30 Mar

SANNA POLO/SPICY DOSA…..This is nothing but spicy pancake which is prepared usually during lunch time as a sidedish by konkani community …This pancake is Konkani’s favourite and one of the authentic recipe,….
•1 cup raw rice(I use dosa rice/soona masoori )
•1/4 cup toor dal
•1/2 cup coconut grated
•8 byadagi chillies
•1/4 tsp raw coriander seeds
•A small piece of tamrind
•1 cup finely chopped cabbage
•1 small onion chopped
• Salt
•oil to drizzle
▪ Wash toor dal and rice and soak for 2 hrs
▪Now add redchillies, tamrind, coconut, salt ,coriander seeds and grind this to coarse paste
▪Now to this add soaked rice ,dal and grind this to fine rawa consistency
▪ Batter must be to thick dosa consistency,add chopped veggies mix well
▪Heat dosa griddle well spread oil and pour a laddle full of batter  lightly spread
▪drizzle oil liberally  sides and cook closed on medium heat
▪when it’s crisp at bottom, flip and cook other side till cooked well
▪ serve with rice/rasam /dal /sambar or enjoy with evening tea/coffee…

* variations can be made using only cabbage or only onions or can use leafy veggies like drumstick leaves, methi,dil leaves,palak,arvi leaves (finely chopped)…
*add oil liberally to taste very delicious,weight watchers can Omit this…
*dal can be omitted if coconut is added more to get soft texture….I usually do without adding dal..





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