24 Mar

Todays breakfast recipe
    A healthy version of Rawa Dosa,…here I have not used Maida or soda which we usually use in making Rawa dosa (which I have shared in my earlier recipe)instead I have used multigrain atta to make it healthy….This dosa equally tastes delicious and crispy and a happy part is that you can make it instantly when compared to our regular rawa dosa,just give this a try and enjoy when needed  🙂


• 1 cup Chiroti Rawa (very fine rawa)
• 1 cup Rice flour
• 1/2 cup multigrain atta or normal wheat flour
•Salt to taste
•Oil to dizzle
•3/4 tsp cumin seeds
•1 small onion finely chopped
•1 small piece ginger finely chopped
•11/2 green chillies finely chopped
•Few chopped curryleaves
• chopped coriander leaves  (optional)


▪ In a container mix all flours with enough water to get thin batter(preferably to neer dosa consistency)rest this for 15 minutes
▪you can see the batter becoming  thick after 15 minutes, if necessary add water
▪Note to get a crispy texture the batter must be as liquid as we do for neer dosa
▪Now add all the chopped veggies, jeera and salt,give it a good mix
▪Heat dosa griddle well , drizzle oil and pour a laddle full of batter from a distance to get correct rawa dosa effect..(don’t fill the gaps,or spread the batter see pic below)


▪Don’t close lid while cooking ,drizzle oil on top and cook till crisp and base is golden now dosa is ready to eat..
▪if you like you can flip dosa and cook other side but I have not done here..
▪Enjoy hot with chutney…

* while makeing dosa mix the batter well and then make dosas ,repeat this each time when you take dosas..
*if it’s thick add water to make thin..
*This dosas must be enjoyed when hot..




instant  crispy  rawa  dosa

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