31 Mar

 Steamed Rice rawa dumplings is a popular konkani breakfast recipe made instantly ..

Its also known by other name as  Pundi / Undi / Oondi /Kayee Kadbu…. 

Here a rice rawa mixture is steam cooked and served with chutney or with chicken /fish curries or with any vegetable spicy curries..


• 1 cup Rice Rawa
•1/2 -3/4 cup fresh grated coconut (if used more enhances more taste nd dumplings becomes soft)

• 2 cups Water as required (or little more)

•1 tsp coconut oil /normal oil

•salt as per taste


▪ Wash and drain rice rawa and set aside for few minutes say about 15 -30 minutes or can use instantly 

▪ Heat a thick kadai add water boil well,to this add oil, salt as per taste.

▪lower the flame ,add washed rawa to it mix well,see that no lumps are formed

▪cook this to a thick dough (let all water evoporate and rawa get cooked,and mixture must leave the pan  as seen in pic)

▪ Remove from heat cool this mixture and form small balls as seen in picture with a small impression in center and place in a cooking vessel…

▪Now boil a idli steamer or cooker and steam cook this for about 20 /25minutes

▪Serve with chutney /curries or even pickle tastes delicious with this..


* coconut can be lightly crushed in mixer with its water and used for added taste.

* There is a practice of adding seasoning of oil mustard, urddal,methi seeds ,curry leaves, and broken red chillies before boiling water then rest of theĺ process is same…

*konkanis have a practice of adding coconut oil will eating it.

* This is traditional way of making dumpling ,but you can even add sauted vegetables like peas , finely chopped ginger, chopped greenchillies,finely chopped beans and carrots for making it more healthy and nutritious(I need to try this version  yet)….


steamed rice dumplings

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