21 Mar

Madras/Manglore Cucumber dosa. ….Magge polo soft nd fluffy dosas made using madras cucumber….recipe as follows
•2 cups raw rice
•1 tsp methi
•1/2cup coconut
•1/2 puffed rice or u can even use beaten rice
•1 cup madras cucumber peeled and chopped
•2 tblsp urd dal (optional,I did not use here) 
•Salt as needed
▪Soak washed rice , urd dal nd methi for 4 hrs
Wash and soak pova/puffed rice 30 minutes before
▪Grind cucumber and coconut first,add in rice, dal , methi nd pova/puffed rice  grind to smooth thick batter, ferment this 6-7 hrs…
▪add salt after fermentation mix well….
▪Heat dosa griddle well and spread lightly a laddle full of batter ,spread oil at sides close and cook till done…..serve with chutney of ur choice
*I hve cooked one side,if desired cook both sides…


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Posted by on March 21, 2016 in BREAKFAST RECIPES


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