s head and some unnecessary stuff….
   We use this to prepare dry chutney or fresh chutney  or in curries.. When we prepare chutney we need to fry these dry fish, Which stinks alot so all hesitate to prepare it ,it smells so badly that it spreads to our neighbours house too(and we may get shouting from them ;))But the chutney prepared is so delicious that my mouth is watering now,we can’t stop eating it, the dry chutney can be stored for a long time too…
  But when using in curry it’s not fried and doesn’t bother anyone but a good aroma is spread all over when it’s cooked…..I love this aroma very much, and love to indulge anytime with this curry ,rice and chilli papad with coconut oil drizzled on top…I usually prepare this in two ways ,one is authentic Konkani’s recipe and other is this version….Both tastes delicious and awesome…
  A very comfort and soul food for me..
Try this and enjoy… 🙂


• 20-25 dry fish (I have used silverfish small verity )
• 8-10 fried byadagi chillies
•1/2 cup coconut
•5+2 flakes garlic
•1 tsp coriander seeds
•a small gooseberry sized tamrind soaked in water 
•1/2 onion sliced
•1/2 tsp turmeric powder
•Salt to taste
• 2 tsp coconut oil


▪Soak dry fish in water for 30 min and then drain and wash 3-4 times and keep aside(so that sand or excess salt present in it goes off)
▪Now Grind coconut,5 flakes garlic crushed ,turmeric,coriander seeds ,redchillies and grind to fine paste using water
▪Now to this add onion and tamrind and grind once again to paste
▪Now remove this to a container,boil well along with 2 crushed garlic boil well
▪Add dry fish to this and give a good boil
▪check salt if necessary add (dry fish has its own salt present in it)
▪Drizzle coconut oil and cover immediately to retain its aroma ,serve after awhile with rice..


Dry fish curry

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